March 21: Clear and transparent

March 21: Clear and transparent

House: 29 degrees Pisces-1 degree Aries

Constellation: Pisces Aries, standard fire sign

March 21 is one of the important days of the year. This day is the first day of spring, also known as the “Vernal Equinox”. On this day, day and night are the same length. People born on this day have a straightforward, simple, and simple personality, and will not have complex or particularly sensitive thoughts. However, because the attitude in daily life has always been its own way, people are often misunderstood, thinking that they do not intend to or cannot adapt to the public, and deliberately act independently.

Although people born on March 21 have a bit of a dreamer’s taste, they usually have a practical side to balance their tendency to fantasize. They are talented in organization and structure; however, the results of things are often beyond their expectations, especially when it comes to people, they are almost always defeated. However, don’t be too frustrated, after all, you can always get some valuable experience or gains.

Most people born on March 21 do not have an overly violent, positive personality. They would rather be alone than with people who don’t know them. In addition, because they are more confident and calm, they are often regarded as negative and passive people. In fact, they just feel that there is no need to justify their actions. If others don’t understand how to appreciate, it is the misfortune of others and has nothing to do with them!

For people born on this day, sports and aesthetics are very important, so dance and other beautiful movements are most suitable for them.

People born on this day will weirdly expect others to have mind-reading skills, and can feel their thoughts and emotions without speaking. However, most of them are natural leaders, and maybe it really only needs silence or a few simple words to express their wishes.

People born on March 21 are full of courage. When they are justified and strong, they will stick to the end and never back down. Even if they have to fight, they will not hesitate. Although they usually give people the impression of being out of the way and indifferent to things; but once they get angry, they will be like a volcanic eruption, which is very terrible!

If they were not taken seriously by adults when they were young, they would put their children first and try their best to give their children the best things possible.

Spiritual sustenance is very important for people born on March 21, whether they believe in a traditional religion or a mysterious sect. However, if they want to have a clearer consciousness, they must use various drugs carefully. Do not lose the clarity and pure temperament of people born on this day due to careless use of drugs!

It is best for them to practice consistent and even strange self-expression without restraint and interference; no matter how bad the situation is, it is harmless to those around them anyway. However, if the situation is good, then you will definitely see their inspiring skills.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on March 21 are affected by the number 3 (2+1=3) and the cheerful Jupiter. People born on this day must beware of the out-of-control behavior caused by the outburst of temper. This is the result of the interaction between Jupiter and Mars (Mars is the ruling planet of Aries). Most people born on this day are quite conceited and ambitious; but sometimes, their ambitions are limited to their daily lives. If you are a leader, once you reach the position of authority, you will try to avoid disputes, and you naively hope that no one will question their authority. Many people affected by employment, usually women, do not seek out the satisfaction of power, but will control power at home. Of course, this still requires the consent of the other half to exercise such power.


People born on March 21 are very lonely, so they can have a long time of solitude every day, which is very important for their physical and mental health. It is of course important to be able to get love, but this kind of love must meet their conditions and meet their requirements. They don’t like that kind of maltese, sticky emotional expression, and they don’t like to be spoiled (don’t forget that they are “lone rangers”). If they are sick, they have their own set of treatments, and sometimes the methods used are quite strange! They do not require changes in their diets, they only require careful cooking and healthy principles. This may be tedious for those who pursue delicious food and varied tastes. In addition, dancing is the best exercise and recreation for people born on this day.


Don’t blame yourself! Remember: self-pity is poison. When dealing with other people, be more flexible and try to learn to forgive and skip. To understand more about the world, have better communication skills, and try to explain yourself more clearly. Also, remind yourself not to be too proud and conceited.


Johann Sebastian Bach (Johann Sebastian Bach) is a German composer and a well-known organist. He is also a representative of Baroque music and is known as the “Father of Music.”

Modeste Mussorgsky (Modeste Mussorgsky) Russian folk music composer, composed the opera “Boris Godonov” at the age of 42, and other works include “Night of the Barren Mountain” and “Painting of Exhibition Appreciation”.

Gilbert (Walter Gilbert), an American molecular biologist, won the Nobel Prize for discovering the sequence of DNA and deciphering the genetic code.

Rockefeller III (John D. Rockefeller lll), American financial giant and philanthropist.

Ingrid Kristiansen (Ingrid Kristiansen), a Norwegian female runner, has won the New York Marathon and two Boston Marathon championships. She is also the world record holder for the women’s 5000-meter long-distance run and the timeliness of the 0000-meter marathon.

British stage play and film director Peter Brook, whose works include “The Beggar’s Opera”, has directed various dramas in the United States and Europe in his early years.

British film actor Gary Oldman (Gary Oldman), has performed “The Fifth Element”, “True Love for Life”.

Timothy Dalton (Timothy Dalton), once played the protagonist James Bond of the 007 series.


The 21st card of the Great Mystery Tarot is “The World”. There is a goddess running with a scepter on the card. She has endless power to travel across the world to show the truth. This card indicates that there is nothing unobtainable on this planet. When the card is upright, it means that the reward is good, and the personality is upright; the card is upside down, it means huge obstacles, mental disability, and self-pity.

Inspirational quote      

The simplest piece is the hardest to play.


Courageous, self-expression, directness.


Easily misunderstood, arbitrary, and not good at socializing.

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