May 16: Uninhibited gifted one

May 16 Uninhibited gifted one

House position: 25 degrees -27 degrees

Taurus Constellation: Taurus three, fixed earth sign

When people born on May 16 show their beauty, don’t forget to be reserved. Most people born on this day know some of their quirks early on, and they also classify themselves as extroverted optimists, so they don’t take these quirks too seriously. Of course, those who were born in a more stable background will develop a more calm and conservative personality, and this group of people will usually start to shine when they are older. However, for all people born on this day, the older they are, they will only do more and more appalling things, not less.

Usually they give people the impression of calmness and self-control. Indeed, they are always gentle when they speak more, but as long as their interest is provoked, their spirit can come! It can even be said that their fierce emotions (especially when they are angry) are like a kettle that is boiling, which may boil and erupt at any time. People who have seen them turn their faces know to put on body armor when they approach them, because when they go crazy, it is not fun.

If people born on this day can transform their frenzied emotions in a more creative way, they can achieve a powerful and highly imaginative effect; on the contrary, if they cannot control themselves, they will only waste their energy on emotional venting. 5 People born on the 16th should train more of the innocent and expressive qualities of their personality. Simply put, it’s just like loving and tame their own plants or animals!

If people born on May 16 continue to encounter life frustrations, they will cause psychological problems, and because of their strong personality, even the famous doctors who treat psychology will be helpless against their behaviors such as self-harm, depression, and crazy attacks, unless they are willing to go. Calm down one’s mental state. Although family members and friends who have been swept by the tail of a typhoon must know how to avoid storm circles in a timely manner, they still have to support them. At this painful time, the support of relatives and friends is absolutely necessary. On the other hand, when things are going well, it is actually a very pleasant thing to get along with them. They are like the sunshine that shines every day, and no one will refuse their affinity.

The color, material, and tailoring of clothing are very important to them, because clothing has a powerful influence on their mood and behavior. However, they also know that enough is enough and will not cause undue influence on the pursuit of fashion. Their greatest feature is their brilliance, and such talents must be brought into play. Their talents are not limited to the arts, they can perform well in business and sports. If people born on this day can develop their own style and show it out, I believe they will have a successful and happy life.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on May 16 are affected by the number 7 (1+6=7) and Neptune. Neptune is the planet that represents dreams, fantasy, and religious sentiments. Coupled with the influence of Venus (the ruling planet of Taurus), people born on this day appear to be super romantic and sensitive. In addition, people born on this day have a tendency to be emotionally unstable, so be careful not to divorce reality. People affected by the number 7 sometimes spend money unscrupulously, and even put the financial situation of the home in a dilemma, so for them, a good accountant or financial staff will be invaluable.


If people born on May 16 can express themselves at the right time, let their emotions have a proper outlet, get a balance, and maintain their health will not be a problem. A balanced, simple diet, and avoiding harmful or additives-containing drugs are very helpful to the body. In addition, if you exercise more, being overweight will never be a problem. However, for those who are prone to depression, they may have a bad habit of bulimia. A stable family life and a strong family relationship are extremely important to their mental and physical health. Be careful of sore throat. Once you have symptoms, use homeopathic remedies and medicinal treatment as soon as possible, so that you don’t need to use strong medicine to treat the disease.


Discover the unique style of expressing yourself, communicate fully, but also learn to be self-controlled. Narrowing the scope of activities will allow you to truly expand the layout. Try to complete everything in order, and don’t rush to do two plans at the same time.


Liberace (Liberace) is a famous American pianist and artist.

Japanese director Mizoguchi Kenji is known for his expertise in female films, and his masterpiece “Two Moon Story”.

Henry Fonda (Henry Fonda), a veteran American film actor, early starring in “Easy Rider), in 1982 with his daughter Zhen Fonda co-star “Golden Pond”, and won the Oscar for best actor for this film.

Janet Jackson, American rock singer, artist, and sister of famous singer Michael Jackson, is deeply loved by fans with her sweet voice and dynamic dance.

Billy Martin is the manager of the American Yankees baseball team. He has a hot personality. He was dismissed three times and later reinstated to win two World Cup titles for the team.

Debra Winger, an American film actress, has starred in popular business cards such as “Intimate Relationship” and “The Officer and the Gentry Ten”.

Christian Lacroix, French fashion designer.

Joe Sorrentino (Joe Sorrentino), originally a gang and his son, was imprisoned at the age of 14. After studying hard, he graduated from Harvard Law School and served as a judge to defend the rights of young people. He is the author of the autobiography “The Prodigal Son”.


The 16th card of the Great Mystery Tarot is the “Tower”. On the screen, the king fell from the high tower struck by lightning, and the tower builder was hit in the head by a punch and died. The tower not only symbolizes the temporality of real things, but also represents the variability of interpersonal relationships and occupations; and these changes are often sudden and rapid. When the card face is upright, it means that you can accept setbacks and bravely overcome challenges;

Inspirational quote

Some diseases are self-inflicted!


Colorful, unfettered, and expressive.


Lack of insight, instability, frivolous and fickle.

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