March 18: Circulation

March 18th Circulation

House: 26°-28° Pisces

Constellation: Pisces II, changing water sign

The subject of “circulation” can be said to be a theme in the lives of people born on March 18. Basically, a cycle is the process of forming a circle, or a task that can be successfully completed after a higher self-development. Those born on March 18 will be more successful if they can understand and master the circular process of circle. An example of relatively failure is that in the process of pursuing circle, oneself stagnates and does not advance, and cannot allow oneself to develop or grow.

People born on March 18 have very distinctive and attractive qualities. They have great leadership skills and natural instincts, and they can actively pursue their ideals. Although they may often deviate from their own principles, and thus endure a lot of setbacks; however, they rarely give up lightly. On the contrary, most of them will go back to the original point and start again, working hard to implement the original plan again. To them, complete, start again, and work harder, these words are the key to success. In fact, they already have a clear direction for their future.

People born on March 18th have a very different sense of time than ordinary people. They know when to act and when not to act rashly, rather than being limited by the reality of time. Therefore, people born on March 18 will usually notice the big concept of the whole event, but may not care so much about the small details. Therefore, such a personality can easily cause a lot of trouble to oneself in doing things. They shouldn’t spend too much unnecessary time on these major principles without delay in starting actions, instead of procrastinating.

For some people born on March 18, there may be some problems with their children. Especially for children who are impatient, they are likely to become very disappointed when they meet a dad or a mother who is always talking and not practicing; what’s worse is that the child will become more depressed, unhappy, or even worse. Rebellious.

People born on this day are very suitable to be brokers, diplomats or agents, etc. If they are mediators, arbitrators, or diplomats, they not only need to find a useful point of view among the many different opinions, but they can also propose proposals that are acceptable to both sides. However, they must also be careful not to lose their original beliefs in the process. They are very clever, especially the virtue of honesty should be cultivated. Also, it’s best not to inadvertently trample on the feelings of others just because you are too invested in your own business.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on March 18 are affected by the number 9 (1+8=9) and Mars. The number 9 has a strong influence on other numbers, and people born on March 18 also have a strong influence on people around them like this number. People born on this day must try to integrate the impulse of Mars and the inclusive and abstract influence of Neptune (the ruling planet of Pisces). The combination of Mars and Neptune produces a strong attraction, but this also implies that people born on March 18 will have a tendency to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals.


People born on March 18 have always been able to attract all kinds of energy, good or bad. Therefore, beware of bad influence, which is very important to their health. People who cling to them like parasites and refuse to leave are especially dangerous. In addition, some not-so-good psychological characteristics will emerge uncontrollably. For example, too serious egoism or ruthlessness will often lead to hostility. Generally speaking, through healthy interpersonal communication, they will not be so isolated, they will be more progressive, gentler and more understanding. As for sports, those born on March 18 are more suitable to engage in sports with a family atmosphere, rather than a one-person sports. In fact, they like group communication and pleasant atmosphere both in terms of diet and exercise.


Don’t be afraid to stand up for your beliefs. Avoid taking measures that are inconsistent with your own moral values. Don’t use compromise or superficial acceptance as an excuse for submission or inaction.


Stephane Mlallarme (Stephane Mlallarme) French poet and prose writer, is also a leader of the French symbolism movement. They are committed to teaching readers the true meaning of poetry through their works.

Lin Haiyin, a Taiwanese writer, is the founder of “Pure Text” monthly magazine and “Pure Literature Publishing House”.

British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain (Neville Chamberlain), the son of British politician Joseph Chamberlain, his failed policy led to the outbreak of the Second World War.

Bonnie Blair, a US skater, has won 5 Olympic fast skating championships and 3 freestyle championships. She is the woman who has won the most Olympic gold medals for the United States.

The American psychic Edgar Cayce (Edgar Cayce) is a seer, a spiritual healer and a self-hypnotist.

Russian musician Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov, whose works are romantic and exotic at the same time, and string works with folk songs as the theme occupy an extremely important position in the history of Russian music.


The 18th card of the Great Mystery Tarot is the “moon”, which mainly represents the world of dreams, emotions and subconsciousness. Traditionally, the image of the moon is the embodiment of female power and emotion. Therefore, when the card face is upright, the meaning is sensitivity, understanding and empathy. An upside-down card indicates emotional submission, passivity, and lack of self.

Inspirational quote

The end is often a new beginning.


Intuitive, powerful, and good at socializing.


Sophistry, self-compromise, stubbornness.

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