May 15: Dreamweaver

May 15 Dreamweaver

House: Taurus 24 degrees-26 degrees

Constellation: Taurus three, fixed earth sign

People born on May 15 are naturally attractive, and people around them will naturally approach them. Usually the people around them don’t know why they are attracted, even they themselves are very surprised, because they have never known that they have such a charm. Anyway, they can touch the heartstrings of family, friends and colleagues without knowing it.

One of the reasons why they don’t know that they have this talent is that at first glance, they are not the kind of people with extraordinary performance, and their appearance is not the kind of astonishing. Their charm will not be revealed immediately. But over time, people next to them will gradually find their moving. The materials for their work are all things in daily life, but they have a unique talent that can turn the ordinary into splendid, making a seemingly ordinary thing full of creativity and beauty. In fact, not everyone can be moved by them, only those who can resonate with them will experience the deepest shock.

People born on May 15 are usually lonely lone travelers. They can engage in ordinary daily work, however, after get off work or on weekends is the time for them to develop their unique interests. Sometimes, the degree to which they are immersed in their own world can cause alienation from the crowd, and even serious mental illness. Therefore, people born on this day should express themselves more. Perhaps at the beginning, I can only share ideas and plans with a few close friends, but gradually I can try to present myself in a more public setting. Of course, the ultimate goal is to be able to spend time on what you like. It is a pity that because their personalities are not very positive, they may simply intend to stand up, so that only a few people who appreciate them can give emotional or financial support. This situation can easily lead them into the predicament of betrayal. Sooner or later, people born on this day have to stand up on their own, shoulder responsibility, and develop their careers. Their pleasing ability can definitely make a difference in society, not just wasted on self-blaming.

People born on May 15th usually feel that it takes years of training to establish their own inner order, and only in this way can they guide others instead of misleading others. Therefore, unless they think they are fully prepared, or have enough mature thoughts and attitudes to influence others, they will never pursue a position of power.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on May 15 are affected by the number 6 (1+5=6) and Venus. People affected by the number 6 usually have an unstoppable charm, and even make others worshipful. As mentioned earlier, the number 6 is quite related to Venus, and Venus is the ruling planet of Taurus. Therefore, people born on May 15 may be too “Venus” and therefore very negative. They should try to be proactive and let the Martian energy in their bodies radiate, so that the qualities of Mars (male) and Venus (female) can be balanced.


People born on May 15 may become victims of weaving dreams. Do not close yourself in an unrealistic inner world and cut off contact with real life. Therefore, everything that can contact people, whether it is dynamic health, running, team sports, or social dancing, parties, dinners, is of great help to health. In terms of diet, people born on May 15 should also taste more dishes and use this to make more friends. For this, it is definitely worth learning how to cook. People born on this day should not over indulge in sex and love, otherwise it is easy to have only lovers in their eyes and forget everything else. This will only make people born on this day more alienated from the crowd.


When you are ready, do it boldly! It is right to take responsibility and fulfill social tasks, but we must be more proactive in pursuing our goals. Don’t forget that love and inspiration are actually closely related. Learn to share with others, and try to let others enter your inner world.


The writer of L. Frank Baum, the author of “The Wizard of Oz”, created the corner of Dorothy. His works include “The Little Wooden Man” and “The Cowardly Lion and the Scarecrow”.

Claudio Monteverdi (Claudio Monteverdi), Italian Baroque music composer, was like Shakespeare in the Renaissance. His works are mainly instrumental, chorus and opera. His representative works include the opera “Legend of Orpheus” and the chorus “Little Kanzona and Pastoral Collection, etc.

James Mason (James Mason), a British film actor, has made more than 100 films in the United Kingdom and the United States. His representative works include “Legend of the Tiger”, “Mrs. Bovary” and “Northwestern Northwest”.

Katherine Anee Porter (Katherine Anee Porter) is a British short story writer and novelist, most famous for his fable “The Ship of Fools”.

Peter Shaffer is a British dramatist with “Amadeus”.

Pierre Curie, winner of the French Nobel Prize in Physics. Discovered radium radiation with his wife Mary.

Mikhail Bulgakov (Mikhail Bulgakov), a Ukrainian writer, was banned from publication for a long time for being too bold and outspoken. He is the author of “The White Guard” and “The Master and Margarita.”

Rothschild (Jacob Rothschild), one of the German financial chaebol family, is in charge of the Paris branch.


The 15th card of the Great Secret Ceremony Tarot is “Demon”. Due to the strong sexual attraction, irrationality and passion, this card presents intersecting fear and desire. The devil makes use of people’s needs for safety and money, through the contradiction of human nature, to make people his slaves, and make people his slaves. When the card face stands upright, it represents the charm of the senses and the expression of passion, but it also reminds us that even if we are physically restrained, we can still fly freely mentally.

Inspirational quote

The spiritual level of love encourages people to develop to a higher level!


Imaginative and natural charm.


Prone to frustration, alienation, and negativity.

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