March 16: Sensibility and Reason

March 16 Sensibility and Reason

House: Pisces 24°-26°

Constellation: Pisces II, changing water sign

People born on March 16 are good at integrating imagination and reality, sensibility and reason, and then create a life attitude that can move people and take into account reality. That’s right, people born on this day are quite able to balance two levels that have no intersection at all. Sometimes, they are also shaken by fantasy, but usually they still choose the rational side.

If you can find the golden mean, it would be the best for people born on March 16. Their ability to compromise is usually positive. Because they can appreciate and accept the opinions of others, they also have a better chance of success. However, they still have to remind themselves not to abandon their values ​​or beliefs in the process of achieving success. Although they seldom betray their beliefs, they are especially unlikely to betray themselves for profit. If unfortunately, someone really betrays themselves for this, then those born on this day will feel pain and regret throughout their lives.

Many people born on March 16 always have unparalleled confidence and optimism in life. This natural optimism comes from their self-confidence and tolerance. Of course, luck is also an important factor, because in most cases, they have always made the best choice, so it has also strengthened their optimistic attitude invisibly. However, they also ignore some hidden problems because they are too optimistic, or they are excluded because of differences in thinking with others, so some negative emotions often burst out suddenly. Because of this, they must pay more attention to the subtleties of some things and solve them quickly and thoroughly, so as not to accidentally turn small problems into catastrophes.

People born on March 16 like to solve things completely or have overall consistency. However, even if they attach great importance to completeness and results, the fickle aspect of their personality still makes them pat their buttocks and let go when things are about to be fruitful. In this way, it is often unavoidable to blame yourself or suffer the blame from superiors, so try to accept your fickle character! At the same time, you should also believe that long-term hard work and investment will usually produce good results, so don’t give up halfway.

Those born on March 16th are best to find a job that can play both sensibility and rationality at the same time. At the same time, we must also learn to control money, and be smart about things like financial management. It may be difficult and tiring for them, but it is very important. Responsible things, such as the obligations of buying a property, starting a family, and society, are the biggest challenges in their lives and the biggest gains for them. Only the sweet results brought about by these responsibilities can give them real joy and freedom.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on March 16 are affected by the number 7 (1+6=7) and the water sign of Neptune. People who are affected by the number 7 may overlook real problems. This is especially true for people born on March 16, because they often forget to consider real life. Neptune (the ruling planet of Pisces) is a dream-loving planet. This kind of fantasies and religious thinking are more obvious in people born on March 16.


People born on March 16 must be careful about their health. It is best to make plans such as exercise and cutting a major responsibility in life. Regular health check-ups are absolutely necessary (including dentistry), and they should also read more medical reports to improve their basic health knowledge.

In terms of diet, people born on March 16 must have a targeted diet plan, and they should carefully choose foods that suit them. As for sports, people born on March 16 are suitable for more active sports, such as one-on-one tennis. All outdoor sports, from camping to diving, hang gliding to rock climbing, cycling to motorcycles are feasible solutions.


Continue to unify your beliefs. Beware of negative tendencies in your personality. Pursue a new direction but don’t be more complacent. Try to express the best part of yourself.


Jerry Lewis is an actor in comedy, film, TV and stage play. He is also a film producer, director, host and patron of TV charity shows. His work includes “The Waiter”.

French poet and critic Armand (Armand Sully Prudhomme), winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature.

British Australian explorer Flanders (Matthew Flinders), Flinders Reef in Queensland and Flinders Mountains in Australia are all named after his surname.

British film, television, and stage actor Leo McKern (Leo McKern).

Bernardo Bertolucci (Bernardo Bertolucci) Italian epic film director, works including “1900”, “The Last Emperor”, and for directing “The Last Emperor” won 9 Oscar nominations, 9 won all 9 awards. At the same time, he also won the best director and best film awards in Britain, France and Germany.

French actress Isabella Huppert (Lsabelle Huppert).

British conductor Roger Norrington (Roger Norrington), he was a professional tenor, and later conducted many orchestras in the UK, and won the Third Order of the British Empire.

French feminist Rosa Bonheur (Rosa Bonheur) is also an animal painter.


The 16th card of the Great Mystery Tarot is the “Tower”. On the screen, the king fell from the high tower struck by lightning, and the tower builder was hit in the head by a punch and died. The tower not only symbolizes the temporality of real things, but also represents the variability of interpersonal relationships and occupations; and these changes are often sudden and rapid. When the card is standing upright, it means that you can accept setbacks and bravely overcome challenges; when the card is upside down, it means that you are self-conscious, self-conscious, and indulged in illusory imaginations.

Inspirational quote

Using internal standards to measure success is more accurate than using external standards.


Imaginative, pragmatic and lively.


Floating in fantasy, prone to fatigue and carelessness.

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