November 20: Radical fighter

November 20 Radical fighter

House: 27°-29° Scorpio

Constellation: Scorpio Sagittarius, fixed water sign

People born on November 20 are born warriors with strong fighting spirit, so they are prone to fall into all kinds of hard struggles. as the focus of controversy. Although people born on this day are actually quite loyal to their family, company and social circle, they may display a rebellious emotional behavior. And this is usually due to their extreme ideas and strong style of self-expression, which makes them cause hostility and dissatisfaction from others. However, they seldom gave in and relaxed in the heated debate, and always preferred to fight to the end rather than change their original intentions and thoughts.

People born on November 20 are sometimes sarcastic and sarcastic, but also very funny. They are good at detecting weaknesses in others and take pleasure in making fun of those who are self-righteous or arrogant. To them, there seemed to be nothing more satisfying than having someone fall off a horse and take a heavy blow.

People born today are generally quite practical, especially women, who can make a different impression when meeting for the first time. But in fact, most of this comes from their disguise of their own personality, rather than the real face of their character; that is to say, they can usually exert a good self-reliance, and they can take it freely. Nonetheless, men and women born on this day are naturally excitable, and are likely to lose control of their emotions once they encounter successive setbacks. So inner exercise will be an important key to success. You must learn to control your emotionally explosive side and find out why you lose your temper and how to deal with it.

In addition, people born on this day often have a high interest in anti-social movements, illegal tactics and tricks, and many ambiguous business practices. From some aspects of their lives, they may be tempted to engage in these activities. But it’s still generally wise to limit yourself to getting too deep and avoid distracting yourself. Perhaps this is because they have always been professed adherents of the law (the highest and purest form) and insisted on holding fast to their own first standard.

Those born on November 20 also have a childlike innocence that keeps them young in appearance and spirit—an ageless, timeless quality. Similarly, people born on this day know how to get along with children, and family life is often very lively and lively. People born today are good role models, and younger generations may look up to them as crusaders, because they display a serious approach to life that is admirable. However, people born on this day may also ignore the inner feelings of their loved ones due to their fanatical pursuit of their goals. Therefore, it is also necessary to be careful not to endanger the harmony of the family because of the inclination to work or ideal.

Lucky Numbers and Guardians

Those born on November 20 will be influenced by the number 2 (2+0=2) and the moon. People affected by the number 2 tend to be gentle, courteous and imaginative, and are easily hurt by criticism or ignoring attitudes from others. They may also get angry casually, and are very easily irritated by provocation. For those born on November 20, being born under the sign of Scorpio Sagittarius (representation: change) makes them emotionally unstable and prone to rage, especially when others do not understand or appreciate them (this characteristic is Pluto, co-ruler Mars in Scorpio, and the Moon influenced by Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, have further enhanced effects.


People born on November 20 often cause negative emotional reactions from others because of their extreme thoughts and unrelenting energy. Therefore, it is important to learn to relax and take it easy. Exhausting energy through active and active exercise should yield good results, especially long-distance running, swimming, various competitive sports, aerobic dance, and gymnastics are good choices. In terms of diet, it is best to eat more foods with high nutritional value, especially soups, stews and root vegetables. Also, if the November 20th wants to find peace and harmony in a chaotic life, it is absolutely necessary to seek to establish a relationship of mutual trust and stability with a calm and meaningful partner.


Try to control your energy and talk with your tongue. What has been done is like splashing water, and it is difficult to take it back. Self-control is the only solution. Try to understand why you are angry, and learn to tease yourself occasionally. Try to avoid situations that lead to arguments, hatred and tit-for-tat.


Robert F. Kennedy, U.S. Attorney General and Democratic presidential nominee, was assassinated in California in 1968 and died the next day.

Hong Kong idol singer Zhou Huimin, her representative is “Three Worlds”.

Japanese film director Kan Ichikawa has directed films such as “The Harp in Burma”, “Inflammation”, “Key”, etc. Most of the themes of his works are to explore the abnormal psychology of people in extraordinary situations.

Nadine Gordimer is a South African writer who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1991 and is a witness and recorder of the implementation of apartheid in South Africa.

French film director Henri-Georges Clouzot, who directed the horror films “Woman Like a Demon” and “The Reward of Fear”, and “The Solitary Mound Like Yellow Sand” won the Golden Lion Award at the 1948 Venice Film Festival .

Swedish writer Selma Lagerlof, the first woman to win the Nobel Prize in Literature, whose imaginative lyrical style made her a part of Sweden’s literary revival in the 1990s, is the author of Neil’s Amazing Adventure”.


The 20th card of the Great Arcane Tarot is “Judgment”. This card encourages those involved to put aside materialistic spiritual life. The pattern on the card is an angel blowing a trumpet, symbolizing a new day with heavy responsibility. This card has the positive qualities of surpassing oneself and exploring infinite potential. As for the negative metaphor, the trumpet sound is mostly rewarding but not sorrow, it is easy to indulge in the pursuit of joy, and it lacks the ability to face sorrow.

Inspirational quote

Simple life often shows the extraordinary side.


Lively, brave, and idealistic.


Capricious, overly fanatical, and easily obsessed.

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