June 25: Sensitiveness

June 25 Sensitiveness

House position: Cancer 3°-5°

Constellation: Cancer one, standard water sign

People born on June 25 have the rare ability to realize their dreams. The reasons for their success include their understanding of the surrounding environment and the time they are in, as well as their precise acumen, knowing how to cut in to succeed. Therefore, not only can they integrate into the crowd and living environment, but also most of them can grasp the immediate opportunities. If they can make full use of this innate ability, they can easily earn a large amount of wealth, but they may also have suffered from financial difficulties and even poverty before realizing that they have this talent!

Whether determined or unintentionally, people born on this day always ask others to believe them, because their words and deeds are usually as unrealistic as castles in the sky. The feeling of being accepted by people is particularly important for people born on this day, because it is the source of their self-confidence, work ability and creativity; it also includes the support of their family, because the family is the stable career of their Basically, if they lack this trust, their energy may be exhausted or go downhill, and eventually end in collapse. In some cases, they will find themselves exhausted physically and mentally due to excessive indulgence of sensory pleasures.

People born on this day are easily affected by others, whether positive or negative, so you must pay special attention. This type of influence will make them mistakenly believe that all these are their own ideas, rather than being influenced by the outside world. So for this kind of people, they should cultivate objectivity and discernment psychologically.

Generally speaking, the positive characteristic of people born on this day is a high degree of self-development, and the level of influence not only includes family, friends, and colleagues, but also extends to their family, property, and money. They like to watch these things continue to grow and develop further, so most people born on June 25 are good at making money and investing, and they also know how to bet a little care and warmth in some aspects of life in time for the future There are more valuable feedback.

People born on this day are mostly silent about their love and sexual feelings, but they may be very emotional in their interpersonal relationships. They like to criticize others sharply in front of ordinary people. Therefore, since they know their emotional reactions when it is sunny and cloudy with showers, they should be careful to become arbitrary tyrants, and do not force their opinions on others, or alienate others, because such behavior will scare them away. , And they can no longer get the trust they desperately need from those people.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on June 25 are affected by the number 7 (2+5=7) and Neptune. Since Neptune rules dreams and hearts, and Cancer’s ruling planet Moon is in charge of inner emotions, most people born on this day are human I can empathize, but sometimes it’s a bit too emotional. In other words, the influence of the Moon and Neptune will highlight the weakness of the person born on June 25, and even become his negative energy.


As mentioned earlier, people born on June 25 must get rid of negative energy. Also because they are extremely sensitive and may not be able to resist infectious diseases, they must be especially able to protect themselves. Negative effects of course also include psychological distress, so it is best for people born on this day to keep a safe distance between themselves and others. As they get older, most people will learn how to maintain their health. Sharing food with others is also a wholesome thing, and those who are not proficient in kitchen food should cook more if possible. Generally speaking, if they are willing to go to the kitchen, they will have a special sense of accomplishment. They should learn the joy of experimentation from their mistakes, instead of always reaching out for tea and opening their mouths for food. As for exercise, swimming is highly recommended.


If you can be more objective in your relationship, you will be more successful. You must know how to protect yourself when necessary, but you must learn to be open to positive influences. Cultivate the ability to discern mentally, and don’t mistake the feelings of others for your own.


George Orwell (George Orwell) British novelist and prose author. His works reveal unique socialist ideas. The most famous works are the prophetic novel “Nineteen Eighty Four” and the satirical novel “Animal Farm” against totalitarianism.

Spanish architect Antonio Gaudi, he is a representative of the “Modernist” Art Nouveau in Catalonia, and the most famous of his works is the Sagrada Familia.

American folk pop singer Carly Simon (Carly Simon), representative works include “You’re So Vain”, “Nobody Does It Better” and so on.

Hollywood film director Sidney Lumet (Sidney Lumet), his representative works include “Twelve Angry Men”, “The Warring States Period” and “Murder on the Orient Express”.

The British pop art painter Peter Blake was a pioneer of the British style of the movement. His paintings were mostly based on magazine illustrations and Victorian satirical realistic paintings. His representative work is “Self-portraits with stamps”.

Michelangelo Pistoletto (Michelangelo Pistoletto), Italian neo-realist painter.


The seventh card of the Great Secret Ceremony Tarot is “Chariot”. The victor on the card shows his great achievements in the world with a strong and powerful posture. This card can be explained as: No matter how difficult the right path is, you have to go on next time. Upright cards represent success, talent and efficiency; if the cards are upside down, it implies an autocratic attitude and a poor sense of direction.

Inspirational quote

The most amazing place in the world is in this area where you currently exist.


Empathetic, strong and original.


Excessive sensitivity, moodiness, and lack of self-confidence.

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