May 14: Pioneer of Modernization

May 14 Pioneer of Modernization

House: Taurus 23°-25°

Constellation: Taurus III, fixed earth sign

People born on May 14 can often see immediate and future opportunities at a glance. Their insights are absolutely the latest and most advanced, and they can even foresee what the world will be like in one or two hundred years. Even so, they can live in the present very peacefully. Some of the people born on this day are extremely disgusted with all the old things, thinking that tradition is just a bunch of bad habits, so when they break the traditional conventions of the workplace without hesitation, it will not be surprising at all . Compared with the knowledge in the book, they would rather believe in their own experience. Of course, if the author of the book is themselves, then it’s a different matter.

Energetic, they ask themselves to be more perfect all day long, but their method of reducing mistakes may be a bit extreme. In fact, their greatest capital for success is the ability to stay on the cutting edge of the times, but if they don’t know how to adjust their pace and become too anxious, they will not only exhaust themselves, but also make their family, friends, and colleagues restless and nervous. Needless to say, those born on May 14 will be the most difficult parents to please, and their children’s performance in all aspects must be under the supervision of the law from time to time.

Although they are demanding in everything, their handling of emotions is quite low-key, especially on the spiritual level that emphasizes personal privacy. The typical person born on May 14th is often unpredictable, so people who get along with them and work with them often find it difficult to judge when to approach and when to hide away. If you pick the wrong time, you may be in trouble. Up. People born on May 14 will not have much patience with people who misunderstand them. They very much hope that others can do things at the same pace as them, although it may be maddeningly slow sometimes, and sometimes as fast as a storm. However, generally speaking, this group of people still prefer normal speed, steady and steady.

It is also because people born on May 14 will always be more advanced than others, so when the plan is first started, it is often misunderstood and even ridiculed by others. However, sooner or later others will begin to appreciate their qualities. In fact, it takes a while for ordinary people to catch up with them.

If they are physically disabled or suffering from diseases, they can usually overcome their physical weaknesses with strong willpower, and they will never shrink back, or it should be said that many obstacles that lie in their lives are not in their eyes. Those born on this day who are better developed will listen to the opinions of people they respect and accept the advice, and the results will prove to be true; those who do not listen to the advice will find that they will face each other over time. The double harm of the heart. People born on this day should know that their energy is not infinite, and their resilience is not infinite; however, the most important thing is that they should learn to let everyone around them exert their own characteristics, so that in the end, they will be able to accomplish more. Many things.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on May 14 are affected by the number 5 (1+4=5) and Mercury. The number 5 and Mercury represent change, dislike uninteresting behavior, and impulsive personality. Combining the influence of Mercury and Venus gives people born on this day grace, wisdom and idealism. However, people born today must not be too reckless, try to control temporary impulses, and at the same time learn to accept gentle and gradual changes. Fortunately, the personality given by the number 5 will make them quick to cheer up after being frustrated.


People born on May 14th often bring various kinds of pressure to themselves. A peaceful and comfortable environment is very effective for relaxation, and it is also very helpful for improving work efficiency. Headache, sore throat, thyroid disease, neck, shoulder and back pain are the most common problems for them. If you can eat a regular diet and exercise regularly every day, you can avoid physical exhaustion or illness. The Taurus foods of the earth elephant, such as grains, bread, potatoes, and stewed dishes are very helpful to health. If you have insomnia, don’t take drugs that stimulate your brain.


To cultivate a calm personality, the golden mean is the key to success. Of course you have the right to criticize forcefully, but please make sure that the starting point is good. Don’t miss the entire forest for a few trees.


George Luas (George Luas) American film director and producer. His works include “Five Hundred Years Later”, “Star Wars” and “Indiana Jones” series of films, including “Star Wars” and set the highest grossing movie in history The record was not broken until 1998.

Taiwanese singer Chen Shuhua, the representative of “Dream Awakening Time”.

Thomas Gainsborough (Thomas Gainsborough), 18th-century British portrait and landscape painter, his main works are “Harvesting the Carriage”, “Waterside” and “George III”.

German aircraft manufacturer and designer Claude Dornier (Claude Dornier) produced the first jet.

Sidney Bechet, a jazz soprano saxophone player and clarinet player, is famous for his rugged lyrical solo, second only to Armstrong among first-generation performers.

Garbriel Daniel Fahrenheit (Garbriel Daniel Fahrenheit), a German physicist, invented alcohol and mercury thermometers. The current Fahrenheit thermometer is named after his surname.

German conductor Klemperer (Otto Klemperer), conducted the world’s leading orchestra, and became the lifelong conductor of the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

Robert Owen, a British reformer of social fraternity in the 18th and 19th centuries, had a great influence on the cooperative movement.


The 14th card of the Great Mystery Tarot is “temperance”. On the card is a guardian angel who can protect us and stabilize us. When the card is upright, temperance can just adjust the enthusiasm, not to go too far, to gain new knowledge and integrate it into daily life. However, when the card is upside down, it means frivolousness and excessive pursuit of fashion.

Inpsirational quote

Understand the past, live in the present, and prepare for the future!


Progressive, energetic, perfectionist.


Stressed, nervous, and difficult to get along with.

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