November 12: Sensual Charm

November 12 Sensual Charm

House: Scorpio 19°-21°

Constellation: Scorpio III, changing fire signs

For people born on November 12, sensory experience and attraction are the two developmental axes in their lives: the pursuit of sensory stimulation is manifested in their physical appearance or work results; attraction can be derived from family life, underground romances Or take a peek at their careers and social circles.

Talented and gifted, they must be extra careful to guard against abuse of their ego drive. Their ability to perform “miracles” in everyday life has carved themselves out a lot of flattery, and in some special cases, their patrons may even see them as great as gods. But this heroic cult at best only contributes to their sociopathic tendencies. Conversely, mature and savvy individuals are able to use their influence well to bring beauty and inspiration to those around them. Most people born on November 12 have an unreserved sense of purpose in their work, which gives them a unique and extraordinary elegance, and those who hold public office are most likely to form a strong, positive politics. strength.

For those born on November 12, the conflict between their good and evil characters has never been interrupted, and in fact, it will haunt them for the rest of their lives. Nonetheless, those born today may experience marked decline and decline from promising youth into bleak adulthood. In addition, people born on this day often face a great personal challenge, that is, they must find ways to channel their turbulent energy and to know themselves better. Perhaps devoting themselves to some rather worthy goal will help them develop such abilities.

Creating or appreciating beauty in all its forms is one of the main interests of November 12 people, whether it is in their beautiful children, artistic interests, home furnishings, physical appearance, or simply the expression of feelings. However, behind this urge for beauty lies a more primal, irresistible force of attraction that drives those born on November 12 along the way. It resides in their fiery souls, re-forged by the dark forces outside into sensual avatars, embodied in the world, and transformed into their heaven and purgatory in the blink of an eye.

That’s why life isn’t always easy and simple to scold those born on November 12. Tragedy and misfortune often afflict them for days, weeks, and perhaps even years of indulging in a blissful and thrilling experience for no apparent reason. Only through self-understanding at this time is their way of balancing their lives and controlling this power. If they had a way to recognize that the material things around them were actually a product of their own character, and if they could take spiritual responsibilities and live their lives in a moral way, they would be able to Cope with the negative forces that always seem to haunt them. Otherwise, they will always be victims of forces beyond their control.

Lucky Numbers and Guardians

Those born on November 12 will be influenced by the number 3 and the straight-forward Jupiter. People affected by the number 3 usually manage to climb to the top positions in their field of expertise. Likewise, they can easily become arrogant, which is something that those born on November 12 should pay particular attention to. People affected by the number 3 place a high value on personal independence, so some people born on November 12 may feel the need to give up a stable and secure job in order to be able to work freely or start a business. While the power of Jupiter can inspire those born on November 12 to make up their minds to enrich themselves and elevate their status, under the influence of Pluto (the ruler of Scorpio), it will unfortunately have an unfortunate impact on their money, sexuality and power. Craving mentality.


Those born on November 12 must guard against themselves or attract negative energies. People born on this day are born with such strong charisma that they often lead to all kinds of unwanted influences, which in turn damage their health. Similarly, when their strong psychological reflexes appear in the real world, they may come back to constantly entangle and trouble them. Therefore, their health depends on the ability to exercise willpower to restrain harmful and unhelpful behaviors and habits. All drugs, especially those that are addictive, should be handled with care. In addition, those born on November 12 have to avoid blind worship, as their fanatical ideology is usually not a positive influence. Even so, religion and prayer are still very important for those born on this day, and they are of substantial help to their physical health.


Do your best to strengthen your ethics and treat others with kindness and respect. Find ways to relieve inner struggles and conflicts. Most importantly, support your willpower by knowing yourself.


Mei Lanfang, a famous Chinese Peking Opera actress, founded the Mei School and has countless descendants.

Sarah Bernhardt (Sarah Bernhardt) is a French drama actress and director, known as the “Goddess Sarah”. With her beautiful appearance, excellent acting skills and voice, she has become a famous stage actor in history, and is also known as the most contemporary stage actor. great actor.

American jazz pioneer Dizzie Gillespie, also a trumpeter, composer, and bandleader, collaborated with saxophonist Parker to create a music called “bebop”, which is an anti-swing style. , blending harmony into dissonance, and adopting a variety of rhythms.

Hungarian composer Franz Listzt is also a master of piano performance. He is famous for his superb skills and gorgeous style of piano performance. After retirement, he became an important representative of piano teachers. , “Hungarian Rhapsody” and so on.

Russian-American Alexander Schneider is also a member of the “Budapest Quartet” and conductor of the Marco Polo Festival Orchestra.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.


The 22nd card of the Great Arcane Tarot is “The Fool”. The pattern is of a man standing happily on the edge of a cliff. Some explanations are that he is very stupid and lacks the ability to make rational judgments; others point out that he is extremely spiritual and does not care about reality. In a nutshell, it is acting on intuition, without the ability to refuse and resist; at the same time, Min represents stupidity, impulsiveness and nothingness. However, the more mature among them will learn from the experience of life and become their ideal person.

Inspirational quote

Magic and divination carry hidden dangers that have nothing to do with true spirituality.


Charming, charming, exciting.


Split, imbalance, dominance.

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