March 4: the lone ranger who is addicted to creation

March 4th, the lone ranger who is addicted to creation

House position: Pisces 12°-15°

Constellation: Pisces, changing water sign

People born on March 4 can complete the work alone without the help of others. Although most of them do not deliberately choose this kind of isolated work style, it has been proved that this tendency of inheritance will continue to recur in their lives, so they will slowly discover that in substance Or mentally, they will become increasingly incompatible with their surrounding friends or the environment.

But having said that, people born on this day will not feel lonely even if they do things alone, because this way is a matter of their own choice. Therefore, even if someone wants to invite them out to play, they may refuse. Among those born on this day, those who develop well or are engaged in creative work will regard this independent interpersonal relationship as a necessary condition for creating good works. They have a high degree of cohesion, they will be more relaxed when alone, and they will not feel distracted or anxious to affect the creative thinking space.

In terms of social life, people born on this day prefer to get along with a few close friends, rather than unfamiliar friends. For them, the term intimacy has a very special meaning. The establishment of intimacy is not only related to personnel, but the environment also plays a very important role. They like to stay in a warm, safe environment and be surrounded by things they love. Once you are in a crowded and noisy space, you will start to feel uneasy. However, as long as they are in social situations where they can participate freely, they can still share their exclusive and very special intimacy with those present.

They pay attention to a warm atmosphere and like to decorate a comfortable home or office in a simple and elegant way. This may be because the material needs are not so strong, and they will not be attracted by luxury and false things!

People born on this day like to share the results of their work with others, even strangers. Hearing someone likes their work will make them more happy than compliments in person, because compliments in person are likely to make them feel shy and embarrassed. Their shy nature is really cute, but when it is necessary to fight for their own needs, they still have to learn to be positive. In this way, they will find that it is actually good to be decisive at certain times.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on March 4 are affected by the number 4 and Uranus. People affected by the number 4 are quite assertive, so sometimes they seem to be more arguable. Generally speaking, people born on March 4 are more concerned about whether they can express themselves. In contrast, the accumulation of wealth is not that important to them. In addition, because of the influence of Uranus, mood changes are relatively rapid and explosive, but fortunately, Neptune’s influence slightly eases this trait, and makes people who are born on this day either have a dreamy personality, or like to pass back, or It has both characteristics.


Those born on March 4 must expand their social life. Therefore, all activities that can be shared with others, such as interests, leisure, clubs, etc., are worth recommending them to participate in. As for sports, those that are more group-oriented and social-oriented are suitable for them. For example, team sports and dancing are good for their body and mind.

As for food, although they can cook by themselves, they also like the beautifully lit and atmospheric meal in social situations. If people born on this day have to get along with many people for a long time due to fate or accidental arrangements, their personal space will be disturbed for a long time, and they will suffer great psychological pain. Lack of independence in childhood often causes psychological barriers. As for being rejected by parents, the pain left behind will always be hidden deep in my heart.


Try to interact with others as much as possible. Develop social skills. Don’t use aloneness as an excuse to escape. Always maintain an open communication channel with others.


Lrian Ratushinskaya (Lrian Ratushinskaya) Soviet poet, works “I want to live”.

Taiwanese movie star Yi Nengjing, his masterpiece “Good Man, Good Girl”.

Taiwanese novelist Xiao Sa, his masterpiece “Xia Fei’s House”.

Japanese idol actor Asano Atsuko, masterpiece “101 Proposals”.

Movie actor John Garfield (John Garfield), died young at the age of 39.

Margaret (Margaret Osbome Du Pont), tennis player, has won 5 French Open, 7 Wimbledon, 24 US singles, doubles, mixed championships.

Antonio Vivaldi is an Italian musician and composer of Baroque music. His works include “Red Monk”.

Alan Sillitoe, a British writer, playwright and novelist, described the lives of workers with indignation and sharpness, and injected new vitality into the British novels after World War II. He is the author of “The Solitude of the Long-distance Runner”.

Don Pedro of Portugal, Prince Henry the navigator/he is the tutor of explorers and the founder of the school of astronomy and navigation.


The fourth card of the Great Secret Ceremony Tarot is the emperor. His main source of power is wisdom, and he rules all things in the world. The emperor’s status is supreme, and his authority cannot be questioned. When the card is upright, it represents strong will and solid energy; when the card is upside down, it represents willfulness, tyranny and cruelty.

Inspirational quote

Some people are silent because they have nothing to say.


Taciturn, intimate, and independent.


Weak, shy, and autistic.

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