May 12: Naughty Lone Ranger

May 12 Naughty Lone Ranger

House position: 22 degrees -23 degrees Taurus

Constellation: Taurus three, fixed earth sign

People born on May 12 are really natural naughty ghosts. Although they are not naughty enough to cause trouble, the reputation of mischief has spread thousands of miles. Among the people born on this day, some pay great attention to the quality of life, but they still inevitably get involved in nosy. Basically speaking, they will never follow the way of ordinary people in doing things. They have their own style and practice, and they are always different from most people.

People born on May 12 are also natural scatchers. There is nothing more happier for them than exposing the controversy of things, even if they use irony, ridicule, or some destructive methods. On the other hand, they will not claim to have the answers to all questions, so it is not easy to know what they are really thinking and what they believe. Although they are quite insightful, they do not discuss their own philosophical views or principles with others, but they often provide many useful and good ideas for other people’s problems. People born on May 12 may be mistaken for radicals or rebels because they often challenge the pattern that everyone is accustomed to. Nothing can keep them away from the truth. Most of them seem to be conservative and very logical; they sometimes even seem to be very serious, or they are considered cold and ruthless. In fact, they are harsh and hard-hearted. It is a kind of protection, so that they can avoid external harm.

People born on this day usually play the role of leader. They don’t particularly want to lead others, but because of their strengths, they often let their bosses know the heroes. The reason why they can stand out is not only because of their outstanding ability, but also because of their motivation and dedication. The resonance they radiated can not only resonate with their superiors, but more powerfully, they can also be felt by colleagues around them. People born on this day have full self-confidence, so they can be appreciated by their peers and are often elected as spokespersons just like that. It can be said that although they are not easy to approach, they are very likable. While making people laugh at the absurdity of life, they still keep a distance from the crowd.

People born on May 12 are very rational, and very few people can fool or deceive them. They are definitely not a group of people who live by fantasy, and through their clear thoughts, other people can often see many ridiculous social traditions. People born on May 12th don’t think they have a lively personality, but they think they belong to a serious category. It is the stupidity and delusion of others that will mistake them as naughty imperfections. Be careful, although people born on this day can make good friends, they can also make very dangerous enemies.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on May 12 are affected by the number 3 (2+1=3) and Jupiter. People affected by the number 3 can usually get the highest status in their professional field, and they can easily become arbitrary. People born on May 12 should pay special attention to this. However, being influenced by both Jupiter and Venus (the ruling planet of Taurus) can give people born on this day a gentle and idealistic character. People affected by the number 3 like to be independent, so they often hope that they can hand over the responsibilities of management so that they can have more freedom. In fact, just asking them to order others to do things will make them feel uncomfortable. The character of the number 3 coupled with the nature of Jupiter, allows people born on May 12 to maintain a very positive and optimistic attitude towards their efforts and future.


People born on May 12th usually refuse all the food and have a great appetite. Fortunately, they consume energy quickly, so they don’t have to worry about getting fat. It should be noted not to drink too much alcohol, it will damage the metabolism and nervous system function. It is suggested that you may keep your inner calm through self-study and thinking. People born on May 12 should try to eliminate resentment and find a good way to adjust and relieve their distress and negative mentality. For this group of energetic people, unless they have extraordinary athletic talents, moderate exercise is enough.


Let others do it their way. Do you really like to play the role of a missionary? Occasionally, I have to pay close attention to my acrid mouth and develop a smooth communication skill. Remember to love others as well as yourself.


Jiddu Krishnamurti (Jiddu Krishnamurti) Indian philosopher and teacher, he roams the world, speaks everywhere, advocates a lifestyle and ideas that are not restricted by nationality, race, and religion. He is the author of “Aquarius Complicity.”

Taiwanese journalism scholar Yin Yunfan, publisher and editor-in-chief of “Tianxia” magazine.

Taiwanese writer Chu Jun, publisher of “Creation” monthly magazine.

Florence Nightingale (Florence Nightingale), the founder of modern professional nursing in the United Kingdom, pioneered a nursing school, contributed to the reform of field hospitals, Jue Wei, and was also a pioneer of the Red Cross.

Katherine Hepburn (Katherine Hepburn) American theater and film actor, has won the Oscar for best actress four times, works include “Who’s Dinner”, “Wonderful Girl”, “Golden Pond” and so on.

Gabriel Four (Gabriel Four), French composer and organist, his works are exquisite and beautiful, and his harmony is full of vitality and appeal. He is recognized as an outstanding master of poem song, keyboard poet, and profound chamber music composer. His main works are “Panalu”, “Requiem” and so on.


The twelfth card of the Great Mystery Tarot is the “Upside Down Man”, who hangs upside down on a tree with one foot. Although he seems a little helpless, in fact, he is in charge of the power of contemplation and spirituality; therefore, when the card is standing upright, it means that he recognizes the limits, solves problems, and possesses human qualities; standing upside down the card is spiritually different. Limited and lack of foresight.

Inspirational quote

What is a moment? We just live in the present, sharing the space and time in front of us!


Clear-minded, talented, and sarcastic.


Too harsh and troublesome.

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