March 3: Strategies

March 3 Strategies

House: Pisces 11°-13°

Constellation: Pisces, changing water signs

People born on March 3 always have a comprehensive plan in mind before they do anything. They are pragmatic people with a sense of urgency and proactive precautions, and they are not the kind of people who shamelessly ask others to give applause or rewards when they do nothing; they often show their talents and devotion after discovering a real need. Not only do they plan big plans, but they can also take into account the details. Such a pragmatic approach will not damage their ability to imagine. On the contrary, taking one step at a time, every effort and pragmatism that will leave traces, can often reduce mistakes and make it easier for them to practice their ideals.

People born on this day are usually suitable for team work, but in private they strictly require personal space and private life, and like to separate personal private life from public affairs.

People born on this day may have a little bit of escapism. They either devote themselves entirely to the world’s struggle for fame and fortune, or indulge in an unreal world chasing a romantic life, which is very extreme. Of course, there are exceptions to those born on March 3, who can balance their public and private lives without compromising one another.

Whether they’re the more secular or more self-conservative type, March 3 people are often the central figure in the planning and planning of the group.

It is in their nature to prepare carefully for everything, and it is also in their habit to examine the problem over and over again before taking action. That’s right, planning things is often the favorite of those born on this day. Because too much energy is spent on the pre-planning work, there will be at least two dangers. The first is that too much time is spent in the planning stage, making the work impossible to carry out; Taking action based on experience may also become hesitant to act because of anticipating too many possible failure scenarios. Since March 3rds have a hard time setting goals, it’s best for them to just make a decision and get on with it, instead of giving themselves a lot of multiple-choice questions, and then just being there, indecisive and unable to act.

People born on March 3 are often very engaged in work. While this is satisfying, they are reluctant to dig into the reasons why they are so invested in a particular job. In addition, some people dislike or dislike themselves as adults because of overly critical parents or overly social pressures in childhood. So, it’s important for those born on March 3 to learn how to like themselves, not just their work, but themselves. In addition, the feeling of safety and contentment is very helpful in their career, because only in this way can they be more confident to pursue other projects and achieve greater success.

Lucky Numbers and Guardians

Those born on March 3 are influenced by the number 3 and Jupiter. While people influenced by the number 3 tend to want to climb to the top in their unique realm, those born on March 3 are at a critical juncture due to the influence of Neptune (the ruler of Pisces). Indecisive or submissive traits can appear on the board, thereby affecting their achievement. Due to the dual influence of Jupiter and Neptune, there may be spiritual or religious thoughts, and there is also the possibility of financial success.


In addition to the ability to imagine and plan, those born on March 3 are generally in good health. Sometimes, over-exercise, but that is because you are too strict with yourself, which will cause overwork. Therefore, people born on this day must beware of excessive exertion, which reduces the immunity and makes them sick. Regular exercise with reasonable limits suits them well, rather than engaging in some extreme activities over a period of time. People born on March 3 are prone to conditions and must be extra careful not to damage their limbs. They should be on the lookout for unpredictable complications, which can actually be symptomatic as long as they pay more attention to their health. Fats and harmful additives should not be overdone, but don’t detract from the taste of the food. If they make too many rational arrangements for the three meals, they will inevitably lose their appetite in the end.


Get to know yourself deeply. If you don’t like some part of yourself, change it. Don’t be hurt by your self-critical personality. It’s best to book a deadline when making plans. Don’t think too much, do it when it’s time to act.


Alexandre Graham Bell is a Scottish-American acoustic teacher and inventor who invented the telephone and used the proceeds to set up a foundation to teach music and language to deaf students.

Taiwanese composer and record producer Xiao Chong, whose masterpieces are Buried Heart and Heart Too Soft.

British illustrator Ronald Searle, known for his fictional schoolgirl comic strip, which has been adapted into four films, including “The New Yorker” and “Life.”

Jockie Joyner-Kersee is an American athlete who has won three Olympic gold medals in the heptathlon, a long jump champion, and a heptathlon world record holder.

British film actress Jean Harlow, known as the goddess of sex, died of uremia at the age of 26. Her works include “Eight O’clock Dinner” and “Grasp Your Man”.

Ukrainian Jew Solomon Aleichem (Aholem Aleichem) is a “Yiddish” short story writer and playwright whose works include “The Red Cavalry”. The most famous collection of short stories, “Cunong Taivi”, was later adapted into the Broadway musical “Fiddler on the Roof”.


The second card of the Great Mystery Tarot is “The Priestess”. She sits on the throne and looks at ease and calm, somewhat unpredictable. She has a spirituality that allows hidden powers and secrets to emerge, and in turn give people this knowledge. So when the card is upright, it is quiet, intuitive, reserved, and cautious. When the card is upside down, it means secrecy, suspicion, indifference and slowness.

Inspirational quote

The greatest plan in the universe is the work of God.


Concentrated, well-conceptualized, and well-prepared.


There are deviations, the sense of oppression is too strong, and there is a lack of self-awareness.

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