March 10: Soul explorer

March 10: Soul explorer

House: Pisces 18-20 degrees

Constellation: Pisces II, changing water sign

People born on March 10th are always particularly emotional. They usually do not care about success, nor do they value fame and fortune. What they really value is a deeper understanding of themselves and the exploration of their own complex personality. However, this does not mean that they are individualists. On the contrary, they love a life full of laughter, and especially like to enjoy the intimate atmosphere and feeling with good friends. But what makes them happy is that they occupy an important place in the hearts of their families and grow up happily under the nourishment and protection of family affection.

People born on March 10 are very sensitive. They are easily injured and easily rejected. What they want most is to get along with their friends. However, if his childhood had been hurt, whether it was from the trauma of his parents or the psychological trauma caused by too strict moral requirements, it will make them close their hearts and enter a world that no one can touch.

Because people born on this day are too sensitive, after experiencing the ups and downs of life, in order to understand themselves better, they will turn to explore the soul within themselves. In this way, they are more able to appreciate the pain or misfortune of others, and are more compassionate, so people born on this day tend to choose service industries. Many people born on March 10 not only show a compassionate style but also have a humble demeanor in compassion, which can almost be called “sacred”. When people born on March 10 assume the role of parents, they can always understand and love their children, but they should avoid protecting the past tense or controlling them too much.

Generally speaking, people born on March 10th always put themselves as the first priority. Coupled with being a very emotional person, it is difficult to develop perseverance willpower. Therefore, most of them are passive and passive, unwilling to make efforts to improve the surrounding environment.

They have always emphasized that internal values ​​are better than external values. They tend to values ​​of idealism and non-material orientation. However, they still need a sense of security and basic material comfort, and the older they are, the more likely they are. This is because they still Worried about some conditions for self-development because of loss of vitality. Although people born on March 10th detect the habit of the spiritual world, which makes them more sensitive and strengthens their own spirituality, but this cannot be regarded as afraid to express or make important decisions when encountering things. Escape excuses.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on March 10 are affected by the number 1 (1+0) and the sun. People who are affected by the number 1 usually like to be number one; for those born on March 10th, this meaning is to put their own feelings first. The influence of the sun makes them have enthusiasm and well-developed self traits, and they are quite humane, and their attitude towards life is also very positive and motivated. Coupled with the double influence of Shanghai King (the ruling planet of Pisces), people born on this day are quite romantic, and others may think they are a little loose, kind, and easy to dream.


People born on March 10th have little resistance to harmful factors in the environment. Not only may they have various types of allergies, but they are also very sensitive to other harmful negative energies. Constructing a strong self is the basis of psychological development, and in their later years they will be less selfish to devote themselves to impersonal careers. People born on March 10 are susceptible to chronic diseases, usually diseases of the nervous system and circulatory system. Because they are comfortable people, they like a variety of sensory stimulation.

People born on this day must also pay special attention to their eating habits. It is especially worth recommending to them a variety of cereals and fresh vegetables. In addition, they should also reduce their intake of milk and meat. Regular exercise is also very beneficial to them, especially hiking in the fresh air, swimming, yoga and gentle aerobic exercises, etc.


Tubman (Harriet Tubman) African American, abolitionist. She served as the organizer of underground activities and assisted countless black slaves rushing to freedom. She was also a nurse and spy of the Northern Army. She died at the age of 91.

Pianist Fu Cong.

Japanese idol singer Seiko Matsuda is known as the “Gossip Queen”.

Jazz musician Bix Beiderbecke, a trumpeter, pianist and composer, died at the age of 28 due to pneumonia and alcoholism.

James Earl Ray was sentenced to life imprisonment for assassinating Martin Luther.

Tamara Karsavina (Tamara Karsavina) ballet actress, she is the partner of the famous Russian male ballet dancer Nijinsky, and one of the founders of the Royal Academy of Dance in London.

Violinist Siegried Borries (Siegried Borries), was named the principal player of the Berlin Symphony Orchestra at the age of 20.

American gymnast Shannon Miller (Shannon Miller) is a five-time Olympic gold medalist.

Irish film actor Barry Fitzgerald (Barry Fitzgerald), often plays a arguing but likable role, and won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for “Go Your Own Way”.


The tenth card of the Great Secret Tarot is the “Wheel of Destiny”, which symbolizes the reversal of fortune. Except for change itself, there is no real constant truth in the world. This card shows a tendency to like gambling, and it will make life fluctuate. In fact, success or failure in life is closely tied to the wheel of fortune; therefore, success or failure in life will not be permanently fixed.

Inspirational quote

An extraordinary soul can inhabit several individuals.


Sensuous, understanding, and loving.


Can’t let go, shrink back.

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