November 21: Trendy elegant people

November 21 Trendy elegant people

House: 28 degrees Scorpio – 0 degrees Sagittarius

Constellation sign: Scorpio Sagittarius, fixed water sign

People born on November 21 are born with a natural, unpretentious gentleness and grace that often radiates in their demeanor, body language, or through refined thoughts and creativity. People born on this day are very interested in the new and popular things in the surrounding environment, and never waste time on old-fashioned thinking. Nonetheless, they are keenly aware of the forgotten, yet poised to re-emerge, adding the technology and ideas of a unique modern insurance policy. So those born on November 21 often find themselves on the verge of a deeply ingrained tradition. In fact, they are very likely to have a huge conflict with the previous generation (mostly their parents) because the previous generation (mostly their parents) did not understand the importance of the work they were doing. Even if it takes a lifetime, they will definitely prove to their slanderers and the world that their vision is accurate.

People born on November 21 often make serious mistakes in judgment early in life. Especially before the age of 28, it is easy to display self-destructive rebellious personality, lack of direction and uncertainty about goals (compared to their friends and colleagues around them). But there is still a strong sense of pride and self-identity in them, and they are always able to learn from their mistakes. But there is a hidden danger that people born on this day may become extremely ruthless and indifferent after experiencing the constant blows in life. For example, those born on November 21, who are elegant on the outside, tend to be calm and sociable, but in fact they are unfathomable and difficult to see through their emotions. As for those who are elegant on the inside, they may become more and more snobby and greedy for money. Only care about things that have real benefits and rewards. Either type has a tendency to eliminate any lack of appearance and weakness that can lead to setbacks and failures. However, as these November 21st people learn more about how to be unharmful, they may lose some of their joyous, creative, and childlike qualities to others. Therefore, they must be careful not to limit themselves, refuse to take risks, and learn to add joy to the journey of perfection and success—that is, to forget the unpleasant past.

People born on November 21 are usually too enthusiastic to invest in the material world, but neglect to explore and study the spiritual branch of themselves. So it is important for them to actively understand their place in the world before the age of 40 (mid-life). This is called lucidity – freeing yourself from the mask of fear and seriousness. If they have painstakingly built an impeccable defensive fortress for many years, whether it is physical or psychological, they may have to learn to restore their original innocence and susceptible hearts again. Only in this way will they be able to harmonize themselves with the outside world, live in harmony, and hopefully continue to be successful and happy.

Lucky Numbers and Guardians

People born on November 21 will be influenced by the number 3 (2 + 1 = 3) and straightforward Jupiter. People born with the number 3 have always been ambitious and sometimes even show a dictatorial side. The number 21 usually implies physical beauty, and this is especially true for women born on November 21. The dual influence of Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius and the number 3) creates an optimistic attitude towards the world, but the power of Pluto (ruler of Scorpio) to intervene also adds to the dynamism of those born on this day. Divided into dark, intense and irritable traits.


People born on November 21 tend to be very sensitive to the surrounding environment, so they may suffer from allergies. In addition, they are also more unstable emotionally, and are easy to get angry due to external interference. Because people born on this day need to feel noticed, and if they don’t, they can become depressed, self-inflicted and frustrated, so family and friends are sometimes more concerned about their mental health. More detailed activities, like walking, swimming and team sports on Sundays, will improve their mind and body over time. Regular and satisfying sex life is extremely important for those born today, but those without a regular partner should be wary of certain sexually transmitted diseases. In a word, women born on November 21 must receive regular gynecological examinations. As for men, it is best to pay attention to their health as they age.


Learn the spirit of the savages and expose yourself to the public; ruthlessness is not entirely a virtue. Feel free to express your best and most creative parts. Self-pity and self-pity are just poison.


Voltaire, a French Enlightenment philosopher, poet and writer, was an advocate of free thought and author of “Prodde”, a satirical contemporary adventure novel that denounces the views of extreme optimists.

Taiwan singer Xu Jingchun, masterpiece “Rose Life”.

Tina Brown, editor-in-chief of The Flashy World and The New Yorker.

Coleman Hawkins, also known as the “Eagle”, is a jazz saxophone master and musical innovator, the first outstanding tenor saxophone player in the history of jazz music.

The Belgian surrealist painter Rene Magritte developed a dreamlike and very realistic style.

American film actress Goldie Hawn (Goldie Hawn), starred in famous films such as “Little Confusion” and “The Big Wife Club”.


The 21st card of the Great Mystery Tarot is “The World”, on the card there is a goddess running with a scepter, she has endless power, and she travels through the world to show the truth. This card says that nothing is attainable on this planet. When the card is upright, this card can be interpreted as good pay and integrity, and when the card is upside down, it represents great obstacles, mental distraction, and self-pity.

Inspirational quote

Our body is like a prism that can be used to reflect both inside and outside.


Imaginative, elegant, tasteful and sexually attractive.


Emotions are fickle, self-destructive, and self-limiting.

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