March 7: Modern Abstraction

March 7 Modern Abstraction

House position: Pisces 15°-17°

Constellation: Pisces II, changing water sign

People born on March 7 are quite complicated and often live in their own abstract world. The biggest challenge in their lives is to construct such an abstract world. The more clearly a person can express his abstract thoughts, the greater the chance of success.

Although their thoughts are often free to wander in the abstract world, they are career-oriented, but they express their ideas in a very practical way, hoping to win the support and participation of the people around them. However, whether they participate in actual activities or not, they give people the impression of being very detached. Undoubtedly, people born on March will usually divide their private life from official business quite clearly.

In fact, people born on March 7 are often very lonely, but it is difficult for outsiders to enter their world. Those who want to penetrate the city wall to be friends with them must be very patient and able to forgive them. The most important thing is not to be too demanding of them. People born on this day are not stingy in giving. On the contrary, they can be said to be very generous, but once they are under pressure, they cannot perform well. If they are forced, then their only reaction is to withdraw, regardless of their thoughts or actual performance.

When criticized or attacked, most people born on March 7 can withdraw into their own safety shells with only a small reaction. At the same time, they will quickly learn who understands them and who accepts them; who can be trusted and who cannot be trusted. They are a little mysterious and not honest with the people they love. They often hide a lot of expectations in their hearts and dare not say them. But for those they think is worth paying, they are willing to give all their time and money.

People born on this day will have a strong empathy for the basic needs of others, so if possible, they will prioritize such things first. Although they care about society very much, they are not very social and social people. So they may feel that at most one or two good friends is enough.

The problems faced by friends who were born on March 7 include lack of energy, lack of social life, easy to feel fear and instability, and feel distracted by their life goals. However, as long as they can make up their minds and devote themselves to meaningful things, they can be very successful no matter what. In addition, they can use their work achievements to attract the attention of others and make themselves more able to break into the social circle.

People born on March 7 must often share their thoughts and feelings with family, friends or society. In addition to devoting his unique care to work, he should also make more changes in his personal life. Regardless of whether they meet or get the right person to share their lives together, establishing solid interpersonal relationships and interacting with others more are important topics that need to be learned for them.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on March 7 are affected by the number 7 and Neptune. Because Neptune is a water planet, dominating ideas, dreams, and spiritual phenomena, people born on March 7 may be very unstable (especially because they are also deeply affected by the ruling planet Neptune in Pisces). Such a strong Neptune temperament causes people born on March 7 to have the characteristics of sensitivity, love of fantasy and rich imagination, and difficulty concentrating on doing things. Most people affected by the number 7 like to travel and change.


People born on March 7 must be very, very careful about their health. Because they are quite sensitive, they may have many infections and allergies. Such problems make their bodies have to constantly react and resist, thus increasing the burden on their lymphatic and vascular systems. People born on March 7 have to eat carefully. Generally, restricting the consumption of lactol products can reduce the precipitation of gums and mucilages. It is very helpful for them to have a rich and balanced three meals, and at the same time strengthen cereals and vegetable foods not to overcook them. As for exercise, depending on the physical fitness, it can range from moderate to more intense exercise. For those born on March 7, dancing is a very suitable exercise, and other exercises that combine graceful postures, such as skating, swimming, yoga, and Tai Chi, are also quite good. For people born on this day, adequate sleep is very important, but don’t overdo sleepy, because sleep is also likely to become a way to escape from society.


Stand firm, strengthen your abstract concepts, and try to communicate with others. Don’t get caught in the quagmire of self-criticism. Allow others to enter your little world. Show your true self a lot.


Luther Burbank (Luther Burbank) horticultural cultivator has cultivated many new varieties of fruits, trees and other domestic crops.

Taiwanese writer Bai Yang is famous for his essays “The Ugly Chinese”, “Foreign Lands”, “Chinese History Compendium”, and the “Bo Yang Edition Zizhi Tongjian” which took ten years to complete.

German-American painter Piet Mondrian (Piet Mondrian), is a modern style painter. His strict linear art laid the foundation of the Stylistic Movement and had a major influence on the development of New Plasticism.

French Impressionist musician Maurice Ravel (Maurice Ravel).

Franco Harris (Franco Harris) American football player, he served as a defender for the Pittsburgh Ironman team, rushed octaves for a thousand yards. Elected the most valuable player of the Super Bowl in 1976.

The writer Ben Ames Williams is a prolific and fluent short story writer. He is well-known in the field of historical fiction and detective fiction. His works include “God’s Daughter”.

Ivan Lendl, a Czech tennis player, has been ranked first in the world 4 times, winning 3 French Opens, 3 US Opens, and 2 Australian Open championships. He is also a computer expert and speaks 6 languages.


The seventh card of the Great Secret Tarot card is “Chariot”. The victor on the card shows his great achievements in the world with a strong and powerful posture. This card can be explained that no matter how difficult the right path is, you have to keep going. Upright cards represent success, talent and efficiency; if the cards are upside down, it implies an autocratic attitude and a poor sense of direction.

Inspirational quote

Following our dreams can set us free, and it can also imprison us.


Be creative, sensitive, and know how to give.


Difficulty in concentration, withdrawal, and loneliness.

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