May 27: Dedication with all heart

May 27 Dedication with all heart

House: Gemini 5th-7th Degree

Constellation: Gemini One, changing wind sign

People born on May 27 are divided into two types, one is devoted to an ideal or social structure, and the other is completely devoted to self-growth and development. Either way, they sprint forward wholeheartedly and specialize in a particular field. These people need to communicate with others very much, so when the work is completed, they will immediately show the results to the world. They are obviously not taciturn people, and they usually express their opinions frankly and sharply.

People born on this day will dedicate their lives in the family or social groups, or fully develop their talents, but they will rarely give consideration to both, that is to say, this is an absolute relationship between two choices. In this case, people who are fully committed to themselves appear to lack contact with society; and those who bet on group cooperation will bury their own talents. But no matter what it is, they are full-hearted devotees full of enthusiasm and enthusiasm.

Generally speaking, there will be an important turning point in their lives, around the age of 28-30 when Saturn returns for the first time, or at the age of 40-45 in the midlife crisis, when they must do a major Your career choice, and once it’s decided, it won’t be changed again.

People born on this day have a wild and weird world view. Because they often share their ideas to everyone without thinking, their distinctive sense of humor can sometimes be astonishing. In fact, lack of tact or diplomacy is sometimes more unbearable than choosing the wrong timing. Because I am too focused on my own performance, I sometimes judge the audience’s or listener’s reactions incorrectly.

Regardless of whether the personality is rude or extremely conservative, people born on May 27 will have a huge influence on others. In addition, the responses they receive often make them embarrassed or at a loss. In the end, they simply give up and criticize others. Ignore it completely.

People of this type can stick to it regardless of whether they are affirmed or not, so they often succeed in the end. But on the other hand, they may be ignorant of their shortcomings and behave indifferently.

The most common typical of people born on this day is to become famous in a foreign country. They need to travel elsewhere, stay there to take root and become local residents. Although it’s hard to go out, but because it can surpass the peak, create and overcome new challenges in a new environment, this is the characteristic of people born on May 27. Moreover, the variety of leisure methods provided by the new environment can also meet their needs.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on May 27 are affected by the number 9 (2+7=9) and Mars. The number 9 has a strong influence on other numbers, so people born on May 27 are also influential. As for Mars, it represents strong radicals and masculine power. This characteristic is even more obvious under the dual influence of Mercury (the ruling planet of Gemini); therefore, women born on May 27th will love so much. Hit others to show off.


People born on May 27th usually devote themselves to work and have no time to notice sports unless their work itself is sports or physical education. Similarly, as long as they have a great interest in cooking, they will be able to take care of everyone’s tastes, otherwise they will simply not do it. In addition, this type of people is not too taboo to smoke and alcohol, and if they become addicted, it is easy to control or quit. People born on this day pay much attention to leisure and entertainment, and they belong to the type that can do things and play well. The most important thing to note is their regular low ebb and alienation from the crowd. The appearance of allergic symptoms is a galloping warning at low tide. Like all Geminis, those born on May 27 must learn to maintain the balance of the nervous system.


Even if you don’t want to listen to other people’s criticism, you should at least follow your conscience and let your extraordinary soul guide yourself. Don’t push yourself too tight, go travel and vacation more. Pay attention to the reactions you have caused, and don’t easily ignore your own faults.


Isadora Duncan is the founder of modern dance. She reformed ballet and made dance a natural expression of human body and emotions. She was also the flower of the slum, and died unexpectedly when her shawl was caught in the tire of a sports car.

Taiwanese actor Shen Shihua, who became popular in TV series in the 1980s, is now the host of the radio show “Golden Channel”.

Taiwanese politician Xu Xinliang.

German-American Secretary of State Henry Kissinger (Henry Kissinger), Nobel Peace Prize winner. His “shuttle diplomacy” policy facilitated the peace talks between Israel and the Arab countries, and also promoted the friendly relations between Israel and Egypt.

Rachel Carson (Rachel Carson) American marine biologist and scientific writer, her book “Silent Spring” has drawn the world’s attention to environmental pollution caused by pesticides.

Japanese political leader Yasuhiro Nakasone (Yasuhiro Nakasone), who served as the prime minister of Japan from 1982 to 1987, advocated the extension of the Japan-US Security Treaty and maintained close relations with the then US President Reagan.

French expressionist painter Georges Rouault, he is one of the few modern artists who actually introduced traditional religious themes into contemporary art.


The ninth card of the Great Mystery Tarot is the “hermit”. He is carrying a lamp and leaning on a cane. It represents meditation, isolation and silence, and symbolizes the crystallization of wisdom and absolute discipline. The hermit is a strict teacher, he uses his conscience to get people on the right path. Standing upright means being persistent, purposeful, deep and focused; standing upright means being arbitrary, not easy to forgive, suspicious, and discouraged.

Inspirational quote

Many people learned in the 1960s that only by changing themselves can the world be changed!


Sense of humor, continuity, and sophistication.


Clumsy, lack of self-criticism, low ebb and depression.

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