March 26: Honesty and Integrity

March 26 Honesty and Integrity

House: 4th-6th Aries

Constellation: Aries, standard fire sign

People born on March 26 have a childlike innocence, naturalness and frankness. They don’t need to be very active to get things done. For them, simplicity is the most important policy. They suppress all forms of excessive complexity. This means that if you are a person who constantly creates problems and troubles, you are unlikely to be good friends with someone born on March 26. People born on this day will find the simplest solution to any problem related to “people”-tracing the root of the problem. Because of this, people born on March 26 often have strong intuitive insights so that they can do thorough research.

Although people born on March 26 are very lively, they also show a philosopher-like calmness and alienation. They sit on the sidelines, measure the situation quietly, make mistakes in their thinking, and get effective solutions. Sometimes they may also withdraw themselves from life, or even isolate themselves for a period of time; they retreat to their favorite place, perhaps in a remote mountain, or in a desert or seashore. This isolated need makes them want to recharge in nature. Usually when they are alone, they simply experience the feeling of isolation from the world, and they use Eastern style meditation to clear their minds and thoughts instead of conceiving or contemplating any great plans or ideas.

People born on March 26 work at their own pace, and most of them are not in a hurry, so their mentality is relaxed. In private, they often have unexpected thoughts and behaviors. This kind of naturally revealed thoughts and behaviors mostly show a sense of humor. For example, when they are working, they suddenly have a relaxing chat or two. Sometimes, people born on March 26 are too relaxed and hesitate when they should sprint forward. This puts them at a disadvantage when they are with more positive and determined people.

People born on this day know their own shortcomings and know that they like to do things their own way. Compared with most people, they are obviously different, so they are sometimes regarded by their peers as a little “ada”. . Fortunately, they are not weird or indecisive people, because they don’t make promises easily and don’t like to brag.

You are lucky to make friends who were born on March 26! Because they don’t like to meet many friends. For them, friends are made for a lifetime. No matter how many years they haven’t contacted, they will open their hearts and pay attention to the friends who have shared special friendship. However, if a friend forgets them or ignores them, they can also let it go and silently accept the situation.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on March 26 are affected by the number 8 (2+6=8) and Saturn. They don’t particularly want to impress anyone, so they look a little reserved or indifferent. In fact, this is not the case, because they are usually very enthusiastic, and their thermal charge is supplied by the energy of Mars (the ruler of Aries). People born on March 26, Saturn’s character is responsible for others. Although Mars’s volatility sometimes distracts them, they will return to their duties sooner or later. People who are affected by the number 8 will be overly self-sacrificing. In addition, people born on March 26 are easily satisfied. These two points are not conducive to success, so there will be a sigh that it is difficult to display their talents.


For those born on March 26, the greatest danger comes from the psychological and spiritual level. They can eliminate the negative emotions of others, but when these negative emotions appear on themselves, they often have no power to resist and even refuse to face the reality. People born on March 26 are physical people who need a variety of challenges, a lot of exercise, leisure, and sex to make them healthy and happy. Although taking risks can bring accidents or injuries, people born on this day will usually heal very quickly. Even if they face physical disabilities, they can overcome and adapt well. They should maintain healthy eating habits. In addition to not overeating, they also need to ration regularly. Oh right! Usually they don’t do it themselves-they like others to make for them. Therefore, here is a secret for chefs: food must be appetizing and stimulate their appetite.


Don’t be overly ethical and judging others. Relax and let yourself not be so serious. Relax, go play and have fun! Keep childlike qualities. Don’t bow to evil forces, and don’t sprint too much at work.


Robert Frost is an American poet who has won the Pulitzer Prize four times for his works such as New Hampshire, The Book of Songs, and Another Pasture. He is recognized as an informal poet laureate.

Taiwan’s iconic singer Zhang Xinzhe, his masterpiece “Love Is Like Tide”.

Jung school mythologist Joseph Campbell (Joseph Campbell), author of “The Mask of God”.

The lead singer of the “Supreme Choir” and film actress Diana Ross (Diana Ross) is popular with her soft singing voice.

American film actor James Caan has starred in films such as “The Godfather” and “Dick Tracy”.

American playwright Tennessee Williams has attracted widespread attention for his “Glass Zoo”. Almost all of his later works are set in the southern interior of the United States, depicting degeneration and decline, such as “A Streetcar of Desire” and “The Missing Woman” “Two masterpieces have won Pulitzer Prizes.

Basketball guard John Stockton (John Stockton), he has been elected five times the NBA’s primary assists, he is also the “dream team” Olympic gold medalist. He was an internationally renowned composer in the 19th century and was hailed as the “first great composer of the Czech nation”. His representative works include the opera “Selling and Selling Brides” and the symphonic poem “My Motherland”.

Leonard Nimoy (Leonard Nimoy) American TV, film actor, he played “Spark” in the “StarCraft” series.


The eighth card of the Great Secret Ceremony Tarot represents “power”. The picture shows an elegant queen who is taming an angry lion. The queen symbolizes the female magician, can control the energy that is not easy to control, and represents the superior power of morality and physical ability. An upright card represents personal charm and determination to pursue success; an upside-down card represents complacency and abuse of power.

Inspirational quote

When a child turns from sadness to smile, you will discover a fact; indeed, everything will pass.


Intuitive, self-sufficient, and responsible.


Insecure, negative, and easily depressed.

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