June 3: Smooth expression

June 3 Smooth expression

House position: Gemini 12 degrees -14 degrees

Constellation: Gemini II, changing wind signs

People born on June 3 usually need to communicate ideas with others through language. However, their way of expression, whether verbally or physically, may be too delicate or ridiculous, and unacceptable. Fortunately, when they become emotional, people will understand them and feel sorry for their straightforwardness. Therefore, if you can learn how to express appropriately, you can benefit a lot from it.

People born on this day not only speak unexpectedly, but also the length is usually amazing. As long as they encounter a topic they are interested in, people born on this day will often talk and talk endlessly, and they will always be unfinished. Look like. Of course, if the audience can continue to listen attentively, they will definitely have plenty of energy to “fight for a long time” and maintain everyone’s attention.

They are the kind of people who rarely compromise, whether they are on the side of support or opposition, they will desperately maintain their views. Therefore, they like to participate in debates, seminars and other activities, just to speak freely and unhappiness; and even if they are not invited, they will boldly express their views. No matter it is a debate in any field, they will not give up their right to speak.

People born on June 3 are very intelligent, witty, and sensitive; however, they may use violence to solve problems when necessary. Regardless of men and women, their strength lies in their personal charm, not intimidation. They will ask others to do it in a logical way, leaving no room for discussion. Faced with more sensitive topics, they are indeed prone to become arbitrary. In such a situation, the best way to deal with it is to calm them down and avoid direct conflict for the time being.

If the other party’s thoughts and opinions are clear, even if they disagree with their opinions, they will still admire them sincerely. This should be kept in mind for those who want to persuade them. Because they belong to the type that eats soft but not hard, they must be outsmart and can not be robbed, as long as they use the method properly, they can also be persuaded.

Their speech is full of wit, and they are good at cynicism and criticism, especially when they are annoyed, their words are extremely acrimonious, like a sharp sword, which hurts the feelings between friends abruptly, but they treat themselves In this regard, the damage is not aware of it at all. Therefore, it is best for people born on this day to pay attention to the reactions of their relatives and friends around them.

To leave them alone is the most serious punishment for those born on this day. It is difficult for them to tolerate the silence or be excluded by the group. But this trick must be used carefully, if it is purely to irritate them, it may cause a more intense response than imagined. In addition, don’t insult them, they may make a thunderous counterattack at any time.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on June 3 are affected by the number 3 and Jupiter. People affected by the number 3 like to pursue the highest achievement in a specific field, and love independence (this is more obvious in Geminis). Jupiter gives people born on June 3 an optimistic, enterprising and outward outlook on life. Unfortunately, there is still no way to get rid of their cynical and cynical personality.


It is difficult to persuade people born on June 3 to see a doctor. However, if the reason is good, they will still listen. Generally speaking, they are in good health. As long as they remember to have regular physical examinations every year, they can detect minor problems and treat them as soon as possible to avoid serious illnesses. People born on this day are best to choose milder exercises, such as walking, swimming, etc. are most suitable. In addition, in terms of diet, because they are prone to lose interest in fixed foods, it is best to change their diets, always full of surprises.


Be careful not to be too self-confident, not every time you can justify it. Pay attention to your irritable temper and let everyone do things in their own way as much as possible. Words can also hurt people. Give more consideration and compassion.


Allen Ginsberg (Allen Ginsberg) American poet, published the first collection of poems “Howl”, which became a typical poem of the decadent poetry school.

Japanese idol actor Shouaki Tangzawa, the representative film “High School Teacher”.

Josephine Baker, the French jazz dance superstar, is popular all over Paris. His famous performance is wearing a sexy narrow strip of banana sewn and dancing solo in front of a dark mirror. After the Second World War, the Rainbow Family was established and adopted babies of various species.

Film actor Tony Curtis (Tony Curtis), is good at interpreting inner drama, often acting sophisticated and confident comedy roles.

Alain Resnais is a French director. His works include “Van Gogh”, “Last Year in Marumba” and “Love in Hiroshima”.

Hungarian swimmer Tamas Damyi has won four Olympic gold medals and is the world record holder for 200 and 400 meters medley.


The third card of the Great Secret Tarot is the “Queen”, symbolizing creative ingenuity. She is the perfect woman to the extreme, the mother who gave birth to the earth, and the embodiment of our dreams and desires. When the card is upright, this card represents charm, elegance and unreserved love; when the card is upside down, it has the meaning of arrogance, hypocrisy and intolerance of defects.

Inspirational quote

If you really want to know yourself, just hop on the nearest tram.


Expressive, persuasive, and witty.


Domineering and forgetful.

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