May 20: Engine

May 20: Engine

House: Taurus 28 degrees-Gemini 0 degrees

Constellation: Taurus Gemini, fixed earth sign

No matter what people born on May 20 want to do, they will do it happily. This kind of people can’t hide words at all. No matter what, they have to vomit. Moreover, simply expressing their feelings can’t satisfy them, and they have to spread their energy that is different from ordinary people to the surroundings. These people often like to inspect and detect the surrounding environment with keen analytical ability, and they are very happy in it. If their bodies are not very strong, they may suppress the thoughts in their minds; otherwise, they will be standard “actions”.

People born on this day seem to have to have some fun at any time so as not to be bored to death. Sometimes, they feel like an entertaining role, but it makes the people around them nervous. Perhaps it is because of being too outgoing, so instead of taking the time to understand yourself. However, for their spiritual and emotional development, understanding themselves is the most basic and important. People born on May 20 may suddenly find that they are classified as superficial. However, this is really because some people really just touch the surface of life like a glimpse of light, and have never deeply rooted anywhere. However, for other people born on this day, this is also the reason for their wide interest and extremely high productivity, but in any case, their sincerity or depth will inevitably be questioned.

Many people born on May 20 are fascinated by travel, whether it’s traveling around the world or just going around. However, when their steps seemed too enthusiastic and fanatical, there was an inevitable collapse that followed. In fact, most of these people are energetic and nervous. Although they will succeed time and time again, their inner tensions will still burst out periodically.

People born on this day have a fanatical tendency and love to criticize. When such traits are displayed outside, they appear witty and quick, but their worries are endless because of this, and they are especially troubled by all kinds of fears. In fact, many people born on this day think like a motor that is fully powered on and never stops, and this motor is closely connected to the mouth, which makes the mouth operate continuously all the time. So Luo! They must learn two “spiritual topics”, one is to calm their hearts and make room to rest; the other is to take a step back and keep a distance to observe themselves. As long as you can learn to be contemplative and objective, you can move on to the road to success; on the contrary, you will be trapped in a quagmire of endless chaos. Not only will your dreams be incomprehensible, your plans will also be shattered and vanished.

One of the important attributes of people born on May 20 is that they will “jump” from one plan to another at an astonishing speed. They learn fast and become fast. Once they are proficient, they will immediately turn to other new things and pursue another brand new challenge. “Change is the seasoning of life” is their supreme creed. In fact, the most successful people born on this day are often those who can concentrate on one thing. Therefore, once they have learned a certain skill, they should stick to it and make good use of it.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on May 20 are affected by the number 2 (2+0=2) and the moon. People affected by the number 2 are gentle, elegant and imaginative, and are easily injured by others’ criticism and neglect. Coupled with being affected by both the Moon and Venus (the ruling planet of Taurus) at the same time, it may be overly sensitive and emotional. As mentioned earlier, because they are too often affected by emotional ups and downs, they will have the tendency to change their plans and ideas from time to time. The reason why this trait is so strong is mainly because of the proximity to Gemini, so it will be strengthened by Mercury. All in all, they must pay more attention to avoid nervous tension and emotional instability.


In terms of health, the most important thing for people born on May 20 is “stability.” Dancing, regular sex, parenting or physical exercise can all lay a good foundation for their health. In addition, family responsibilities and the role of a supplier can also enhance inner stability and bring a regular structure to production. As for anxiety and insomnia, tranquilizers and sleeping pills may help temporarily, but they should not be used for a long time. Of course, all kinds of psychedelic drugs must be used with extreme caution.

In terms of diet, people born on May 20 who often eat out or buy food outside must take nutritional supplements to provide vitamins and minerals that the body needs but are lacking in the diet. Taking vitamin C tablets every day is a good suggestion.


Observe your own life. Calm down and think, find out where your focus is, and always pay attention to reflection. Turn off the “motor” and let yourself focus on the work at hand at any time, starting and ending.


Socrates is an ancient Greek philosopher who laid the foundation of Western philosophy and created a form of dialogue. He was also a teacher of Plato (Aristotle’s teacher). He was prosecuted for disrespect to God, sentenced to death, and died peacefully after serving hemlock poison. The picture above is the “Death of Socrates” painted by French painter Jacques Louis David.

Taiwanese director Li Xing has been popular for many years with films such as “The Duck Raising Man”. He was the chairman of the Golden Horse Awards.

Taiwanese baseball player Wang Zhenzhi, a famous pitcher for the Japanese Giants, later served as the team’s coach.

Norwegian poetess and novelist Sigrid Undset (Sigrid Undset), won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1928, and her works include “Christine Laland Staat”.

Honore de Balzac (Honore de Balzac), a 19th-century French novelist, created an amazing amount of writing and established the form of classical novels. The author of “Comedy on Earth”, “Old Man Gao” and “Cousin Bethe” etc.

The British philosopher John Stewart Mill has an estimated IQ of 200.

American architect William Thornton (William Thornton), is also an inventor and builder of the Washington Capitol.

American film actor Jimmy Stewart (Jimmy Stewart).

American Olympic pole vault gold medalist Owen Smith (Owen G. Smith).


The 20th card of the Great Secret Ceremony Tarot is “Trial”. This card encourages the parties involved to put aside material constraints and seek a higher level of spiritual life. The pattern on the face of the card is an angel blowing the horn, symbolizing a new day with a heavy responsibility. When the card is standing upright, it represents the positive characteristics of surpassing oneself and discovering infinite potential. But when standing upside down, it is referred to as the sound of the trumpet, which mostly reports the good but not the sorrow. It is easy to indulge in the chase of joy and lack the ability to face sorrow.

Inspirational quote

In the arena of life, the changing of winners and losers is very fast!


Enthusiasm, innovation, and expressiveness.


Too much talk, wayward, and often give up halfway.

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