November 19: Reformer of truth

November 19 Reformer of truth

House: 26°-28° Scorpio

Constellation: Scorpio Sagittarius, fixed water sign

People born on November 19 have active revolutionary cells and are able to grasp a certain turning point and gradually establish and start their own business. However, they will not just show their rebellious side. As reform activists, they will also carefully plan to make something new to replace the old one, and then go further and fully assist to achieve their goals. As such, they are an interesting mix of radical and conservative, anarchy and established institutions. In their lives, issues of control and even repression often arise, whether these problems are caused by their own resistance or within themselves.

People born on November 19 are often drawn to the power of unification or management snobbery in the family, social group or workplace and cannot extricate themselves. They are always serious and concerned about the granting and scope of authority. Although people born on this day may engage in heated debates to varying degrees with those who disagree with them, they have little or no doubt in their hearts about their correctness and decency. To be honest, they do have a bit of a Nietzschean mood, and they tend to justify their actions with words and philosophical principles, and thus may be in danger of being out of touch with prevailing social values. Therefore, they should always realize that they are part of the real world, and at the same time maintain a magnanimous and accepting attitude in response to criticism and advice from others.

Most people born on November 19 have sky-high self-confidence, but this trait has both advantages and disadvantages. Many of them have repeatedly become victims of their own extreme conceit, not only disobeying the arrangement of fate and ignoring the warnings of the signs of things, but may also destroy their future because of making too many enemies, and even lose their entire lives. Those born on November 19 are true believers in free will, especially in their own will, but they must also learn about the importance of self-restraint and step-by-step.

People born today have always identified themselves as reformers and activists. Although their political strategies and policies are often used to support and advocate for an ordinary person, their own preference for contact with elites and celebrities is still very obvious. They are often able to bring their talents to the fore whenever they have the opportunity to teach or impart information to those around them, and because of their occasionally argumentative, even combative personalities, it is easy to be drawn into the crowd. The best opponents and the truth of the event lead out. Nothing in their dictionary is more valuable than facts and preaching the truth.

People born on November 19 are actually very mundane. They are extremely materialistic, caring for their families and at the cutting edge of the times, and they are seldom ignorant of what is trendy. Even so, they had to be careful not to become grandstanding, or get carried away by fads and fads. If you want your business to be sustainable, it’s important to take a trend based on traditional values ​​and use your influence in a stable, reliable and non-hysterical way.

Lucky Numbers and Guardians

Those born on November 19 will be influenced by the number 1 (1+9=10, 1+0=1) and the sun. Because people born on this day are born on the first day of the Scorpio Sagittarius (representing the meaning of “change”), and are simultaneously affected by the powerful forces of Pluto and Mars (the ruler of Scorpio), Jupiter (the ruler of Sagittarius), so in life Visibly energetic, creative, and possibly even destructive energy, aggressive and open-minded in thought and action, aggressive and even ruthless in pursuit of success. Likewise, people affected by the number 1 tend to be unfettered and preempted in everything.


Those born on November 19 must be on the lookout for unfortunate circumstances that are likely to bring love to disaster when they are at their most high-spirited and confident. Therefore, learning to assess your own situation with a more practical attitude will help you balance the highs and lows you face, and at the same time reduce the chance of encountering sudden disasters. Many November 19 born people often have a great sense of rejection of introspection or inner understanding, but sooner or later will still consider accepting some methods of self-research and analysis. People born on this day often have neither taboos nor time restrictions in their eating habits, but if they are willing to pay more attention to their own diet and read some relevant professional books, their health will be greatly improved. Intense activities that require a lot of physical exertion are quite suitable for these naturally active people, especially running, jogging, aerobic dance, tennis, short racket squash and other competitive, one-on-one sports.


Learn the true meaning of silence. Try to moderate your own rebelliousness. Prepare carefully for life’s challenges and restrain your selfish behavior. Remember not to be arbitrary, ignoring the existence of divine or human laws.


Indira Gandhi, Indian Prime Minister, daughter of India’s first Prime Minister Nehru, was assassinated. She plays a pivotal role in international politics, especially between developing and non-aligned countries.

The mainland child star Jin Ming became popular on both sides of the strait for playing the role of “Little Raindrop” in the Taiwanese drama produced by Qiong Yao.

Cuban chess champion J.R. Capablanca.

Jodie Foster is an American film actress and director, best known for her performances in “The Silence of the Lambs” and “Daughter of the Earth”, and she directed “My Genius Baby”.

American fashion designer Calvin Klein, famous for designing women’s clothing, men’s clothing, cosmetics, bed linen, etc., is the first fashion designer to win three consecutive women’s clothing awards.

American film actress Meg Ryan (Meg Ryan), starred in “When Harry Met Sally”, “Sleepless in Seattle”, “When a Man Loves a Woman” and other films.


The 19th “Sun” of the Great Mystery Tarot can be said to be the best card among all the stars. It symbolizes knowledge, vitality and luck, as well as being worthy of respect and reward. When the card is upright, it indicates positive qualities such as clarity, interpersonal harmony and a good reputation; when the card is upside down, it represents pride, conceit, hypocrisy and other characteristics.

Inspirational quote

Only in silence can the voice of truth be heard.


Up-to-date, persuasive and aggressive.


Inattentive, overconfident, stubborn.

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