May 11: A powerful and unconstrained style

May 11th A powerful and unconstrained style

House: Taurus 20°-22°

Constellation: Taurus III, fixed earth sign

People born on May 11 see the world from a very unique perspective. If they openly express their thoughts or let the fantasy in their heads take shape, it may have the opposite effect, so this group of people also knows to hide these thoughts. However, the ones with more extreme personalities among them will show their quirks nonchalantly everywhere. Of course, their relatives and friends can only frown to make them happy.

People born on May 11th have only some small quirks, and some are as strange as aliens. However, they have one thing in common that they love fantasy, and they are simply unbelievable. For this group of people to succeed, they have to make their dreams and imaginations come true. The most successful of them will get rich by coming up with unexpected ideas, but they still have to be trusted by the big heads who can help them succeed. In addition, if it can be objective, it will not be difficult for the audience to believe their ideas and find their cleanliness, fun, and usefulness to win the appreciation and rewards of others. However, on the contrary, if people keep making plans that are boundless and impossible to implement, then these ideas are indeed “daunting.”

The most dangerous thing is that relatives and friends of people born on May 11 always classify them as “harmless”, and they usually just laugh at them and never treat them as the same thing. This attitude of smiling at them is more lethal than ignoring them completely. Once others treat it with this attitude, they will begin to show a “normal” appearance in self-defeating, and even suppress their own nature. Because of this, they like most friends who can understand them and let them have their own self, rather than just blindly demanding and critical friends.

To be honest, people born on May 11 are really good at telling something, and sometimes they say that the dead are alive. However, most smart friends or colleagues can tell what is fact and what is a fictional story, and only the soft-earned people will be deceived. Although people born on May 11 are very good at directing the attention of others to the facts, if they think that everything they say is correct, then they are wrong.

In fact, it doesn’t hurt to live a colorful life with them. Most of their actions are not malicious, at most they are too arrogant, and they are by no means really deceiving. In fact, it is precisely because they are too unconfident and need the support and care of others to behave like this. They want to use some childish methods, such as making up stories, strange and exaggerated behaviors, to attract the attention of others. Fortunately, their inner charm allows them to pass through difficulties smoothly.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on May 11 are affected by the number 2 (1+1=2) and the moon. People affected by the number 2 are usually good colleagues and good partners, but they are not the best leaders. On the contrary, their unique nature makes them very suitable for writing workers, small business bosses, or other relatively free and independent professions. . The imagination of people born on May 11 is enriched by the influence of the moon, and they also show strong introspection and negative attitudes. They get infinite charm from Venus (the ruling planet of Taurus), and at the same time have a taste for material enjoyment. Interestingly, people born on the 11th are usually particularly interested in things that are in pairs, such as twins, coincidences, symphonies, and other things.


Children born on May 11th, because of their rich imagination, parents often don’t know whether they are really sick or fake, whether they should go to the emergency room, or just a minor illness. Of course, the trick is that parents have to figure out the formula and psychology of their storytelling. When they grow up, they will become very able to take care of themselves and usually live a long life, but they are prone to depression. People born on this day usually have a rather extreme diet plan. Strangely, this can maintain optimal health.


Can anyone tell you what to do? Occasionally, you can win the trust of others by saying things that others can understand; however, don’t just give up your imagination. All in all, you must make a choice when making a plan. In addition to using your imagination, please try to measure it from an objective perspective.


Martha Graham dancer and choreographer, the founder of American modern dance performance, uses twisted and full of tension to express the shared experience of mankind, which has a great influence on modern dance.

Hong Kong actor Jiang David became popular in the 1970s with martial arts films such as “Vengeance”, and later transferred to the director, his masterpiece “The Unheard”.

Taiwanese poet Luo Fu founded the “Genesis” poetry magazine and his representative work “Death in the Stone Chamber”.

Marco Ferreri, Italian director, producer, and actor, his works “Queen Bee”, “Ape”, “Last Supper” and “Goodbye Monkey” won important awards at the Cannes Film Festival.

Salvador Dali (Salvador Dali) Spanish surrealist artist, sculptor and writer. He devoted himself to the study of abnormal psychology and the symbolism of dreams. After he settled in the United States, he devoted himself to religious paintings of symbolism. One of the most famous paintings is “Memory “The Continuation of” and author of “The Secret Life of Salvador Dali”.

Berlin (Irving Berlin), composer, hundred-year-old Rui, lyrical style, simple melody, author of “Forever”, “Easter Parade”, “God Bless America”, “Silver Christmas” and other popular songs, including “Silver Christmas” by Pink Crosby is the highest-selling single in record history.


The eleventh card of the Great Secret Ceremony Tarot is “Justice”. Sitting on the surface of the card is a serene woman, holding a scale in one hand and a sword in the other. She reminded us to follow the laws of the entire universe, as long as we stick to the right way, life can maintain balance and harmony. An upright card represents integrity, fairness, honesty and discipline; an upright card represents negativity, alienation, fear of innovation, and dissatisfaction.

Inspirational quote

What is important and what is not, these are just judgments of value, a product of mankind!


Rich in imagination, highly creative, and fond of fun.


Unrealistic, unreachable, and alienated.

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