March 12: Beyond the peak

March 12 Beyond the peak

House position: Pisces 20°-22°

Constellation: Pisces II, changing water sign

People born on this day are brave and determined practitioners. They can always withstand many setbacks and failures, and can make good use of these life experiences wisely. For people born on March 12, struggling is a common challenge and struggle. They can make good use of the abilities that God has given them to fulfill their own ideas with all their strength. In addition, people born on this day also have their own set of ideas about their future ambitions.

However, it is best for people born on March 12 to concentrate, because most of them have several specialties, and it is inevitable that they will have two or three uses of one mind. In this way, the ability to be scattered is not good. People who were born on this day usually have a sense of ambiguity. They are interested in something at first, and then become interested in other things. So if they want to develop, it is best to be able to concentrate and patiently stay in a certain professional field. China is the best policy.

Most people born on March 12th are not afraid of any adventure at all. They will even do some big business that others are afraid of. Perhaps this is because they believe that only those with courage and adventurousness can get the best reward. Bar! In other words-all dangerous or controversial things will attract them.

Whether they admit it or not, they really like to be the focus of others. People born on March 12 usually give the impression that they only want to be alone and love to be immersed in one’s world, but this is a wrong impression. In fact, they often want to talk about themselves and what they do. For, even to the point of some boasting.

People born on this day usually believe in something beyond reality, such as past and present lives, the existence of another planet, or topics such as the reincarnation of the soul. However, their behavior is very pragmatic. They have a way to integrate the two levels of form and reality, which means that although they behave very practically, their philosophical thinking makes them smarter. In the depths of their hearts, they always believe that everything in the world is impermanent. Regardless of whether they have religious beliefs or have done research on metaphysics, they believe that there are eternal truths and principles in this world. Therefore, these wise people born on March 12 have unshakable abilities and can deal with abstract things. Do in-depth thinking.

However, some very enthusiastic philosophers who were born on March 12 must be careful not to be trapped by the notion of being born out of the world. Unless the study of metaphysics or metaphysics has reached a mature stage, it is very dangerous to over-indulge in this kind of thinking. A carelessness may cause mental instability! A balanced pursuit of pragmatic and spiritual development is a better situation. Only in this way can we meet the needs of real life and spiritual life at the same time. For people born on this day, maintaining a balance between actions and thoughts is the way to protect themselves.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on March 12 are affected by the number 3 (2+1=3) and the giant Jupiter, and those affected by the number 3 will want to climb to the top in their unique field of work. They will also have a tendency toward dictatorship, and people on March 12 must be especially careful about this tendency. People affected by the number 3 value independence, so some people born on March 12 are likely to abandon their regular jobs and choose unconstrained free careers. The number 3 plus the double influence of Jupiter enables people born on March 12 to eagerly complete their mission. In addition, the influence of Neptune also makes them lucky.


People on March 12 are psychologically troubled and mentally unstable. Before they are 20 years old, they may be forced to undergo certain psychological tests to face their problems and try to overcome them. When they are more than 20 negative, psychotherapy or any form of psychological counseling is very helpful to them. People born on March 12 have the ability to gradually build a healthy mental state from experience, but the premise is that they must slowly build a healthy and solid spiritual fortress brick by brick. Active exercise is very suitable for these powerful individuals. In addition, sexual activity with a regular partner (hopefully a loving and dedicated partner) is also very healthy. As for diet, people born on March 12 eat when they want to eat, and eat whatever they like; this habit seems to be fine. However, if there is a need for dieting, it may be difficult for them to control or change their eating habits.


Find a balance between pragmatism and spirit. Learn to trust and share fully. Let the past happen, don’t indulge in sorrow. Learn to express your good side, but you don’t have to deny your shortcomings. People are not perfect.


Vaslav Nijinsky is a legendary Russian ballet dancer and choreographer. He was admitted to the hospital due to schizophrenia at the age of 28 and died at the age of 60.

Taiwanese writer Zhu Tianxin, became famous for his “Song of the Land: Three Years in the North of a Girl”.

Movie star and singer Liza Minnelli (Liza Minnelli), starred in “Hotel”.

The writer Edward Albee, who won the Pulitzer Prize for Play for the second time, is the author of “Seascape” and is one of the top dramatists in the United States at the end of the 20th century.

Cuban sprinter Alberto Juantorena is the Olympic gold medalist in the 400 and 800 meters.

Gabriele D’Annunaio (Gabriele D’Annunaio) Italian writer, novelist, playwright and poet. His works include “Love Fire”. In addition, he is also an aviator and political leader.

Songwriter, guitarist and singer Paul Kantner (Paul Kantner), masterpiece “Jefferson Plane”, “Star Trek”.

Attorney Annette A. Adams is a female judge of the California Court of Appeals and the first female prosecutor.

Baseball player Dale Murphy (Dale Murphy), served as an outfielder, has won 3 National League batting scoring champions and 2 home runs champions.


The twelfth card of the Great Mystery Tarot is the “Upside Down Man”, who hangs upside down on a tree with one foot. Although he seems a little helpless, in fact, he is in charge of the power of contemplation and spirituality; therefore, when the card is upright, it means that you recognize the limits, solve problems, and possess human qualities; standing upside down means that you have spirituality. Limited and lack of foresight.

Inspirational quote

The key is to calm down and find your balance.


Brave, eager, and dreamy.


Impetuous, reckless, unstable, and brave.

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