March 17: Curious Baby

March 17 Curious Baby

House position: 25 degrees -27 degrees

Pisces Constellation: Pisces II, changing water sign

People born on March 17 like excitement very much. All adventures and excitement such as flying, floating, migrating, music, traveling, etc. are flooded in their lives. They are easy to eagerly dive into a certain field they like. In the process, they will slowly relax some of their self-requirements; but in this case, some people can not only focus on their own Interest, and at the same time make people feel their persistence to themselves. On the contrary, other people will gradually lose themselves or become very passive, resulting in ineffective control of their lives.

People born on March 17 can be said to be the happiest when they participate in some social activities. If there is no such social activity, then they will suffer! Because they have a tendency to isolate themselves; if they spend too much time alone, they may close themselves up. It’s like being wrapped in a thick cocoon, completely isolated from the outside world. Therefore, they must break free from their kidneys and transform into a beautiful butterfly. Don’t be afraid to show their most beautiful and unique side.

People born on March 17 must learn to devote more attention to the activities they participate in, not like a butterfly, flying over there is no qualitative. In addition, they must also stand firm, ensure their goals and reputation, and not accidentally end their life’s efforts due to their own impulse.

People born on March 17 like the novelty of the world very much. They are easily bored with outdated inventions or old ideas, and prefer to start new games with youthful energy and frankness. Unfortunately, their ideals always run counter to fate or more reality. Although realists are sarcastic or cold, in today’s society, power is usually controlled by such people. Therefore, people born on this day will gradually be affected. On the one hand, they maintain an optimistic vitality, on the other hand, they learn to use more practical and effective methods to implement the plan.

People born on March 17 usually don’t like to be bound by responsibilities, and for those who want to tie them, they mostly avoid them. However, this attitude of avoidance is also used by them in their work, even though they know that avoidance is not a good way to solve the problem. Therefore, if you want to succeed, you have to learn to do things in a more cautious way, instead of condoning your fickle personality, otherwise it will affect your own development. Friends, colleagues or relatives around you may be attracted by their lively nature for a while, but in the end they will ask those born on this day to shoulder their responsibilities. Only by holding them so almost compulsively, talents born on this day will contribute to life, and they will have the opportunity to bring their fresh and creative side into everyone’s life.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on March 17 are influenced by the number 8 (1+7=8) and Saturn. Saturn represents fatalistic and restrained concepts, and may also be critical. Fortunately, these qualities have been adjusted due to the dual influence of Neptune, the ruling planet of Pisces. Neptune brings personal charm; the number 8 brings a conflict between the material world and the spiritual world; therefore, people affected by this number may be lonely and tend to be extreme.


People born on March 17 are prone to problems with limbs, especially at the ends of the limbs. Therefore, they must pay attention to the parts of their feet, especially mold infections, and they must deal with it immediately without delay. As for the diet, the focus is on making more changes and having a balanced intake. What should be emphasized here is the enjoyment of the senses. Care must be taken not to become a slave to food. Fat and sugar intake should also be strictly controlled. As for sports, those born on March 17 are best to engage in moderate sports every day, such as swimming, jogging, etc. are very helpful.


Try to be patient with things, but don’t lose enthusiasm; participate more in real life activities. Try some small daily goals first, so as to learn to implement one thing completely. Be more specific about the events you invest in, and don’t change back and forth.


Rudolf Nureyev (Rudolf Nureyev) Russian dancer and choreographer, he is very appreciative and expressive, is the greatest dancer of the 1960s.

Taiwanese singer Huang Pinyuan, his masterpiece “How Can You Be Sad for Me”.

Taiwanese entrepreneur Yin Qi, head of a mainland engineering company, and representative of the Taiwan High Speed ​​Rail Alliance.

Folk rock singer John Sebastian (John Sebastian).

Jazz pianist and singer Nat King Cole, he is widely loved for his soft, husky voice, and he is also an actor.

Sammy Baugh (Sammy Baugh) Washington Redskins quarterback, won 6 passes.

Lithuanian nutritionist Anne Wigmore, inventor of wheatgrass, author of the autobiography “Why Suffer?” 》

Opera and concert superstar Betty Allen (Betty Allen).

The Italian broadcaster Lisa Sergio is known as the “Golden Voice of Rome”.

Physician Anna Wessels Williams is also a bacteriologist and diphtheria antitoxin improver.


The seventeenth card of the Great Secret Ceremony Tarot is “Stars”. On the screen is a naked girl pouring fresh pool water on the coke-dried ground under the starry sky, and at the same time using another ladle to revive the stagnant water. She represents the glory of life in the world, but it also represents the slavery of material and senses. Therefore, the stars in the sky always remind her: don’t forget that there is a higher level of spiritual world.

Inspirational quote

Although flowers and butterflies are delicate, they are surprisingly strong sometimes.


Receptive, good at expressing, and enthusiastic.


Easily lose oneself and not concentrate.

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