May 5: Born enlightener

May 5th Born enlightener

House position: Taurus 14°-16°

Constellation: Taurus II, fixed earth sign

People born on May 5 always feel that they have the sacred mission of teaching and enlightening others. Regardless of their own circumstances, they feel that their own suggestions can make others live better. But the result of doing this is often to provoke other people’s eyes, thinking that they are nosy at all; however, those who rebound will often find that their suggestions are actually really useful!

People born on this day are quite wise. They don’t spend their minds on hypothesis or sophistry, but on theory and practical thinking; and this is the true meaning of the work they perceive. They have a stubborn temperament, so when they make a mistake, it is difficult to bow their heads and admit it. In fact, this is not necessary at all, because others judge whether they will succeed or not, in fact, it is based on whether they have the power to reinvigorate themselves in the face of failure or setbacks.

The preconceived behavior of people born on this day can sometimes make friends and family members feel pressured, and it is not easy for them to appreciate the unique style of others. Therefore, people born on this day should treat people they care about with tolerance, even if they are not perfect, have quirks, or have special needs. And when you are a parent, remember to let your children feel that the love of parents is not because they expect their children to grow up to do what they can do, but to love them forever regardless of how their children grow up.

Speakers must need an audience. For people born on May 5th, the most tragic thing is that no one cares about him, so they will do nothing to prevent this from happening. Because of this, those born on this day who are poorly developed may end up not spending their time thinking, but instead devote too much effort to promote themselves. However, then again, people born on this day do have a good idea of ​​selling themselves.

Inspiring others is the most important mission in their life. They especially like stimulating others and must break everyone’s unrealistic fantasies so that they can feel at ease. Whether it is to completely change the people around them from head to toe, or just change the small details of their lives, people born on May 5 will never let go of any opportunity. In short, these never allow yourself to be ignored by your family, friends or colleagues. If others ignore them, it will simply kill them!

If someone wants to occupy their status as educators and role models, they will definitely be jealous and defend them. In fact, they should not be so repulsive of their opponents. This will not only cut off opportunities for cooperation, but also lose the support of others. It is very difficult for them to cultivate tolerance measures, especially for those who behave boringly and boringly. However, on the other hand, as long as they feel that others are making progress, no matter how small or slow the progress is, they definitely have the greatest patience to slowly grind with each other.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on May 5 are affected by the number 5 and Mercury. Mercury represents agile thoughts and changes, and therefore multiplies their intellectual power. The ruling planet of Taurus is Venus, which represents charm and idealism. People dominated by the number 5 are often adventurous and even try to gamble, drag racing or establish dangerous relationships. Therefore, it is necessary to be friends with them. Attention. However, impulse goes to impulse, and they can go forward courageously without fear of setbacks at work.


People born on May 5 should arrange their daily routines so that work, exercise, diet, sexual desire, and leisure have a good balance. They will be obsessed with one of these things while sacrificing other parts. Therefore, we should try to arrange these activities well. People born on May 5 always find a way to vent their inexhaustible energy, and others never have to worry that their enthusiasm will diminish. They are the least able to resist the temptation of food, so they must pay special attention to the intake of high-fat foods such as snacks, bread, and meat. In short, restraining appetite with willpower is the best answer.


Try to cleanse the ears of the people around you. Face your own problems and you will be more efficient. Don’t be afraid to admit your mistakes. The most important thing is to let others draw their own conclusions. Even if you watch them make mistakes, you must be patient, especially for your children!


Karl Marx (Karl Marx) German statesman and economic philosopher, author of “Das Kapital”, his analysis of capitalist society became the theoretical basis of the political movement named after his surname.

Danish philosopher and theologian Soren Kierkegarrd (Soren Kierkegarrd), author of “Fear and Trembling”, and in the book “The Last Non-scientific Prophecy”, attacked all existing philosophical systems and proposed that “subjectivity is truth” Advocate that the influence of existentialism in the 20th century is extremely far-reaching.

Tyrone Power (Tyrone Power) film actor, a superstar in the 1950s, starred in “Black Swan” and “Love and Replenishing Love”. He was listed on the top 10 grossing movies in 1942 and 56 respectively.

The late German romantic composer Hans Pfitzner (Hans Pfitzner), whose works were deeply influenced by Wagner and Schopenhauer, his representative works include the operas “Poor Heinlich”, “The Rose in the Garden of Love” and “Paper Les Trane, the latter is a frequently performed play at the German National Theater.

French journalist Bernard Pivot, the host of the 15-year literary TV show “The Big Waves”.


The fifth card of the Great Mystery Tarot is the “Pope”. He is the interpreter of sacred and mysterious things, symbolizing human cognition and belief. The Pope’s knowledge is full of mysteries, and even abstract things are governed by it. When the card is upright, it means full of confidence, no doubt and correct understanding of things; the upside down of the card represents love to preach, sing high-profile, and arbitrarily.

Inspirational quote

When you take the wrong path, just turn back and choose a new path!


Persuasive, insightful, and inspiring.


Arbitrary, ignoring the senses, and jealous.

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