May 6: Dream Realizer

May 6th Dream Realizer

House: Taurus 15°-17°

Constellation: Taurus II, fixed earth sign

People born on May 6 know very well about dreams, imagination and subconsciousness. There are two ways to express this kind of talent: one is to support others and connect with others, such as teachers, consultants, parents; the other is It is to fulfill the dreams of others and become a star. The former type can guide those who need help around them and point them when they are in trouble; the second type of star type is quite practical and will bravely pursue most daunting dreams. 

This ability to explore and imagine is quite unique, but it must be used wisely. If they use this talent for immoral things, or misuse it aimlessly, they may turn into manipulating others for their own self-interest, or instead plunge themselves into unwanted careers or marriages. On the contrary, if you can clearly recognize your own limits and treat yourself and others objectively and equally, it is the greatest success for people born on this day!

Most people born on May 6 have an unpleasant childhood, but they will overcome it with courage and indomitable spirit. These difficulties have given them more insight into life than those who grew up smoothly. If people born on this day can empathize with Hollywood to use this wisdom, it will be invaluable to society. However, although people born on May 6 can give others a great help, they often cannot solve their own pain and difficulties. The reason is that they are used to hiding their true self and are unwilling to open themselves to others.

Because they are so sensitive, or because they are dominated by a strong subconscious, people born on this day are particularly prone to ups and downs, and their bodies often hurt here and there. Most people born on this day will continue to work hard to overcome obstacles in their lives, and a strong desire to control their own destiny will make them eager to make the most rigorous and proper arrangements for every minute, and worry that otherwise Step by step, things will get out of control. Therefore, under their seemingly reasonable and efficient lives, they may actually have hidden volcanoes in their hearts, but they have no idea about this.

However, they are well aware of the irrational behavior of others, as if they have a precise sixth sense. Therefore, others can definitely rely on their wisdom and courage when they are helpless. They usually guard the weak because they know the mood of the weak too! People born on this day, if they look pretty good, be careful not to let people who ask for help fall in love with you, and let them treat you as an idol. Although this can satisfy vanity, it will let them understand the process of self. Got slower.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on May 6 are affected by the number 6 and Venus. People who are affected by the lucky number 6 are very likely to fall in love, and most of them have no shortage of admirers. In addition, Venus (the ruling planet of Taurus) also represents positive social interaction, so people born on May 6 will definitely interact with others. People have many social contacts. For people affected by the number 6, love is almost the most important issue in their lives.


People born on May 6 are more likely to be under emotional stress due to their subconscious and fantasies being particularly active. Although they are well aware of emotional changes, hysteria, and other emotional issues, they have an objective attitude towards other people’s problems. Therefore, be careful not to let yourself become a victim of emotional out-of-control. Also, be careful not to let yourself become a victim of emotional out-of-control. In addition, they lack self-confidence, so they should try to look at themselves from a more practical perspective and build self-confidence. However, be careful not to behave righteously and become too arbitrary. Be careful not to over indulge in sex and love. Dietary literature, fresh vegetables and grains can help them balance overly sensitive emotions, and homeopathy and herbal remedies will also be helpful.


Manage your emotions well. Be willing to help others at any time, and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Maintain an orderly home environment. Make good use of insight and always remain sensitive to other people’s emotions!


Sigmund Freud (Sigmund Freud) Jewish-Austrian psychologist, published “Analysis of Dreams” in 1900, claiming that sexual desire is suppressed and manifested as dreams in the form of disguise. This kind of cleanliness has caused great academic circles Controversial, but he still has many followers and is revered as the father of psychoanalysis.

Lin Haifeng, a famous Taiwanese Go player in Japan.

During the French Revolution, Maximilien Robespierre (Maximilien Robespierre), a radical leader, promoted the politics of terror, was later sent to the guillotine.

American explorer and scientist Robert E. Peary, the first person to set foot on the North Pole.

Rudolph Valentino (Rudolph Valentino) is a legend in silent film period. His work includes “The Chief”, which creates a typical image of a Latin lover on the screen. At the age of 31, he died prematurely, making countless female shadows heartbroken.

German film director Max Ophuls (Max Ophuls), has works such as “Letter from a Strange Woman” and “The Country and the City Are Desire for Flowers”.

American director, producer and actor Orson Welles (Orson Welles), his works include “Great Citizen”, “Miss Shanghai”, “Miss Shanghai”, and won the Oscar for Lifetime Achievement Award.

Japanese novelist Yasushi Inoue and other books, author of “Loulan”.


The sixth card of the Great Mystery Tarot is “Lovers”, which symbolizes “love” through the union of the sexes, which can unite all mankind. When the card face is upright, it expresses moral, aesthetic, and physical higher-level feelings and desires; but the card face upside down represents dissatisfaction, sentimentality and hesitation.

Inpsirational quote

When you take the wrong path, just turn back and choose a new path!


Sensitive, alert, and imaginative.


Emotional instability, pain, addiction.

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