May 8: Straight talker

May 8 Straight talker

House position: Taurus 17°-19°

Constellation: Taurus II, fixed earth sign

People born on May 8 will definitely say what they have, express their ideas, and speak powerfully and never give up. Their highest level of skill is played with a mouth, but they are equally unambiguous when expressed in words. They are willing to defend the existing values, but sometimes they have to carry forward even the ancient traditional values. They are people who have the courage to take action and will use modern methods and advanced technology to achieve their action goals; however, they still put tradition first in their hearts.

For better or worse, people born on this day have a special connection with the environment around them that is beyond ordinary. It is extremely important for them to make any decision about the overall environment or certain living conditions. Although people born on May 8 have a deep connection with the environment, they don’t necessarily stick to their hometown. Among them, people from remote rural areas often explore all over the world!

People born on this day do not just speak for themselves, they are also people who can speak for the masses and express their aspirations. But their frankness may cause trouble for themselves. Be careful not to speak too straight or too aggressively. Unfortunately, they usually don’t have “smoothness” in their qualities, so from time to time they will arouse people’s disgust. People born on May 8 are very confident, but also because their attitude is calm and composed, so they are quite persuasive. Another reason is that they don’t make random shots. They must only express their opinions after careful consideration.

People born on May 8 are not afraid of evil forces and will never succumb to threats. Even if there is a great disparity in strength, they will find strong ways to fight back. Making good use of strategy is their other weapon, so don’t offend them casually! Although they will give the person who made the mistake a chance to make corrections, but only this time, not as an example. People born on this day, regardless of men and women, are quite loyal to love or friends, and are also the most reliable and responsible parents.

When expressing opinions, they often fail to pay attention to the way they express themselves because they are too confident about the importance of the content. It is difficult for others to reject those with high May 8 characteristics, because they not only have something to say, but even the way of expression and small body movements are artistic expressions. If a person born on May 8 can combine the expression of words and language at the same time, the power and effect produced are definitely stronger than using either alone.

As mentioned earlier, a beautiful environment is very important to them, so they should always keep in touch with nature. The ideal situation is that if they have their own house, they should design their own house; if they can own their own land, they should do it themselves! For them, it is necessary to cultivate their taste from an early age, and get in touch with all kinds of styles and concepts, so as not to gradually narrow their vision and narrow the pattern. The ideal state is to be a happy citizen of the world.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on May 8 are affected by the number 8 and Saturn. Saturn represents a strong sense of responsibility, cautious behavior, and fatalism, these qualities are fully displayed in people born on this day. People affected by the number 8 will slowly and cautiously develop their personal lives and careers. Although they are kind at heart, they may feel indifferent and serious on the outside under the influence of Saturn; if the influence of Venus is added, the emotional world of people born on May 8 will be more complicated.


People born on May 8 are usually workaholics, so a normal diet is the basic condition for maintaining energy. People born on this day often use herbal medicine, homeopathy and traditional methods when they get sick. They think these magical medicines are much more effective than modern western medicine. Most people born on May 8 can recover quickly, especially when they can leave the city to live in a pristine country, the effect is doubled. They will think back to how they stayed healthy when they were young, but they will also readily accept other good advice on their health.


Be happy! Learn to be playful, it doesn’t even matter to be a fool sometimes. Make a mockery of yourself, but don’t belittle yourself. Temper yourself in the habit of mocking others. It’s okay to put your body down and admit your shortcomings and weaknesses occasionally.


Candice Bergen (Candice Bergen) is a film actress, the heroine of the famous TV series “Girls of the Storm”, and also a photojournalist and political activist.

The founder of the International Red Cross, Jean Henri Dunant, witnessed the tragedy of the Crimean War and initiated the establishment of an international medical rescue organization. He won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1901.

The American inventor Hammerstein (Oscar Hammerstein I) invented the machine for making cigars and hundreds of other new inventions. They were also theater agents and set up the “Manhattan Opera Hall.”

Louis Moreau Gottschalk (Louis Moreau Gottschalk) is an American 19th century pianist and composer with a sentimental and innocent musical style. He is widely admired for his magnificent techniques and ethnic style. His representative works include the piano piece “The Dying Poet”.

Italian film director Roberto Rossellini has works such as “Unfortified City”, “Roman Night” and “Messiah”.

American Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Gary Snyder, the winning work is “Axe Handle”; she is also an ecologist, and the author of “The Family of the Earth”.


The eighth card of the Great Secret Ceremony Tarot represents “power”. The picture shows an elegant queen who is taming an angry lion. The queen symbolizes a female magician, who can drive uncontrollable energy, and represents superior moral and physical strength. When the card face is upright, it represents personal charm and determination to pursue success; the card face upside down is complacency and abuse of power.

Inspirational quote

Nothing is accidental, everything has its truth!


Be cautious, persuasive, and caring for others.


Too serious, arbitrary, and authoritarian.

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