November 13: Current affairs commentator

November 13: Current affairs commentator

House: Scorpio 20°-22°

Constellation: Scorpio III, changing fire signs

People born on November 13 are usually very observant and unique when it comes to speed. No matter what status or industry they belong to, they will from time to time speak up about the hot topics around them. Everything arouses their interest, especially social or political issues. Whether they get intelligence through newspapers, television, or by studying books such as history and sociology, they always have pretty strong opinions about what might happen.

A common problem faced by many people born on November 13 is that they are not able to devote the same amount of energy to self-development and self-understanding. Since their interests are rather superficial, they are in danger of being superficial. Those who know them may find them quite outgoing and funny, but also lacking deep self-discipline. Nonetheless, the well-developed will learn and absorb as much knowledge as possible from their hobbies, connecting the inner tuxedo process with the outer world. Such people will be well prepared to move toward the goals they are striving for, to achieve their ideals of self-realization.

People born on this day also often find themselves split into two distinct archetypes, one who interprets the world with reason and common sense (atheist or agnostic, respectively), while the other belongs to traditional religious beliefs. Although they are mostly strict rationalists from youth to middle age, at some stage they may undergo a major turn and become spiritual or religious believers. While going through this entire process of conceptual change, they may feel that it is not necessary to give up logical or rational thinking, but they should be put to good use and seek further support for their beliefs. Generally speaking, a person like this is not usually a cult fanatic, but an optimist who marvels at the wonders of nature and believes that everything in the world is a living testimony to God being with us.

Despite this, those born on November 13 are still convinced of their own views. While they hate all kinds of injustice and injustice, they may express their ideas in an autocratic or high-level style of authority. Therefore, it is imperative for them to listen to opposing opinions as actively and as multi-faceted as possible, and whether they agree with what others say or not, they should adopt a beneficial establishment.

In addition, people born on November 13th are also standard pragmatists, and most of their hypocritical schemes and questionable claims escape their scrutiny. They will also strongly attack any untrustworthy system, including companies, associations, organizations or clubs. In this regard, people born on this day can be quite outspoken, and even a little argumentative, so they should be careful of their tendency to easily oppose others or build strong enemies. The key to their success is to cultivate a humble and down-to-earth lifestyle, while never forgetting their roots no matter where they are.

Lucky Numbers and Guardians

Those born on November 13 will be influenced by the number 4 (1+3=4) and by the capricious, short-tempered Uranus. Uranus and Pluto (ruler planets of Scorpio) conjoined people born on November 13, suggesting that may disrupt the lives of others, and their own life is also vulnerable to sudden upheaval. While many consider the number 13 to be a lucky number, it is a powerful number, so those born on November 13 are obliged to use its power wisely or risk self-destruction. The meaning of the number 4 has always been rebellious, unique, and a desire to change the academic affairs, which further highlights the characteristics of those born on November 13.


Those born on November 13 must be careful not to exhaust themselves by the repeated consumption of vigorous energy. If they manage to find a peaceful sanctuary, both outside and inside, where they can recuperate and hide and regain their momentum, they can hope to maintain a balanced state of mind. For many people born on this day, daily spiritual training, yoga, meditation classes, tai chi or inherent religious rituals can benefit them little. Moderate exercise is the only way to go, and competitive activities are best avoided if possible. In addition, try a variety of cooking methods and novel foods, and enjoy a rich and varied diet. Generally speaking, people born on November 13 do not need too many dietary restrictions.


Focus on yourself. Find your center point, and then create a connection to the world. Be mindful of the impact you have on others at all times, while learning to listen to your inner voice. Don’t let your fanaticism go too far.


Mei Lanfang, a famous Chinese Peking Opera actress, founded the Mei School and has countless descendants.

Sarah Bernhardt (Sarah Bernhardt) is a French drama actress and director, known as the “Goddess Sarah”. With her beautiful appearance, excellent acting skills and voice, she has become a famous stage actor in history, and is also known as the most contemporary stage actor. great actor.

American jazz pioneer Dizzie Gillespie, also a trumpeter, composer, and bandleader, collaborated with saxophonist Parker to create a music called “bebop”, which is an anti-swing style. , blending harmony into dissonance, and adopting a variety of rhythms.

Hungarian composer Franz Listzt is also a master of piano performance. He is famous for his superb skills and gorgeous style of piano performance. After retirement, he became an important representative of piano teachers. , “Hungarian Rhapsody” and so on.

Russian-American Alexander Schneider is also a member of the “Budapest Quartet” and conductor of the Marco Polo Festival Orchestra.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.


The 22nd card of the Great Arcane Tarot is “The Fool”. The pattern is of a man standing happily on the edge of a cliff. Some explanations are that he is very stupid and lacks the ability to make rational judgments; others point out that he is extremely spiritual and does not care about reality. In a nutshell, it is acting on intuition, without the ability to refuse and resist; at the same time, Min represents stupidity, impulsiveness and nothingness. However, the more mature among them will learn from the experience of life and become their ideal person.

Inspirational quote

Magic and divination carry hidden dangers that have nothing to do with true spirituality.


Charming, charming, exciting.


Split, imbalance, dominance.

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