March 23: Curious Baby

March 23 Curious Baby

House position: 1 degree-3 degrees Aries

Constellation: Pisces Aries, standard fire sign

People born on March 23 seem to be curious about everything. However, their discussion of things around them is usually the most basic events, thoughts, feelings, and concepts of existence. In other words, questions about life and death, time, and basic human emotions are the topics they are most interested in. The way they treat life is basically scientific. Although they are not necessarily scientists, they often explore, investigate, and test everything they come into contact with like scientists.

“Personal experience” is the most logical saying of people born on this day, because they will not accept any idea or concept unless they are tested; of course, if there is no factual basis, they will not make suggestions to advise others. They make conclusions about life and life based on what they have observed. Oh! Don’t try to fool them, because they are not fools, and the decisions they make are based on solid experience. Moreover, they will cherish the cognition gained through such experience and will never give up easily. Therefore, once something has been proven to be true, they will always believe it. To be honest, people who were born on this day are a bit clumsy and stick to a theory. It is very difficult to change!

People born on March 23 are versatile and have a wide range of social interactions, and people with three educations and nine tiers can get acquainted with. They are not afraid of taking risks, but they must pay attention to the temptation of gambling, whether it is casinos or gambling activities in daily life. People born on this day have plenty of physical stamina and infinite energy. They should take a good look, even if they occasionally engage in slightly dangerous activities. Although they often explore existing areas, they may sometimes be attracted by peculiar situations or characters.

People born on this day usually show interest and love for children. But this does not mean that people who rise on March 23, like children, love fantasy and playfulness. The way they treat their children is just like their attitude in other respects—scientific, principled, and efficient, rather than subjective or emotional.

Although people born on March 23 love to explore many things, “human beings” are still what they care about most, especially with regard to human development. And this kind of interest and curiosity in “people” is of course also very scientific and principled, not for emotional factors such as warmth or comfort. Therefore, people born on this day may get along with others in order to satisfy their own exploration and learning, but they are very self-centered in private. Ok! Put it this way: so much that they love socializing, it is better to say that they are just curious.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on March 23 are affected by the number 5 (2+3=5) and Mercury. People born on this day are prone to nervousness, a little nervous (emotional change), and extremely energetic. This is due to the influence of Mars, the dominant planet of Aries. People affected by 5 will change their interests at any time. Others may be surprised, but they never get tired of it. They will be fascinated by the most mundane themes; they will collect facts and discuss things to the point of detail. No matter which month, the 23rd is a day when things happen, but people born on March 23 don’t care at all. Instead, they will be attracted by the new and exciting things that happen, and even attract these stimuli. Carry forward.


Although people born on March 23 don’t seem to care about their health, reading and seeking knowledge will tell them how to pay attention to their bodies. The problem is that if they are asked to apply this knowledge to themselves without a goal or a good reason, it is simply harder than going to heaven. However, if you can make them understand how a healthy attitude towards life can help improve their ability to work or study, they may be a little interested; otherwise, just save effort and forget it! People born on March 23 have a strong curiosity about the nature of things and how they work, so they are easily mentally exhausted. It is generally a good idea to let them do what they like to their heart’s content, such as sex, sleep, or physical activity.


Not everyone is like you and can be very clear about their future direction, so please be patient with these people. Continue to work hard, keep your attitude calm, but be resolute. Learn to relax. Although you have to go all out, you can sometimes let things go their way. Cultivate diplomatic skills and be more tolerant of others. Please keep calm. No matter how interesting it is to study others, please never take others as specimens. Cultivate your emotional side and avoid preaching. Listen to other people’s opinions and don’t just think about yourself all day long.


Kurosawa Akira, a famous Japanese director, has works such as “Rashomon”, “Dream”, and “Chaos”. He is most talked about by the magnificent, murderous and shocking war scenes.

British mile runner Roger Bannister (Roger Bannister) was the first runner to break the four-minute limit. He is also an expert in neurology and an advisory professor at Oxford University.

German-American psychoanalyst Erich Fromm, his theoretical examples exemplified the ideas of Froyd and Marx, and proposed important amendments. The most famous work is “The Art of Love”.

Joan Crawford (Joan Crawford) American film actress, won the Oscar for Best Actress for her performance in “The Devil in the Sea”, and co-authored the autobiography “Joan’s Self Portrait” with Ardmore.

French-American astrologer, philosopher, music theorist, and psychologist Dane Rudhyar (Dane Rudhyar), author of “Personal Astrology”.

Werner Von Braun, a German-American rocket scientist, was a pioneer in rocket science.

Spanish cubist painter Juan Gris, he is also a sculptor, book illustrator, stage and costume designer.


The fifth card of the Great Mystery Tarot is the “Pope”. He is the interpreter of sacred and mysterious things, symbolizing human cognition and belief. The knowledge taught is full of mysteries, and even abstract things are dominated by it. When the card is standing upright, it means that you are confident, unconcerned and have a correct understanding of things;

Inspirational quote

There are many different time and space between the human world and the universe as a whole.


Fun, versatile and caring for others.


Over-participation, voyeurism.

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