May 10: Lonely Actor

May 10 Lonely Actor

House: Taurus 19°-21°

Constellation: Taurus II, fixed earth sign

People born on May 10th can perform very well in the professional field, and the tasks are usually completed by individuals alone, rather than teamwork. If you use the broadest analogy to compare them to teachers, they will often use examples as teaching materials. Although this kind of teaching is lively and lively, it can sometimes make it difficult for people to keep up with them, and this is half because of their thoughts. Different from ordinary people, half of it is because the way of expression is extremely special.

People born on May 10th often recruit opponents. When they have achieved something to attract a bunch of followers, they will also bring a bunch of powerful opponents, and by this time they can exert their power even more. This kind of people is not afraid of the heavens and not afraid of them, no matter what, they must pursue their truth, and they will be happy only if things go according to their wishes. Also, this group of people usually have a charming appearance, which is not only persuasive, but also very attractive!

People born on May 10 are particularly content with destiny, and are more in line with the times in society, so they seldom participate in resistance activities against social chaos. They seem to know by nature when to enter and when to retreat; when to struggle to overcome obstacles, when to step aside; when to be hard and when to use soft. They have strong intuitions (not through feeling or thinking, but based on intuitions based on their understanding of the world), and decisions made based on this intuition cannot be wrong.

People born on May 10 must learn to measure the consequences of their actions. They are always too devoted to the things at hand, so that they can’t take a long view, and their impulsive nature often puts them in trouble. In addition, they should learn to be more responsible for what they say and do. Whether in the family, work or social environment, they should remind themselves to do more for the welfare of the group. In fact, people born on this day are not so selfish, it is better to say that they are over-focused on themselves. Participating in more social activities or assuming general responsibilities will help your mental growth and avoid being overly caught up in your own small world.

It is important to remember that people born on May 10 can be said to be talented, but they also need others to help them guide them in the right direction from time to time to avoid going astray. They often miss out on great prospects because they bury their heads in the matter at hand. Therefore, if there are trusted and respected friends or family members who can give some advice and guidance, that is their blessing! Moreover, the best guide is to give them love and appreciation. When they are lonely or misunderstood, the comfort and encouragement of others is definitely the most powerful bolus. At this time, don’t look at them as if they don’t care. In fact, emotional support is their most important value and goal in life.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on May 10 are affected by the number 1 (1+0=1) and the sun. People who are affected by the number 1 usually have to take the first place in everything, and the sun gives them a hot self, which can be said to be the dragon among the people and the phoenix among the people! Their attitude towards life is very positive, coupled with the power to dominate the planet Venus, it is simply unstoppable! However, if they did not get enough love and care when they were young, this charm may be greatly reduced. Most people who are affected by the number 1 are very ambitious, but those born on this day will not show it outside. Their power is usually under the table and dominate those who are on the table.


People born on May 10 often forget to take care of their health because they are too engaged in work. Therefore, it is a good way to regard maintaining health as one of the jobs, and in order to complete this health work, ensure that they will obediently report to the doctor on a regular basis. Because emotional support is extremely important to them, interpersonal relationships must not be underestimated. Although they may not be conscious of it, their health actually has a lot to do with whether they can find a lover and care about his partner. People born on May 10 are still able to maintain a balanced diet, but as soon as they get up to work, they always take a quick meal at random. Over the long term, unknowingly, they like to satisfy their appetite with sweets and fat-prone foods after get off work. . Moderate exercise is enough. It is recommended to take part in hiking and swimming during holidays.


Think twice before acting, and consider the consequences of your actions. Don’t neglect the trivialities of daily life, and don’t neglect your role in the group. Pay more attention to others and observe their needs. Let go of your mind and accept rational suggestions from others.


Fred Astaire (Fred Astaire) Hollywood musical superstar, his representative works include “Happy Hotel”, “Blue Cloud Sky”, “Flowers Blooming with Butterflies” and so on.

Booth (John Wilkes Booth), Shakespeare’s stage actor, was dissatisfied with Lincoln’s anti-resident policy. He shot Lincoln while watching the drama and was subsequently arrested.

David O. Selznick, a Hollywood filmmaker, produced many highly artistic and popular films before the Second World War, and he became famous and represented as “Gone with the Wind.”

Durant (Ariel Durant), author, co-authored “The Story of Civilization” with her husband Will.

Wang Zhenzhi, a Chinese-Japanese baseball player who belongs to the Tokyo Giants, is the Japanese home run record holder (868 home runs). He was elected MVP 9 times and won the triple crown twice.

German Sinologist Richard Wilhelm (Richard Wilhelm), co-translated “Qing” with Jung.

Sid Vicious, American punk singer and bassist, member of the “Sex Pistol Chorus”.

Milton Babbitt (Milton Babbitt), an American composer and mathematician, his creative style was derived from the 12-tone system of Xun Baike and Wei Ben, and then mainly used electronic synthesis.


The tenth card of the Great Secret Tarot is the “Wheel of Destiny”, which symbolizes the reversal of fortune. Except for change itself, there is no real constant truth in the world. This card shows a tendency to like gambling. It will make life fluctuate. In fact, success or failure in life is closely tied to the wheel of fortune; therefore, success or failure in life will not be permanently fixed.

Inspirational quote

Fantasy is just the beginning!


Active, intuitive and bold.


Impulsive, self-focused, not considerate enough.

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