May 26: Full of contradictions

May 26 Full of contradictions

House position: Gemini 4 degrees -6 degrees

Constellation: Gemini one, changing wind signs

People born on May 26 have a natural charm, which allows those who hold opposite opinions to clearly understand the reason and purpose of their arguments. Therefore, no matter how persistent they oppose them, they will still be treated with different eyes and admiration. .

The paradox is that the arguments held by people born on this day are usually on the side of the majority and strive to maintain traditional and conservative values; but in real life, they are likely to be abnormal and Even the appalling behavior is completely inconsistent with the creed he usually declares. The impulsive personality makes them easy to use violence or become victims of violence.

The result of the extreme need for complete freedom may cause these people to violate the norms of the family or society. They seem to be living on the fringe of society, and Jieer will also want to try behaviors on the fringe of crime. However, all this makes them more attractive and even acts as the patron saint of the disadvantaged. This kind of indulgence of strong self-expression may come from the repressed psychology of strict tutoring in childhood.

Perhaps because of this, people born on May 26 are full of contradictions in many respects. For example, although they have a warm heart, they are ashamed to express their emotions publicly; although they consider themselves to be an oppressed group, they can often climb to a superior leadership position; in addition, although they have a great sense of responsibility Care, but often treat others strictly and lenient to yourself. In fact, because of the influence of Mercury, “responsibility” for them requires struggle, struggle, and a lot of energy; but if they cannot meet the strict standards set by themselves, they will feel very regretful and guilty.

People born on May 26 often have a cold and serious expression, full of conflicts and conflicts. For them, it is almost impossible to stay happy forever. Relatives and friends hope that they will not take life too seriously, but in fact, such people are absolutely fatalistic at all; after exhausting all kinds of methods, they can usually calmly accept irretrievable results. Feel at ease that you have done your best.

No matter how outgoing the personality is, people born on May 26 still retain the most secret part of themselves, not only often hide their true feelings, but also regularly break away from the world and cut off from the whole world. Regarding private individuals, it seems that they don’t face it on the surface, but privately they have their own set of wonderful solutions. Facing this kind of distinct love and hatred characteristics, most people’s attitudes are very extreme, either extremely admiring or extremely disgusting. In short, people born on this day have very complicated personalities, and they cannot be understood right away.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on May 26 are affected by the number 8 (2+6=8) and Saturn. Because Saturn has a strong sense of responsibility, and a cautious personality, often self-limiting, coupled with a tendency to fatalism, so people born on this day are usually very conservative. Affected by the number 8, these people usually manage their lives and careers very carefully. However, the anxiety caused by Mercury (the ruling planet of Gemini) will probably offset their impulsive qualities. Similarly, as mentioned earlier, although people born on May 26 have a warm and kind heart, they are affected by the number 8 and Saturn, but they will have a cold appearance.


People born on May 26 often ignore the signs of illness until it is too late. The best way is to find a doctor who can convince them and do regular check-ups, because it is extremely difficult to teach them to slow down or change their living habits.

Regarding diet, people born on this day must try to control their uncontrolled diet. If you can find a diet that contains both grains and vegetables, but also meets their tastes, it will be very helpful to your health. Strenuous exercise, especially competitive sports, is very suitable for them, such as tennis, handball and other one-on-one matches, or races, bicycle races and other competitions that test personal endurance, are also very suitable for their personality.


Lower your moral standards and it might be better for yourself. Happiness should not be ignored or underestimated. More is worse than less. When the other party’s provocation is harmless, you might as well try to learn to stay sensible and calm.


Queen Mary (Queen Mary) British monarch in the 20th century, the queen of King George V of England. She was loved by people of all walks of life in Britain because she cared about the welfare of the soldiers who served in the two world wars.

Singer Peggy Lee, who became famous with the song “Why Don’t You Do Right?”

Sally K. Ride, an American astronaut and professor of physics, was the first American woman to go to space.

French 15th century military officer and poet Charles Duke of Orleans (Charles Duke of Orleans), is one of the earliest love poetry writers.

John Wayne (John Wayne) film actor, won the Oscar for Best Actor for his “Thunder in the Land”. Leading movies include “Red River Valley”, “Pengmen Begins to Open”, etc., which are Hollywood box office red stars.

John Wayne (John Wayne) film actor, won the Oscar for Best Actor for his “Thunder in the Land”. Leading movies include “Red River Valley”, “Pengmen Begins to Open”, etc., which are Hollywood box office red stars.

American TV actor Thomas (Philip Michael Thomas), once acted in the series “Miami Storm”.


The eighth card of the Great Secret Ceremony Tarot represents “power”. The picture shows an elegant queen who is taming an angry lion. The queen symbolizes the female magician, can control the energy that is not easy to control, and represents the superior moral and physical power. When this card stands upright, it represents personal charm and determination to pursue success; handstand implies complacency and abuse of power.

Inspirational quote

The only thing we can be sure of is that we believe!


Protective, ethical, and worthy of respect.


Impulsive, guilt, escapism.

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