May 13: Natural attraction

May 13 Natural attraction

House position: Taurus 22 degrees -24 degrees

Constellation: Taurus three, fixed earth sign

People born on May 13 are usually very attractive in groups or even in society. The affirmation that others can only get through with bloodshed, they often get it without any effort. Unfortunately, this kind of charm often attracts other people’s eyes at the same time, and is even accused of being superficial and lacking in depth.

They have a great influence on others, but if it is just for fun, be careful not to get involved in litigation, and if it is to inspire others or stand up to speak, be careful not to provoke those who have been corrupted by power. In addition, in addition to providing ideas, people born on May 13 will often come out in person or actually participate in certain activities to convey the message they want to express.

People born on May 13 are not good at handling finances. Because they have put all their energy in their roles, and they feel dismissive of such real problems, the best way is to ask family members, professional accountants or financial personnel to help manage the property or give guide.

All kinds of migration or travel are very important to people born on this day. Every once in a while, they feel that their popularity is beginning to decline, especially when they feel that they are trapped in a certain place or a certain job, it will make them depressed. At this time, they need to use migration or travel to heal their injuries. .

People born on May 13 are most suitable for more in-depth work such as technical research or technological development. However, their emphasis on being natural and self-learning makes it difficult for them to continue to develop and explore more deeply. If they can study hard in a certain field, they will become persistent artists, businessmen or athletes, rather than just half-toned. Facing and overcoming this problem will be the main challenge in their lives: they can choose to use their talents to impress others for a short time; they can also choose to enrich their own depth and walk out of their own broad road. As a more mature person, at this time you must know how to imagine for others and become a truly responsible person, instead of being selfish or self-destructive.

The turning point in their lives is often when they encounter a setback or a tragedy-whether it is physically, mentally or emotionally, it may cause a crisis or collapse, and then their wisdom can grow and deepen; but if they don’t get through it , Their pattern may become more restricted. However, in any case, people born on this day will always maintain their natural and lively characteristics.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on May 13 are affected by the number 4 (1+3=4) and Uranus, and are born weird and hot. The number 4 usually represents resistance, weird beliefs, and the desire to change the rules. Although most people think 13 is an unlucky number, in fact it is a powerful number that can be used wisely, or it may bring self-destruction. On the other hand, because people born on May 13 often participate in social activities, they must learn to control the characteristics of Uranus in their bodies, and let the characteristics of Venus (the ruling planet of Taurus) lead them to discover beauty and harmony.


People born on May 13 seem to have a steady stream of energy. As long as the aforementioned destructive force does not strike them, they can stay healthy for a long time. People born on May 13 should especially avoid taking drugs that can cause hallucinations or depression. These drugs can make their quirks surface and distort their normal judgment. The best health elixir is to be more exposed to the beauty of nature, and sharing happy time with others is also very helpful to health. In terms of diet, people born on this day should eat less traditional Taurus food (bread, meat) and more light vegetables.


The decision is yours. To choose the difficult path full of joy, although you must shoulder the responsibility, it is also the way to maximize your talent. Don’t be influenced by those who criticize you with a relaxed attitude, but don’t be too easy to be self-satisfied.


Joe Louis is the longest holder of the heavyweight boxing championship in history. He has successfully defended his title 25 times from 1937 to 1949.

Stevie Wonder, an American rock soul singer, lyricist, keyboardist, drummer and producer, is born visually impaired and has won ten Grammy awards for the film “The Worman in Red” The theme song “I Just Called to Say I Love You” also caused a big sensation.

Georges Braque, a French painter, and Picasso co-founded the Cubism School. He was the first painter to exhibit his work in the Louvre during his lifetime. He has also been praised twice by the French army for courage.

Daphne du Maurier (Daphne du Maurier) British female novelist, wrote several historical legends and adventure novels, the main works are “Jamaica Inn”, “Butterfly Dream”, “Eagle Journey”.

Sir Arthur Sullivan (Sir Arthur Sullivan), a British musical composer, cooperated with playwright Gilber to call the opera Savoy Opera, which was well received. The main works are “H.M.S. Warship” and “Pirates of Binzance”.

Harvey Keitel, American film actor and producer, has starred in “The Pianist and Her Lover”, “Smoke” and other highly artistic films.


The most misunderstood of the Great Secret Tarot is the thirteenth card, which is “Reaper”. We seldom interpret it literally, because its positive meaning is to put aside the past, transcend limitations and continue to grow. Therefore, this card hopes that people will avoid depression, pessimism and sadness.

Inspirational quote

The teacher’s duty is to teach students to learn by themselves!


Natural, lively and unlimited.


Superficial, weird, and depressed.

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