May 19: A true lobbyist

May 19 A true lobbyist

House position: Taurus 28-30 degrees

Constellation: Taurus Gemini, fixed earth sign

People born on May 19 are very energetic, so they must learn how to control them and guide them in a positive direction. This is very important for these people with strong leadership potential. Although they have to spend a lot of time trying and experiencing physical and emotional trials at the same time, they can be hired as long as the goal can be established. Their energy is like natural weather, naturally natural and explosive. This energy is best used for long-term plans, such as building the structure of social or family life.

People born on May 19 are usually self-taught people and like to do things in a natural way. But when they pay too much attention to logic and reasoning, and put their intuition on the shelf, they may encounter difficulties. After thinking deeply about it this time, you may go astray and get too far away from the original theme. In fact, they should follow their inner feelings as much as possible, because it is like a compass on a ship, which will guide them on the right course.

People born on this day, regardless of male or female, usually have a strong older person of the same sex who becomes the most important person in their lives; if they meet such a person during the period of character formation, this person will become what they understand The mentor of the whole world. Although the NPC who was born on May 19 can find inspiration in books or works of art, unless he meets someone who really understands them in real life, he is likely to be at a loss and do not know how to make good use of his own heaven. They don’t know how to get a place in society.

So what is their talent? The first is the ability to communicate, which is also the most important; the second is extraordinary leadership; the third is the ability to persuade friends, family, and colleagues when is the time to take appropriate action. Those born on this day who develop well, usually possess good eloquence like lobbyists, and become a powerful tool for them; but if they develop not so well, they may inevitably become slippery or superficial. In other words, their fascinating and persuasive talents may give them the ability to enlighten people; however, it may also be the worst case, becoming a deceitful person.

People born on May 19 obviously need to be submissive to some kind of spiritual training and a very organized and well-functioning social structure. Sometimes they are caught in the net of Huaiwuism because they are overly concerned about the material satisfaction of themselves or others. For these, the most difficult thing is to avoid getting caught in order to maintain freedom of movement. Therefore, how to have stability and maintain freedom at the same time is the main struggle of these people; in other words, they must learn to create freedom within the scope of their responsibility, otherwise they will face major setbacks.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on May 19 are affected by the number 1 (1+9=10, 1+0=1) and the sun. Because they are located at the junction of vitality in the 48th zone, coupled with the strong influence of the number 1 and the sun at the same time, they must be careful not to be misled by strong vitality, otherwise they may bring disaster to the family or personal relationships. .

People affected by the number 1 like to be bosses, ambitious, and dislike restraints. Although the ruling planet of Taurus is Venus, at this time in May, you can gradually feel the Mercury effect exerted by Gemini. Therefore, people born on May 19 should be careful not to rely too much on the power of the soul, and guard against impetuous and emotional instability. For them, learning to calm down their body and mind is the most important topic.


People born on May 19 must be careful of their destructive power, millions of harm to themselves or others. At the same time, because the body was not good in the early years, it must be overcome by a strong will. Unfortunately, they are prone to accidents. Therefore, it is best to be as cautious as possible when engaging in sports or intense physical activities. Of course, you can’t be careless when driving or traveling.

But having said that, physical exercise is the most beneficial to these people’s health. This is because they are naturally energetic by nature, so there will be such a demand. If you ignore this need, it may cause various physical and mental discomforts, and most of them are related to stress. In addition, if people born on this day want to seek a harmonious and peaceful life, they should know how bad eating habits can cause adverse effects on the body.


Sometimes, what others want to do, let them go! Try not to overreact and not to interfere too much. If you think it’s the best, do it and let yourself be free. When you feel like you are about to catch fire, stay away from the annoying things! In your life, let your feelings go at least once.


Ho Chi Minh (Ho Chi Minh), the late leader of the Communist Party of Vietnam, revolutionary.

Hong Kong actor Qin Xianglin, a popular Taiwanese literary film niche in the 1970s, his masterpiece “Girlfriend”.

Zhang Daqian, the master of Chinese traditional painting, is known as “One Thousand One Thousand in Five Hundred Years”.

The famous physicist Wu Jianxiong, he is not only famous in the international academic circles, but his disciples Yang Zhenning and Li Zhengdao have also won the Nobel Prize.

Taiwanese singer Zhao Yonghua, became famous for “Flying Higher”.

Lorraine Hansberry (Lorraine Hansberry), an American playwright who won the Drama Critics Award for “A Raisin Under the Sun”, was also a reformer of civil rights, and died at the age of 34.

The British physicist Edward de Bono developed the concept of side thinking.

William Waldorf Astor II (William Waldorf Astor Il), a British entrepreneur and politician born in the United States, is the boss of the “Observer” newspaper and is Nancy’s ex-husband.

The Australian opera soprano Melba (Nellie Meba) is known for her pure and fresh voice, and her beautiful decorative sound when she sings a floral soprano.


The 19th “Sun” of the Great Secret Tarot Card is the best of all cards. It symbolizes knowledge, omission and luck, and it also represents worthy of respect and reward. When this card stands upright, it represents the positive characteristics of clarity, interpersonal harmony, and a beautiful reputation; but when it stands upside down, it implies unfavorable negative characteristics such as pride, conceit, and hypocrisy.

Inspirational quote

Some things can be done by manpower; some things can only be done by fate!


Explosive, energetic and fair.


Strong desire for control, easy to disintegrate, easy to frustration.

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