March 20: Mysterious Person

March 20: Mysterious Person

House: Pisces 28 degrees-Aries 0 degrees

Constellation: Pisces Aries, changing water sign

March 20 is a very symbolic day. It is not only the last day of winter, but also the last day of the astrological year. People born on this day usually have the talent not to build a party, but they also have some difficult problems. For example, it is not easy for them to set aside their past experience and make major decisions, and it usually takes a lot of time, especially when facing major life decisions.

Such different qualities and sometimes too optimistic nature will make them easy to get into big trouble. For example, although their too dreamy temperament gives them a magnet-like charm, it also gives them unrealistic dreams about the future. However, if people born on this day can find a suitable job or life partner, then fortunately, this protective net can keep them from going in the wrong direction.

People born on March 20th are usually versatile. Therefore, it takes a lot of time for them to figure out the life route they want to take. It must be noted that they are easy to envy or admire people in high positions, and therefore promote themselves. And they, who are full of romantic imagination, may also leave a passionate impression on others. In addition, because they value the idols they worship too much, they underestimate their importance in their subconsciousness, and often unconsciously throw their confidence aside.

People born on March 20th must be careful not to let themselves fall into depression and depression, otherwise it will be difficult to get out. And no matter how hard you work or others help, it is difficult for them to regain their spirits. However, a close friend or lover will make their journey easier. Generally speaking, if they can do things with confidence and decisiveness, they are less likely to fall into the abyss of depression.

People born on this day are easily attracted by spiritual things. They are very talented in this area, but they must also be careful not to get too involved and get confused. Otherwise, they may hurt themselves and their loved ones by abandoning the reality. On the contrary, if they can use this ability moderately, they definitely have a chance to succeed.

People born on March 20th usually have a talent for music or art, and are especially good at expressing voices. Singing can be their best leisure, and they can even sing like a star professionally by accident. Because they are willing to listen to other people’s thoughts or feelings, they are very good at interpreting other people’s works and can also provide good advice to people who come to ask for help. Their opinions usually carry considerable weight to others, and can easily affect customers, colleagues, or friends. However, when giving advice to others, a one-day-born person must maintain a pertinent and objective stance.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on March 20 are affected by the number 2 (2+0=2) and the moon. Those affected by the number 2 are usually gentle, imaginative, and easily injured by criticism or neglect. However, due to the influence of Neptune (the ruling planet of Pisces) at the same time, this unfavorable influence can be mitigated. Affected by the influence of Mars (the ruling planet of Aries) on the moon, people born on March 20 have two major characteristics, namely, annoyance and anxiety. Although they can do their jobs well when they rank second, they still exclude those who rank first from time to time. Therefore, it is best for them to always be proactive and take action one step earlier than others. This will help them build a more confident self.


People born on March 20th tend to be more spiritual, so they are easily manipulated by feelings. People born on this day will have headaches due to excessive stress in their lives. Xu Guo cannot get proper rest and a stable living environment, and they are likely to collapse as a result. Moderate and regular exercise can make them healthier, and can also consume excessive energy, which can then fight depression and depression. Friends born on March 20 should learn to control their diet as early as possible. However, Pisces’ love for diet makes this goal very difficult! It is best to have a light and non-greasy diet, such as cereals, pheasant vegetables, low-fat foods, etc. As for binge drinking and overeating, it is best to avoid it. Having said that, excessive exercise or strict diet can also cause problems. After all, the fanatical pursuit of health is really tiring.


Avoid destructive emotions. Please stay calm and rational. Use your energy on practical goals. Think carefully and observe yourself.


Pat Riley (Pat Riley) American basketball coach, once led the Los Angeles Lakers to win four NBA championships, as the best record winning coach.

Japanese variety show host Taro Ueoka, masterpiece “Ueoka Ikendo”.

Taiwan’s professional baseball pitcher Guo Taiyuan once went to Japan to develop and is known as the “Oriental Express”.

Taiwanese painter and essayist Liang Danfeng, his masterpiece “Walking Through the Land of China”.

American film actor and director Spike Lee (Spike Lee), has directed films such as “In Justice”, “Kuroshio”, etc., famous for depicting the inner aggressive character of African Americans.

Henrik Lbsen (Henrik Lbsen) is a Norwegian playwright and poet. He is a pioneer of modern drama. Many critics believe that he is enough to rank alongside Sophocles and Shakespeare as the greatest stage artist. “The Wild Duck” and other dramas became famous all over the world.

American film actress Holly Hunter (Holly Hunter) has conquered countless fans with her superb acting skills in “The Pianist and Her Lover”.

Movie actor William Hurt (William Hurt) won the Oscar for Best Actor for “The Kiss of Spider-Woman”. Other representatives include “The Daughter of Pity for God” and “The Unexpected Traveler.”


The 20th card of the Great Secret Ceremony Tarot is “Trial”. This card encourages the parties involved to put aside material constraints and seek a higher level of spiritual life. The pattern on the face of the card is an angel blowing the horn, symbolizing a new day with a heavy responsibility. This card has the positive characteristics of surpassing oneself and discovering infinite potential. As for the negative metaphor, the trumpet is mostly to report the good but not the worry, it is easy to indulge in the pursuit of joy, and lack the ability to face sadness.

Inspirational quote

We cannot create anything, nor express anything; what we discover or reveal are the facts that have already existed.


Reasonable, sensitive, and versatile.


Unrealistic and lack of self-confidence.

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