May 21: Sharp vision

May 21: Sharp vision

House position: Taurus 29 degrees-Gemini 1 degree

Constellation: Taurus Gemini, fixed earth sign

People born on May 21 not only have a deep vision, but also quite stubbornly insist on their opinions, regardless of the ups and downs of the outside world. Once such a person buries his head and struggles, he will devote himself to it for the entire time, no matter how difficult the matter is. In fact, they love challenges, so when doing anything, no matter what difficulties they encounter, they will only motivate them more. In this regard, they will never just talk without practice, but will focus on realizing ideas and turning them into concrete facts. If a person born on this day renounces, it means that he is not interested in that matter, or just wants to keep changing. At the same time, because they are also very sensitive to the sensory world in life, their thoughts and vision will often change as their physical conditions change.

This day also implies a strong social connection. In other words, people born on this day are not dreamers trapped in an ivory tower. As long as they think it is right, they will not hesitate to fight against society. Although their reforms are created by themselves, they are usually selflessly dedicated to others. In fact, these people are best at giving, not receiving; if they are forced to accept gifts or help from others, it might be quite difficult. In this respect, their lives are an out-and-out “personal show.” Because work is their focus, they don’t need to be shared by managers or public relations, and they like to do it independently from start to finish.

People born on May 21 always have a way to raise the money they need to achieve their goals at the last minute. They have the perfect belief that their efforts will be successful, perhaps because of this, whenever they need the attention and support of others, a helping hand will magically appear. However, they may also endure years of struggle without success, and even being teased or despised for this will not make them shrink back and still strive towards the original goal. In addition, people born on this day also have a strong desire to dominate, and they must be obedient to them to be happy. Among these people, those who are less developed may be depressed for life, empty of creativity and talent, but have no heroes. Whether it is for partners at work, siblings, or children, they can only serve as the second time. Important support role. Such people must inevitably be filled with resentment and self-pity. In fact, what they need most is the courage to act, because this is the way for people who were born on the same day but developed better to win. In addition, some people who were born on this day still face the difficulty of not knowing their talents, but they don’t know that the real problem lies in lack of self-confidence.

The best birthday gift that God bestows on May 21 is that this day will bring achievement and success. This is truly a great grace! However, those who are easy to succeed must also pay attention not to be arrogant, self-centered, or succumbing to the temptation of self to play the role of a martyr or a suffering saint. They must check their motives from time to time to determine if they are really as generous and selfless as they seem on the surface. People born on May 21 must also understand that giving and receiving are two sides of the same body. “Accepting” help from others is the inevitable principle of being a person, and “giving” is by no means charity.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on May 21 are affected by the number 3 (2+1=3) and the huge Jupiter. People who are affected by the number 3 often appear ambitious and even unstoppable, so people born on this day must be careful not to be too aggressive. Influenced by Jupiter’s optimism, they handled money too casually. Not only were they happy to borrow money from others, but they also often planned how to get rich quickly, but ended up in debt overdraft and heavy losses. Under the joint influence of Jupiter and Mercury (the upcoming ruling planet of Gemini), people born on this day are so stubborn that it is difficult to discuss things with others.


People born on May 21 can easily face the crisis of physical overdraft. Because they are always doing their best, and their vitality seems to be endless, they may be overworked and overwhelmed by the body. By the time you start to be aware of the seriousness of the problem, it is probably too late. Although most of them do not want to admit their physical limits, if they want to live beyond 50, they must learn to heed the warning signs of their bodies, as well as the advice of family, friends and doctors. Obviously, people born on May 21 often over-press their nervous system. Fortunately, this system may be the strongest and most resilient part of his body tissues. In any case, because they consume a lot of physical energy, they must have a regular diet and adequate nutrition. In addition, if a nap does not cause insomnia at night, then a nap at noon will have an uninteresting effect.


Remind yourself constantly and examine your own motives. Learn to accept help from others, knowing that people are vulnerable occasionally. In addition to large projects, you should also participate in small jobs. Please maintain consistent politeness and kindness. Rest is very important.


Du Rui’s “Albrecht Durer” (Albrecht Durer) is a German Renaissance painter, woodcarver, and sculptor. The picture above is his work “Adam and Eve”.

Lin Ruiyang, a Taiwanese actor, has risen from the movie “Heart Lock” and has become a TV drama star in recent years.

Russian physicist and dissident Shakarov (Andre Sakharov).

French-American financial industry philanthropist Stephen Girard (Stephen Girard) founded Girard College for the failing boys.

Armand Hammer, an American businessman, developed trade relations between the United States and the Soviet Union and between the United States and China.

Fats Waller (Fats Waller) American jazz pianist and composer.

French painter Rousseau (Henri Rousseau).

Irish Prime Minister Mary Robinson (Mary Robinson).

French trumpet player Maurice Andre (Maurice Andre), he may also be the greatest classical trumpet player of the 20th century.

American folk musicologist Frances T. Densmore (Frances T. Densmore) once recorded Native American music in 2,500 wax cylinders.

Hermann Lotze (Hermann Lotze), German teleology, moral philosopher, mind and physiology investigator.


In the 21st card of the Mystic Tarot card is “World”, there is a goddess running with a scepter on the card. She has endless power to travel across the world to show the truth. This card shows that there is nothing unobtainable on this planet. When the card is standing upright, it means that the reward is good and the personality is upright; when it is upside down, it points out huge obstacles, mental dislocation, and self-pity.

Inspirational quote

When we look at things, we mostly look round and round, and few people can observe carefully; as for what we can understand, there are probably even fewer!


The courage is commendable, the success is in sight, and the fearless spirit.


Conceited, brave, and nervous.

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