May 22: Creator of the epic

May 22, creator of the epic

House position: Gemini 0°-2°

Constellation: Taurus Gemini, changing wind sign

People born on May 22 have the energy necessary to create epic poems. Coupled with such a series of long-form creations and various forms of leisure activities, they can fully show their talents in all aspects, so they are particularly attractive to these people. Their vigorous vitality may not necessarily be manifested in accumulating wealth or making friends, but it will definitely be revealed in creation. They usually create a series of rich and varied related works centered on a basic concept. People born on this day are usually collectors. Whether it is lists, events, numbers, birthdays or objects, they are all included in the collection, so they often focus on classification, naming and numbering. They even “collect people”, which means they have a wide range of friendships.

Most of these people like to play the role of the patriarch. As long as they watch their children grow and grow stronger, they will feel extremely happy in their hearts. Even if you can’t or don’t want to have children, you will be happy to join other families and enjoy the fun of being a godfather, godmother, uncle, or aunt. In short, for them, family organization and the warmth of family life are indispensable in their lives.

In addition, people born on this day must be careful not to over-demand themselves or engage in work beyond their abilities. To be honest, these people can be said to be typical arrogance, the harder the job, the more attractive they are. Therefore, there will be a kind of “power and desire complex”, sometimes I feel that I am an almighty God, but sometimes I feel as tired as a dog. After all, behind the excessive self-inflation, there must be an extreme low self-esteem.

People born on May 22 usually have a good memory, so they often need to reinterpret the past so that they don’t fall into pain and become unable to extricate themselves. At the same time, they often keep other people’s insults in their hearts, and they always hold resentments in their hearts. Therefore, they should not only learn how to forgive, but also learn how to forget.

It is conceivable that such people are not emotionally stable. When they are concentrating on something, once they are interrupted, they will be furious like a child. If this kind of person wants to grow up, he must learn to control his hysterical mood and calm himself down. Irregularly, people born on this day have to be around 30 years old, even if they mature earlier, to overcome this impulse.

When a person born on May 22 meets his goal, he will be full of energy to pursue it, but he may turn to other ever-changing interests at any time. It is best for those close to them to understand their enthusiasm and not to pursue their three-minute popularity; at the same time, it is best to keep a proper distance and not expect too much. In addition, these people usually have good resilience and resilience. Even if a plan unfortunately fails, when others are still in frustration, those born on this day have already turned to a new page.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on May 22 are affected by the number 4 (2+2=4) and Uranus, both of which represent capricious and explosive power. For people born on this day, the interaction between Uranus and Mercury (the ruling planet of Gemini) has contributed to their neurotic characteristics, so they often make hasty decisions or change their minds abruptly. People dominated by the number 4 are very unique and insist on their own unique insights, so they are easy to establish enemies. Because 22 is a stacked number, people born on the 22nd day of each month are particularly interested in twins, such as twins, coincidences, and symmetrical things.


Because people born on May 22 often use their hands, they must pay special attention to the care of their hands, especially the wrists and knuckles. At the same time, excessive use of arms and shoulders can also cause symptoms such as abdominal pain, tension, and neck pain. Hot bubble baths, massages and “sauna” can all help alleviate these symptoms. Excessive pressure often makes people born on this day turn themselves upside down and get nervous. Although you can take painkillers for headaches and neck soreness, they are not as effective as meditation and massage. People born on May 22 need a regular rest, especially a nap is the most effective. As for diet, you should maintain a balanced diet and eat more vegetables and fruits and other less burdensome foods.


Study hard to control your emotions. Do things with perseverance and carefulness. Avoid blaming others too much, and reflect on your own faults. Don’t be greedy. Everything you do should have a beginning and an end.


Richard Wagner (Richard Wagner), a German musician, created the famous opera “Nebron’s Ring”, which is also a cultural symbol of the 19th century. They are a script writer, poet, prose writer, multimedia artist, and the first to conduct a full set of Beethoven’s symphonies and create a modern symphony orchestra.

Sir Laurence Olivier (Sir Laurence Olivier), a British stage, film, and Shakespeare actor, has served as a director of the British National Theatre and directed “Richard III”.

Blues singer, guitarist, and pianist Walker (T-Bone Walker).

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle) British detective novelist, created the role of Sherlock Holmes. In addition, he is also a surgeon, just like Holmes’s friend Watson.

Psychologist M. Scott Peck, author of “The Road Less Footprints”.

The 18th-century British poet Alexander Pope is also an epic writer of tidal satire. He is the author of “The Story of Seizing the Hair”, “The Epic of the Fool” and so on.

French Dadaist artist Jean Tinguely (Jean Tinguely).

American female painter and sculptor Marisol.


The 22nd card of the Great Secret Ceremony Tarot is “The Fool”. The pattern is a person standing happily on the edge of a cliff. When the card face stands upright, it shows that it is extremely spiritual and does not care about reality. When standing upside down, it implies a lack of the ability to make rational judgments. On the whole, it means acting on intuition, without the ability to refuse and resist. At the same time, it also represents stupidity, impulse and nothingness. However, the more mature among them will learn from the experience of life, and then become their ideal person.

Inspirational quote

Contrary to most animals, humans reject noise!


Persistence, energy, and productivity.


Prejudice, impulsive, and unrealistic.

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