June 29: Full of flying dreams

June 29th Full of flying dreams

House position: Cancer 6°-8°

Constellation: Cancer one, standard water sign

People born on June 29 are always full of longings and goals in life. The important thing is that most of them have incredible abilities to find ways to realize their fantasy, make their dreams come true, and are happy to share them with others. . People born on this day are usually very sensitive to the hopes of others, so others will expect them to help others realize their dreams like Santa Claus. In this regard, they will indeed immediately become daydreaming dreamers.

Fortunately, in order to successfully realize their plan, they always have a way to raise the funds they need. This is also a characteristic of people born on this day. They have a comprehensive understanding of their own professional skills, but unfortunately they are not good at words, so although they are willing to share with others, it is difficult to pass on their skills to others. However, the results they have achieved are easily appreciated by others, which makes them enjoy the reputation of “magic” among their superiors and colleagues.

In addition, people born on June 29 are still seekers of truth. They depreciate all falsehoods, resist false authority, and expose false behaviors. They hope that the results of their efforts will be established once they are really established. Show the true nature of everything. People born on this day rarely become religious fanatics of the Fundamental sect, because they will carefully examine what it is all about before jumping in.

Wind, breathing, flying, singing and dancing are the most important events in the lives of people born on this day. Most of them are quite lively, like to play, and have a fantasy personality. Sometimes it is unavoidable to be considered pretentious, but they do not promote their own moral standards. However, those born on this day who are less developed will hinder the freedom of others and are considered selfish because they think they have the right to fly freely, but I’m sorry, others can’t.

Most people born on this day will behave very childishly. From the perspective of young people, they do have the characteristics of innocence, charm and openness. But outside of this appearance, most of them are good at making money (while also working hard to spend money), and they want to have a place in the fiercely competitive workplace. If people born on June 29 want to continue to develop in this area, they must be careful that they may become exhausted or become cynical in the future. However, although they are competitive, they are good work partners because they like to share their personal lives with others instead of just pursuing personal success. Most people born on this day are quite generous. When they can share their wealth with others, they are happiest!

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on June 29 are affected by the number 2 (2+9=11, 1+1=2) and the moon. People with number 2 traits are mostly good colleagues or business partners, but not outstanding leaders. In fact, most people born on this day would also agree with this statement, but it also means that it may restrict his thoughts or actions and cause great frustration. In this regard, because they are dominated by the moon (the dominant planet in Cancer), the situation will be worse, because most of them have a strong ability to reflect and have a passive tendency. The second number 11 indicates attachment to the material world (this is the dreaming and emotional tendency of people born on this day). The number 11 usually also means that they sometimes have twins, coincidences, or Anything that is in pairs is interested.


Most people born on June 29 have a wide range of interests, so they will lead a well-balanced life. However, under the high development of imagination and empathy, they will not only take on other people’s problems, but may also cause their own physical illnesses. The most obvious trait of people born on this day is that they are easy to fall into over-dependence and destructive relationships between men and women. Therefore, in this case, if someone can provide advice, it will be invaluable. Generally speaking, most people born on this day are quite calm (as long as they are not too obsessed with rich food, alcohol and drugs), so all activities related to breathing control, such as singing, yoga, dancing and jogging, are highly recommended of.


Becoming the focus of the spotlight is certainly an interesting thing, but sooner or later people have to grow up. To improve the shortcomings that have a tendency to destroy, be cautious in words and deeds when necessary, but you can retain a sense of humor.


Oriana Fallaci (Oriana Fallaci) Italian journalist and writer, author of “A Man”.

Taiwanese actor Wang Yuwen, became famous for “Youth Nezha”.

French pilot, writer and illustrator Antoine de Saint-Exupery, author of “Wind, Sand and Stars” and “The Little Prince”, disappeared in a plane crash near the Mediterranean Sea.

German violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter won the first prize of the National Young Musicians Competition at the age of six, and cooperated with major orchestras to tour various places.

Italian 19th century poet, scholar, and philosopher Giacomo Leopardi is famous for his outstanding academic works and beautiful lyrics.

The Italian soprano Luisa Tetrazzini is best known for her roles such as Violita in “La Traviata” and Gilda in “The Jester”.


The second card of the Great Secret Ceremony Tarot is the “Priestess”. Sitting on the throne, she looked calm and unpredictable. She possesses spirituality, allowing hidden powers and secrets to be revealed, and then giving people this knowledge. So when the cards face upright, it shows tranquility, intuition, subtlety, and caution. When the card is upside down, it means surreptitiousness, suspicion, indifference, and sluggishness.

Inspirational quote

At this moment, someone took off.


Energetic, playful, and childish.


Passive and procrastinated.

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