November 1: Thriller

November 1: Thriller

House: Scorpio 8°-10°

Constellation: Scorpio 1, changing fire sign

Active people born on November 1, no matter what they do, they will concentrate and go all out, but this trait is also particularly susceptible to certain dangerous things. Not only do they seek out dangerous things on their own, but they also appear suddenly, trapping them unpredictably. For those born on this day, seeking excitement in a career is a priority. If they spend long hours on an uninspiring job, they can easily become stagnant or lethargic. Unless they find a stimulus that satisfies this need, they will still feel dull and unsatisfied with life.

The aggressive component of this personality trait is easily discernible. By and large, because people born on this day usually present themselves in a straightforward, candid way, their strong attitudes do not offend others in this way. For them, honesty is a natural behavior, but they also hide their extremely complex emotions in private. So, while they’re fairly open to revealing most of their side to the outside world, they’re definitely not without reservations.

People born on November 1 have a high level of confidence, but their neglect and lack of alertness to danger are likely to cause great harm both physically and mentally. Not only that, but they tend to underestimate their adversaries and reject harsh advice. Therefore, in addition to learning to be more practical in assessing opposition, those born on this day should also try to view their lives with a calmer and more objective perspective. At the same time, in life, it is best to listen to the advice of others and accept it with an open mind.

People born today are genuinely happy only when they embark on their chosen endeavors. Whether it’s a pile of paperwork waiting to be processed, using an appliance, participating in a competitive gaming sport, or pursuing a crush, they’re addicted and hard to stop. The way they work has the characteristics of lightning strikes, rather than cautiously fumbling forward. At the same time, their nature to go all out in everything makes them expect to incur dissent and criticism. Therefore, in some highly competitive occasions, they may take the initiative to launch a defensive attack on hostile forces. .

People born on this day usually have excellent, even incisive, insights into things at the human and technical level, but rarely use them for themselves. They may also spend considerable time getting to know the deeper parts of their own nature. Also, as mentioned earlier, those born on November 1 should benefit a lot from being more vigilant. And cultivating conscience and good ability will help them go longer and farther on the road of life.

Lucky Numbers and Guardians

Those born on November 1 are influenced by the number 1 and the sun. People born on the 1st usually like to scramble for the top spot, and people affected by the number 1 are also typical individualists, very stubborn and eager to climb to the top. People born today tend to have unusual patience and perseverance to the end, but they may still encounter failures and setbacks. In addition, the abundance of creativity and enthusiasm that the sun symbolizes is best kept flowing steadily, rather than letting it explode out of control. Combined with the confluence of Pluto and Mars (both rulers of Scorpio), the Sun’s influence will make it easy for November 1sts to be sloppy, reckless, and most likely destructive to themselves and others. harm.


People born on November 1 are undoubtedly the accident-prone type. They must cultivate the correct concept of daily exercise in order to maintain physical health. More strenuous physical activity, or competitive games and sports, are ideal for these energetic individuals. Martial arts may appeal to them, but they should be practiced in a careful and gradual manner. As for diet, people born on this day are usually not very picky eaters, and are most likely reluctant to improve and standardize their eating habits.


It is your top priority to enrich your common sense. Learn how to protect yourself in everyday life. While focusing on forward-looking development, don’t forget to look back and take care of yourself. You should know more about your true self.


Mei Lanfang, a famous Chinese Peking Opera actress, founded the Mei School and has countless descendants.

Sarah Bernhardt (Sarah Bernhardt) is a French drama actress and director, known as the “Goddess Sarah”. With her beautiful appearance, excellent acting skills and voice, she has become a famous stage actor in history, and is also known as the most contemporary stage actor. great actor.

American jazz pioneer Dizzie Gillespie, also a trumpeter, composer, and bandleader, collaborated with saxophonist Parker to create a music called “bebop”, which is an anti-swing style. , blending harmony into dissonance, and adopting a variety of rhythms.

Hungarian composer Franz Listzt is also a master of piano performance. He is famous for his superb skills and gorgeous style of piano performance. After retirement, he became an important representative of piano teachers. , “Hungarian Rhapsody” and so on.

Russian-American Alexander Schneider is also a member of the “Budapest Quartet” and conductor of the Marco Polo Festival Orchestra.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.


The 22nd card of the Great Arcane Tarot is “The Fool”. The pattern is of a man standing happily on the edge of a cliff. Some explanations are that he is very stupid and lacks the ability to make rational judgments; others point out that he is extremely spiritual and does not care about reality. In a nutshell, it is acting on intuition, without the ability to refuse and resist; at the same time, Min represents stupidity, impulsiveness and nothingness. However, the more mature among them will learn from the experience of life and become their ideal person.

Inspirational quote

Magic and divination carry hidden dangers that have nothing to do with true spirituality.


Charming, charming, exciting.


Split, imbalance, dominance.

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