May 7: Absolute Devotee

May 7 Absolute Devotee

House: Taurus 16°-18°

Constellation: Taurus II, fixed earth sign

People born on May 7th usually have a dedication enthusiasm. In order to show their support for religion, thought, art, or society, they will not hesitate to shed the last drop of blood. Although they are not people who put money first, they know how to taste life and can enjoy all the things that can bring joy. Perhaps it is precisely because they do not absorb wealth, so in the process of pursuing their ideals, unexpected gifts and money are often delivered to the door by themselves. Those born on this day who are poorly developed will be satisfied with these material wealth, while those who are better developed will strive to pursue spiritual wealth in addition to material enjoyment. Sometimes people born on May 7 set dedication to religion as their first goal in life. However, don’t think that they have noble morals and aesthetic sentiments that will become unrealistic. Their dedication is still quite rational.

They are the group that loves beautiful things the most, especially music. The Venus-like beauty makes them admire the beautiful voice or sexy body. Because of this, for people born on May 7, no matter what form of things they create, their shapes, colors, designs, sounds, or words, others only have one sentence for the things they produce: “Beautiful. “!

Women born on this day will be too self-humbly and self-sacrificing. In situations of tension and anxiety, they usually suppress emotions and often feel frustrated. However, she knows her shortcomings, so she will improve and adjust to be more calm and calm. Men born on this day are different when they are depressed. They will work hard to meet their own needs, but the process is a little harder than others.

People born on this day have the characteristics of elegance and nobility. They will inspire others’ self-confidence, and they will not waste time or make mistakes, and directly point to the point. They like to be lonely and enjoy a little communication. The best thing is to stay in a safe home. When they become parents, they are more serious than anyone else, and they will definitely give their children the best love and material.

People born on May 7th are usually self-taught. Most of them use examples to illustrate, rather than talk about them. If they feel that the book is really still in use, they will throw it away without thinking about it. Basically speaking, people born on this day are very traditional, and the suggestions to understand will be quite conservative. And for professional knowledge or ideals, they will work hard to learn by themselves. In addition, people born on this day are very sensitive, so no matter in public or private life, they will try to control their emotions. For them, the most important thing is to take good care of their emotions and not let them be overly suppressed.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on May 7 are affected by the number 7 and Neptune. Neptune is the water sign, representing wishes, dreams and psychological phenomena. People affected by the number 7 should try to avoid being out of touch with reality, especially for those born on May 7, because the influence of Venus (the ruling planet of Taurus) on Neptune will make them more romantic and sensitive . People dominated by the lucky number 7 are usually extremely fond of change and travel. However, this pair of people born on May 7 needs to stick to the personality of habitual things, but it will bring considerable conflicts and contradictions.


People born on May 7 must pay attention to maintaining a mental, physical, and emotional balance when they are young, so that they can maintain a good state when they are stressed or nervous. When you are older and can truly accept your reality of self, you will find peace of mind. In addition, as one grows older, exercise is absolutely indispensable. In addition, meditation and the pursuit of spiritual and religious levels will also help the health of the body. People born on May 7th, don’t forget about body care just because they get older and put their minds on other things. Music is also a very effective therapy for them.


Accept yourself. Don’t focus on the past. It’s important to focus on the future. Don’t let your beliefs distract you. Take a break from time to time. The requirements for everything can be slightly reduced.


Johannes Brahms, a 19th-century German composer born in poverty, was appreciated by Schumann and introduced him to the music industry. His works blend romantic and classical traditions. Important works include the orchestral “Haydn Theme Variations” and “University Celebrations” “Overture”, “Tragic Overture”, etc., and left more than 200 songs.

Taiwanese poet Xiang Yang, became famous as “Seeds”.

Russian 19th-century composer Peter Ilyitch Tchaikovsky (Peter Ilyitch Tchaikovsky), the founder of the “Moscow School”, his main works are ballets “Swan Lake”, “Sleeping Beauty”, “Nutcracker”, and symphonies.

Gary Cooper (Gary Cooper) American film actor, he acted as an ordinary person who adhered to the principle of self and became a hero in the unconscious, represented as “The Midst of the Day”, “Sorrow” and so on.

Indian Nobel Prize-winning poet Rabindranath Tagore, short story writer, playwright, lyric poet and thinker, has also participated in the Indian independence movement and is an important person who truly represents modern India.

Edward H. Land, the inventor of the Polaroid camera, taught himself to become a scientist.

American Nobel Laureate in Chemistry Sidney Altman (Sidney Altman).


The seventh card of the Great Secret Tarot card is “Chariot”. The victor on the card shows his great achievements in the world with a strong and powerful posture. This card can be explained as: No matter how difficult the right path is, you have to go on next time. An upright card represents success, talent and efficiency; if the card is upside down, it implies an autocratic attitude and a poor sense of direction.

Inspirational quote

Progress is like measuring the scale on a scale!


Noble, dedicated and full of beauty.


Unrealistic, easily troubled, and frustrated.

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