March 24: Heart of a Child

March 24 Heart of a Child

House: 2°-4° Aries

Constellation: Pisces Aries, standard fire sign

People born on March 24 are natural and direct, and like to live a simple life. Whether at work or in their personal life, they often deal with problems in a quick way to avoid entanglement. But God does not follow people’s wishes, there will always be some complicated problems, difficult people, or challenges that must be overcome in life. Therefore, they will always want to find the simplest way to deal with such complex problems.

People born on March 24th are very childish. Usually, when they first meet, you can see their natural behavior and frank attitude like innocent children. Because they expect things to go smoothly, they react more strongly to disappointment and rejection than most people. When encountering extremely serious setbacks, they are easily discouraged. Many people born on this day will inevitably feel a little sad because of depression.

People born on March 24th don’t talk a lot. Whether in love, hobbies or sports, they prefer to express themselves with practical actions. Whether it is a partner or a colleague, they are satisfactory partners. People born on this day rarely establish enemies in the workplace. They can create stable results with a humble attitude. This ability makes them highly valued at work.

Humility is the virtue of many people born on March 24th. Maybe they are conservative and even shy sometimes, but if you think that they are passive or bully, then you are quite wrong-they will show up in the face of opposition or direct attack. His perseverance rarely retreats. In family life, they usually insist that things be done in their own way, that is, as harmoniously as possible. People born on March 24 are more vulnerable, mostly because they have been under unclear pressure for a long time or are not recognized or recognized by others. These pressures and denials will make them exhausted and will slowly destroy their originality. Full of hope and positive personality.

Because people born on this day have many advantages-emphasizing affection, loyalty, and natural innocence, it may be difficult for their relatives and friends to understand why they always get into problems? This may be because they are overly optimistic and frank, thinking that things will develop smoothly, and they are unable to adopt a more practical corresponding method! Therefore, it is recommended that people born on this day, in addition to not being so fanciful, should also be more vigilant, cautious and careful when facing and dealing with daily problems.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on March 24 are affected by the number 6 (2+4=6) and Venus. People affected by Venus and its influence value harmony the most, and they also think that social interaction is both stimulating and rewarding. Although they like romance, the love they long for is usually a warm and meticulous feeling, rather than a passionate passion. However, because Mars dominates Aries, people born on March 24 will be affected by the interaction between Venus and Mars, so they are sexually attractive and create a very intense love life.


People born on March 24 are very sensitive, so their health is related to the psychological and emotional state of themselves and those around them. They should strive to maintain the harmony of interpersonal relationships and living conditions. Emotional imbalance can cause diseases, and these diseases often appear with multiple symptoms, some are acute, some are chronic. As long as you find out the cause of your emotional imbalance and deal with it, even serious physical and mental disorders can be restored. People born on March 24 need a balanced diet and should try to avoid strong irritants, such as coffee, alcohol, and sugar. However, chocolate may have the effect of suppressing depression, so you can try it. The light-flavored rice (or noodles) with boiled green vegetables is the best choice for maintaining a stable body and mind. In addition, it is highly recommended for people born on this day to regularly engage in moderate exercise every day or every week.


Maintain a balance in your life and beware of troubles. Handle small things carefully and patiently, they are all details worthy of your attention.


John Wesley Powell (John Wesley Powell) geologist, the authority of Native Americans, his book “The Western Colorado River and Its Expedition to Flow” is not only an important geological work, but also included in the literary classics.

Taiwanese essayist Yang Naifan, his representative work “Around Tour”.

British former Raphaelite poet and handicraft artist William Morris (William Morris) is one of the most active and influential artists in the Victorian period.

The women’s golfer Pat Bradley (Pat Bradley) has been selected as an LPGA player twice.

Steve McQueen (Steve McQueen) film actor, he was a lumberjack and oil field worker in his early years, represented as “Six Heroes”, “Desperado”, “Burning Skyscrapers”.

Belgian abstract expressionist painter Englebert Van Anderlecht (Englebert Van Anderlecht). Belgian abstract expressionist painter Englebert Van Anderlecht (Englebert Van Anderlecht).

The famous American bank robber Clay Barro and his girlfriend Bang Nihuangke, their story has also been put on the screen, that is, “The Male and Female Thief” starring Warren Beatty and Fei Donna Wei.

Bill Porter, a US Olympic gold medal jumper.


The sixth card of the Great Mystery Tarot is “Lovers”, which symbolizes the unity of all mankind through the “love” of the union of the sexes. When the card face is upright, it expresses moral, aesthetic, and physical higher-level feelings and desires; when the card face is upright, it represents desire dissatisfaction, sentimentality and hesitation.

Inspirational quote

The greatest gift one can give to others is to show oneself.


Positive, honest, and affectionate.


Vague, easily discouraged, and impractical.

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