May 29: Floating indeterminate

May 29 Floating indeterminate

House position: Gemini 7 degrees-9 degrees

Constellation: Gemini one, changing wind signs

For those born on May 29, the most important topics in their lives are enlightenment, tradition, and communication. In the face of great changes, they will not be the kind of people who stand back and succumb to evil forces. As long as they discover a truth, they will eagerly support it and disclose it to everyone, and will be fully committed to the work that is responsible for determining success or failure. If such a person is a boss, a parent, or an official, he can usually seek consensus from everyone instead of acting arbitrarily, and he can also adopt good suggestions and criticisms.

Although they are often running for other people’s affairs and are even regarded as altruists, these people have never forgotten their own well-being. They can strike a balance between self-interest and self-interest, and they don’t feel that helping others conflicts with satisfying their own needs.

The aggressive tendency requires them to develop stronger abilities to prevent possible conflicts. However, repressed inner conflicts may sometimes erupt. Therefore, people born on this day should not forcefully suppress the injustice or anger in their hearts, but should try to find a way of expression that can be accepted by the public, such as competitions or interesting quizzes. In short, they should be careful not to ignore the typical mental abilities of Mercury (the ruling planet of Gemini) and ignore their own emotions.

People born on May 29th often claim to be the guardians of the truth and the defenders of traditions, so they tend to examine the established traditions from the perspective of reality and in line with the times. They don’t necessarily care about goldfish and materials, but the subtle thing is that they can often get these things easily. What these people really care about is whether there are audiences and audiences, and those who play such roles may be colleagues in the company, people with lower positions in society or the military, or their family members. If these people are lost, it will be a serious blow to them.

Quick thinking is a characteristic of people born on this day. They value wit, charm and humor, and whether they are eloquent or not, they still appreciate the good eloquence of others. Although language and spiritual abilities almost dominate their personalities, there is an inner physical desire that cannot be ignored. Even if they are disabled due to a car accident or disease, they will definitely fight to the end, overcome obstacles, and even do more beautifully. Even though such a person is born to give orders and has a lively and outgoing personality, it is better to try to be a little slower, and it is even better to let things go their way.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on May 29 are affected by the number 2 (2+9=11, 1+1=2) and the moon. Because the people affected by the number 2 are better partners and are not suitable to be leaders, their aggressiveness will be suppressed to a certain extent, but they can perform better at home or at work. However, this tendency may also hinder individual creativity and action, coupled with the influence of the moon is also passive, so it is easy to lead to frustration.

As for the minor number 11 (2+9=11), it represents the sensitivity to matter, which is exactly balanced with Mercury’s mental inclination. At the same time, the number 11 also makes people have a preference for various twin things, such as: agreement, symmetry, twins, and so on.


People born on May 29 should be especially careful about any situation that may cause physical harm. Because they have unrealistic attitudes towards dangers and diseases, it is very important to learn how to protect themselves. People born on this day should remember that feeling scared is sometimes a warning that must be heeded, just as pain is a warning of physical discomfort. For them, speaking up the problem can feel more humane, and the treatment by the psychologist or social worker is invaluable.

Basically, as long as you pay more attention to exercise, avoid inappropriate weight gain, and maintain a regular diet of three meals a day, it will greatly help your health.


Don’t be afraid to ask for help and speak out your troubles. Don’t be overly strict and perfect in self-requirements, learn more how to protect yourself from external harm, and take less risk. As long as it is a matter of personal preference, you should not be stubborn.


John F. Kennedy is the youngest president of the United States and the first Roman Catholic American president. He was a Massachusetts senator, Pulitzer Prize-winning author, and author of “All Aspects of Courage.” He defeated the Soviet Union in the Cuban Missile Crisis, but was assassinated in Dallas.

American patriot and orator Patrick Henry, whose famous saying “I give you freedom or give me death” has become a morale-boosting call for American revolutionaries.

German political philosopher Oswald Spengler (Oswald Spengler), author of “The Decline of the West.”

Bob Hope is known for his wit and wit. He partnered with Bing Crosby Lamore and made six very successful comedies in the series, which were deeply loved by the public.

Spanish composer and pianist Isaac Albeniz (Isaac Albeniz), a child prodigy musician, wrote memorable works “Catalonia” and “Iberia” in Paris.

Austrian Jewish American film director Joseph von Sternberg is good at using light and shadow. His works include “Blue Angel” and “Shanghai Special Express”.

Ecologist and population biology ponder Paul R. Ehrlich (Paul R. Ehrlich), author of “The Demographic Explosion”.


The second card of the Great Secret Ceremony Tarot is the “Priestess”. Sitting on the throne, she looked calm and unpredictable. She possesses spirituality, allowing hidden powers and secrets to be revealed, and then giving people this knowledge. So when the cards face upright, it shows tranquility, intuition, subtlety, and caution. When the card is upside down, it means surreptitiousness, suspicion, indifference, and sluggishness.

Inspirational quote

Tyrants and murderers are people who lose their minds for a while and are desperate!


Loyalty, piety, protection, expressiveness.


Repressive, narrow-minded, stubborn, and aggressive.

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