May 23: Spread vitality

May 23 Spread vitality

House position: Gemini 1°-3°

Constellation: Taurus Gemini, changing wind sign

People born on May 23 are good at spreading vitality, enthusiasm, and thought. Even if their behavior is more lively and frivolous, they still have a deep sense of charm; and because their whole body exudes a special alluring charm, they are always eye-catching.

Surprisingly, when it comes to educating children, those born on this day are good role models for their children, and they are also good fathers and mothers. They not only care about their children’s schoolwork, but also have enough energy to deal with the trivial matters of life with children. Because for people born on May 23 (especially women), parent-child relationship is very important.

These people don’t like individual heroism, but are willing to participate in the cooperation of the entire team. Because of the excellent balance between sensory desire and reason, most of them are physically and mentally healthy. They are fun, like sports, dancing, playing chess, playing cards and other activities; and the innate scientific gifts make them easy and easy to study like typing in a computer, as if it was derived from genetics or transmission of electricity. Just as natural and smooth.

Although people born on May 23 don’t like getting involved in disputes, they often come forward to help others solve problems. Because of their outgoing personality, most of their minds are spent on family, friends and work, but they often ignore their own difficulties. However, if you ignore your emotional or physical problems for a long time, one day it will lead to an irreparable situation. Therefore, people born on this day must avoid ignoring their own needs, and should respond to their own problems immediately, just like when their loved ones or things are in danger.

If you are busy with technology-related work during the day, it is best to engage in creative and soft activities such as art and music during your leisure time. With dexterous hands, they can often use their spare time to make all kinds of things, from toys to clothes and canoes. As long as they can continue to expand and change their life circle, they will be happy; otherwise, they will feel trapped and difficult to stretch.

In addition, this type of person has a strong need for social life, so it is best not to spend too much time alone. For them, a regular operation of social activities is absolutely helpful. These people yearn for everything to go well, and often make excessive sacrifices, but they are deeply frustrated because of this. They must learn to reject other people’s demands and have the courage to speak out their own needs. People born on this day, both men and women, will dare not refuse to please others, but they must realize that the price to be paid in order to obtain temporary recognition is to sacrifice their own personality.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on May 23 are affected by the number 5 (2+3=5) and Mercury. Because Mercury represents quick thinking and fickleness, and it happens to be the ruling planet of Gemini, people born on this day are often too emotional and constantly seeking change. They are straightforward and self-explanatory. They are always sweet and sweet, but when they make serious mistakes, these qualities become daunting.

In addition, when a person dominated by the number 5 encounters a major shock in life, he usually recovers quickly and does not suffer for long. People who were born on May 23, because the number 23 itself is ecstatic, are not afraid of the ups and downs of life, and always like to be involved in everything.


Although most people born on this day are engaged in laborious work, the enthusiasm they bet on in leisure activities, including sports, drag racing, and various high-risk activities, may cause injuries. If possible, it is better to shift your energy to safer activities. In addition, these people should pay more attention to their health and maintain a balanced diet. Preventive medicines such as herbs, special foods, supplements of vitamins and minerals, etc., also have good effects. In addition, people born on May 23 should also take extra care to protect their hands. If you are working in an office, planning social activities or using opportunities to interact with colleagues, such as lunch, walking, drinking coffee, etc., can also add to the joy of work.


Take care of yourself. Try to control the emotional impulse. Occasionally, look more serious at yourself. Don’t expect to please everyone.


Sir Fan Punk (Douglas Fairbanks, Sr) mime film actor.

Hong Kong director Xu Anhua, who became famous with his debut novel “Sickness”, is a representative of the new wave in Hong Kong, and has become popular with “Forty Women” in recent years.

Australian tennis star John Newcombe (John Newcombe), has won the world’s first seed player for three consecutive times, Wimbledon and the US Open champion.

Franz Anton Mesmer, an Austrian hypnotist and physician, is a pioneer of contemporary hypnotism. The original word hypnosis comes from its surname.

Anatoli Karpov, the world chess champion of Russia.

Joan Collins (Joan Collins) American television series “Dynasty” actress.

Swedish botanist Carolus Linnaeus proposed the “two-name method” to name and classify species, namely “genus name” and “species name”.

American artist Franz Kline is an abstract expressionist painter. His style is very individualistic, with a sense of power and architectural structure.

Spanish female pianist Alicia De Larrocha (Alicia De Larrocha).

British architect Sir Charles Barry, the designer of the Houses of Parliament in Westminster Abbey in London, this work is recognized as one of the best buildings in the world.


The fifth card of the Great Mystery Tarot is the “Pope”. He is the interpreter of sacred and mysterious things, symbolizing human cognition and belief. The Pope’s knowledge is full of mysteries, and even abstract things are governed by it. When the card is upright, it means full of confidence, no doubt and correct understanding of things; the upside down of the card represents the love of preaching, singing high-profile and arbitrarily.

Inspirational quote

The things worth studying in the world are not just fingerprints and snow flakes!


Attractive, persuasive, and active.


Hasty, blind sacrifice, and lack of consciousness.

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