March 22: Straight back and forth

March 22 Straight back and forth

House position: 0 degrees -2 degrees Aries

Constellation: Pisces Aries, standard fire sign

It’s a bit nerve-wracking-people born on March 22 always think that they will never make a mistake, and they are not allowed to deny it. On the other hand, they feel that there is no need to yell or speak up about their ideas or opinions; on the contrary, they are quite calm and self-confident people and hate boasting. If they want, they can be very successful in shopping malls or financially, and they can definitely advance cautiously in the competitive corporate jungle. They are very confident and strong-willed, so it is not easy to take a fork in the road or get lost. Even if there are many difficulties, they will still go forward courageously, and nothing can shake them. Of course, some people born on March 22 don’t have such great goals. They may just want to pursue a happy family life, leisure enjoyment or hobby training, but even if it is such a goal, they will definitely strive to achieve it.

One of the most troublesome characteristics of people born on March 22 is that they don’t like others to analyze their personalities, and they don’t admit that they have other subconscious motives. To put it simply, people born on this day are human beings. If someone dares to doubt whether they are truly the same, then they will have to bear it. Because of this, they naturally feel strongly averse to other pretense, fraud, hypocrisy, etc. However, because they hate circumstantial words and deeds, there is a danger that they will mistake diplomacy as duplicity.

Many people born on March 22 will have a heroic image of themselves in their hearts. This is the ideal they want to practice. What they yearn for is not necessarily extremely dramatic heroism, but a calm and protective heroism that can win the respect and even admiration of relatives, friends and colleagues. This is indeed the case. People born on this day often have a good reputation that is particularly trustworthy.

Once a person born on March 22 discovers his true mission (usually at around 5 years old), he will continue it for the rest of his life. Other activities will be derived from this mission (especially in the second half of life), even if there are more related events, the general direction is still very clear. In fact, people born on this day will suddenly turn from the chosen route.

If people born on March 22 can look at their own products or services with an objective and critical perspective, they can get professional satisfaction from it. If they can’t, it may cause confusion and frustration. In addition, they must suppress their eagerness, not only because they will lose sight of themselves and lead to failure, but also because others can’t stand their proud attitude. In addition, people born on March 22 should also avoid arbitrary or authoritarian tendencies.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on March 22 are affected by the number 4 (2+2=4) and Uranus. People affected by deception have a unique way of doing things and seeing things. Unfortunately, because they are not just like everyone else, and they are sure of themselves, they are likely to cause confrontation or secretly make enemies. In addition, Uranus, which symbolizes weird and perverse behavior, plus the role of Mars (the ruling planet of Aries), is enough to show that people born on March 22 are very explosive. People born on this day often show interest in various things in pairs, such as twins, symmetry, and so on.


People born on March 22 will take “physical health” for granted. This is because they are naturally confident and energetic, so they feel that their bodies should also be infinitely vigorous. Because of ignoring the fact that “health must be maintained and maintained”, the body is often destroyed by my endless enthusiasm. For most people born on March 22, controlling calories, balancing vitamin intake, or supplementing essential nutrients, is really far from their personality. Basically, they want to eat whatever they want. Therefore, relatives and friends around you should be righteous and tell them to consume proper fats and sugars in a reasonable diet. If you want to change your eating habits, it’s best to make a gradual change.


Not everyone is like you and can be very clear about their future direction, so please be patient with these people. Continue to work hard, keep your attitude calm, but be resolute. Learn to relax. Although you have to go all out, you can sometimes let things go their way. Develop diplomatic skills and be more forgiving of others.


Marcel Marceau (Marcel Marceau) French mime artist, he can be called the greatest mime actor of the contemporary era.

The American Nobel physicist Robert Andrew Millikan is very famous in electrical and optical research.

Comedian Leonard “Chico” Marx (Leonard “Chico” Marx), a member of the famous acting author “Marx Brothers”, is also a film actor and pianist.

In the 15th century, the German emperor Maximilian I (Maximillianl).

William Shatner (William Shatner) TV and film actor, he played “Captain Cork” in the “StarCraft” series.

Anthony Van Dyck, the painter of the Flanders Barocco period, was a well-known master of portrait painting.

American Broadway stage composer Andrew Lloyd Webber, whose works include “Cat”, “Ivy Tower”, “Phantom of the Opera”, etc., has continued to perform so far and ranks at the top of the list of the most popular singles in history.


The 22nd card of the Great Secret Ceremony Tarot is “The Fool”. The pattern is a person standing happily on the edge of a cliff. Some interpreted him as being very stupid and lacking the ability to make rational judgments; others pointed out that he was extremely spiritual and didn’t care about reality. In general, it means acting on intuition without the ability to refuse and resist; at the same time, it also represents stupidity, impulse and nothingness. However, the more mature among them will learn from the experience of life, and then become their ideal person.

Inspirational quote

Love includes respecting all living creatures as one’s self and residence.


Directional, energetic, and enthusiastic.


Domineering, slow to react emotionally to others, and overconfident.

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