June 9: Resolute Will

June 9 Resolute Will

House: Gemini 17°-19°

Constellation: Gemini II, changing wind signs

Most people born on June 9th are quite smart, and they often have outstanding performances in science, humanities or art. If you are a family leader (especially for women), you usually have a strong sense of responsibility and can maintain integrity and loyalty even in the face of difficulties and setbacks. However, the more talented people born on this day, the more weird their personalities; because they have a tendency to be overly sensitive, they are prone to psychological insecurity in a world where everything is exquisite.

They usually act with little regard for the consequences, and they are not good at communication, so just one major mistake is enough to completely destroy their previous efforts. It is recommended that they should plan carefully and think objectively as much as possible, so as to lead the way to success. Among them, those who are more talented or more creative may need to leave the hustle and bustle to recharge or find inspiration regularly, but they must still keep in touch with the outside world. Although the study of human habits is their favorite subject, it does not mean that they belong to a socialized group. Fun-filled activities, club networking and some social work can enable them to establish good interpersonal contacts.

In dealing with people, they sometimes appear bossy for justice; sometimes they become radicals for bravery. Even if their thinking is not traditional, they may feel conservative because of their love of preaching. People born on this day seem to be the kind of people who discipline themselves and treat others strictly; however, they place a lot of emphasis on loyalty, both to family and friends. But for personal growth, it is better for them to try to alleviate the guilt caused by their strong sense of responsibility.

Because achieving success requires constant sprints, and they are not able to withstand pressure, many people born on June 8th have low desires. However, people who are destined to succeed in their careers will not be buried. Instead of being content with the status quo, it is better to deal with them calmly, experience life, and learn to overcome difficulties.

If people born on this day have the opportunity to occupy important positions, they should not be self-contained or lack group communication. Open communication channels should be established to allow the free flow of relevant information. This way, not only can they get the support of others, but they can also play wholeheartedly. Create and realize your own ideals, achieve unprecedented success, and work for the welfare of everyone.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on June 9 are affected by the number 9 and Mars. The number 9 has a strong influence on other numbers. Therefore, people born on June 9 are equally influential. As for Mars, it represents a powerful, male power. In addition, because Mercury (the ruling planet of Gemini) has rapid characteristics, women and men born on June 9 are particularly prone to aggressively attacking others.


People born on June 9th usually engage in a variety of different sports. All regular sports, such as yoga, aerobic dance, martial arts, etc., are very helpful to their health and can arouse their interest. Therefore, the diet should also be so open, not always thinking about things that should not be eaten, and should try to improve their cooking skills. In addition, because you are a Gemini, you should pay more attention to the maintenance of your hands and respiratory system.


Try to use your own strengths as a benchmark to improve your shortcomings. Self-understanding and reflection is very important. Occasionally break away from the world and think deeply about some things. In terms of self-expression. Be creative.


E. M. Delafield, an early feminist and novelist, author of “Straw Without Bricks”.

Japanese idol actor Yakushi Maru Hiroko, became famous for “Sailor Suit and Machine Gun”.

Robert S. McNamara, the secretary of Johnson & Johnson’s defense industry, a British female doctor, is committed to letting the medical profession recognize the status of female doctors.

Movie actor Johnny Depp (Johnny Depp), starred in “Edward Scissorhands”, “Deep Love” and other films.

Michael J. Fox (Michael J. Fox) film actor, starring in the “Back to the Future” series, “Dream of Supernatural Powers” and other films.

George Stephenson (George Stephenson), 19th century Scottish inventor and railway developer, his greatest achievement was the invention of the “Rocket”, a steam locomotive with a speed of up to 50 kilometers per hour.


The ninth card of the Great Mystery Tarot is the “hermit”. He carries a lamp and a cane. It represents meditation, isolation and silence, and symbolizes the crystallization of wisdom and absolute discipline. The hermit is a strict teacher, he uses his conscience to get people on the right path. Standing upright means being persistent, purposeful, deep and focused; standing upright means being arbitrary, not easy to forgive, suspicious, and discouraged.

Inspirational quote

If death is the principal, then living is our homework.


Straightforward, firm, and logically clear.


Emotions are naive, unsustainable, and lack integration.

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