June 26: Religious Enthusiasm

June 26 Religious Enthusiasm

House position: Cancer 4th-6th degree

Constellation: Cancer one, standard water sign

People born on June 26 are usually strong fortresses that their families and friends rely on. They usually look like very burly people on the outside. Although they may be quite sharp on the inside, their overall image is as solid and solid as the earth. No matter what occupation they are engaged in, they always hope that the enjoyment in the senses can be colorful. However, they can also find stability and happiness at home, such as tidying and repairing their own house, having fun with their family, etc.

Being their children is very happy, because in this sinister world, their home will be as safe as heaven. However, such parents sometimes overprotect their children, depriving them of the opportunity to gain valuable experience through lessons. Most people will admit that people born on this day are quite amazing people, but they don’t understand human nature that much, let alone the meaning of the human heart between the belly, so they may not be able to have closer friends. Most people born on this day will be willful, so those who live with them may find that they are a big boss in their bones.

People born on this day are mostly superior in various physical activities or sports, even if they are old, they are still healthy. If they are not sporty characters, they will also find a place to vent their energy, which may be mental or even sexual. People born on this day have obvious desires for sex and senses, so they will like stimulation and touch enjoyment, such as massage, sauna, massage bath and some marine sports.

People born on June 26 are almost always profitable, but they are not less capable of spending money. Precisely because most of them love high-priced products, they must be careful not to spend more than they earn. They have no interest in saving, but know how to invest. Maybe they use money just like they use energy, it is a kind of supreme relief. People born on this day make good use of liquidity, so I can see that they have made careful planning beforehand. Although they may not be rich in their lives, their minimum quality of life will remain above a certain level.

People born on this day are unlikely to be deceived or threatened. Although they will try to avoid some frontal conflicts or quarrels, if it is in a tit-for-tat situation, even if it is not out of their wishes, they will never give in, and most of them will act fearlessly. But in some situations where they are not directly threatened, they will show some neurotic behaviors due to various irrational anxiety, such as running around the house, not allowing others to touch or move their things, or Show some strange superstitions or fears. In fact, most of them have a love and hate complex for their fears, causing them to test their tolerance time and time again (for example, they know they have fear of heights but ran to take a plane, climb mountains, and glide again and again, etc. ). Generally speaking, people born on this day definitely like challenges, but if they lead a comfortable life, they won’t refuse–especially at home.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on June 26 are affected by the number 8 (2+6=8) and Saturn. Since Saturn represents the qualities of responsibility and limitation, caution and destiny, most people born on this day are quite conservative. People dominated by the number 8 know how to construct their own lives and careers, and money and career are undoubtedly very important to them. Although people born on this day are actually very soft-hearted people, they may show a cold and ruthless attitude under the influence of Saturn and the number 8, thus giving people an impression of cold and alienated.


Due to the active nature and developed muscles, people born on this day must be careful of all kinds of accidents, especially the legs, chest and abdomen. Generally speaking, they are often overworked, which may lead to muscle strain, weak blood vessels, or damage to tendons and bones. They are mostly good at dealing with psychological pressure, so they will show themselves at work that others think is too stressful to be competent. competence. For their mental health, having children or family support can be said to be particularly important. Although they are good at working independently, they sometimes have a strong need to be with their loved ones and share this intimate relationship. In addition, the most important thing about their health is that most of them have a strong interest in preparing food and cooking, and they know how to engage in appropriate physical activities and use exercise to maintain their fit body.


For family members and children, try to give in a little, and believe that they have the ability to take care of themselves. Don’t keep challenging yourself and look at life lightly.


Zaharias (Mildred Ella Didrickson’Baby’ Zaharias) “Baby” can be said to be the greatest all-around female athlete ever. She represented the United States to win two Olympic gold medals and also won the professional golf championship.

German aircraft designer Messerschmitt (Willy Messerschmitt), manufactured for Nazi Germany in World War II, manufactured first-class fighter aircraft for Nazi Germany in World War I, and founded the aircraft and automobile industry after the war.

The British poet and writer Laurie Lee has a simple style of writing. His works are mostly autobiographical stories describing childhood and pastoral life, such as “Drinking Apple Juice with Rosie”, “I Embarked on a Journey in the Early Midsummer Morning” and so on.

Pearl S. Buck (Pearl S. Buck), an American novelist, grew up in China since she was a child, so her works are mostly Chinese. The novel “The Earth” won her 1938 Nobel Prize in Literature, and she is the author of “The Patriot” and ” “Dragon Species” and other works.

Italian conductor Claudio Abbado (Claudio Abbado), has served as a conductor for the Berlin and Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

British novelist Colin Wilson also wrote books on philosophy, sociology, music, literature, and astrology. The first work “The Outsider” has received widespread attention.


The eighth card of the Great Secret Ceremony Tarot card represents “power”, and an elegant queen is drawn in the card, who is taming an angry lion. The queen symbolizes the female magician, can control the energy that is not easy to control, and represents the superior moral and physical power. When the card face is upright, it represents personal charm and determination to pursue success; the card face upside down is complacency and abuse of power.

Inspirational quote

Women are born to make men automatically disarm during sex.


Brave and bold, strong protective heart, strong physique.


Excessive emphasis on sensuality, fear and stress in everything.

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