November 26: Maverick

November 26 Maverick

House: Sagittarius 3°-5°

Constellation: Sagittarius 1, changing fire signs

People born on November 26 usually display a unique style of behavior that cannot be judged by the behavior of ordinary people. Their thoughts tend to be philosophical and unrestrained, yet practical. In addition to having a very high ability to implement, they value their creativity and self-development far more than the glory and rewards given by the world; As a creative challenge in itself, he values ​​the rich daily life experience very much, but his mind is also wandering in the boundless fantasy and romantic thoughts at the same time.

Since people born on this day cannot give up the practical side, nor can they lack the space for imagination, they have to try hard to reconcile these two characteristics. Usually this contradictory personality consumes a lot of energy for people born on this day and lasts for several years, but as long as coordination can be achieved, future achievements will be unlimited. Usually this method of attunement is acquired through life experience, but before real attunement is achieved, it takes several years to traverse the world of logic, reality, and fantasy. Between the two, there will always be one side of them that will get a lot of results, but they have always been regretful in their hearts, because some of their potentials have also been lost because of this wandering and wandering.

Love relationships can be a tricky one for those born today, basically because their individualism and love of freedom far outweigh the need for a long-term partner. They are either hot as fire or cold as ice. Hence the inability and unwillingness to make long-term commitments. Usually, they value their same-sex friends more than their lovers, and they are more loyal and close to their friends. What’s more, they refuse to accept the relationship; People with whom they are in a relationship are in trouble.

Needless to say, those born today are less willing to touch upon the responsibilities of marriage and children. Of course, if these people choose to be single, they will occasionally feel unhappy in their lives, but they feel that it is better to be single than to be bound by a long-term, unchangeable relationship. Usually such a person likes to brag about the benefits of being free, but when oppressed by society’s established customs, he also finds it extremely uncomfortable. However, regardless of whether there is a sustenance or commitment in their feelings, as long as people born today know what they really want, and at the same time can reconcile their contradictory personalities, they will be able to be complacent and free in society.

Lucky Numbers and Guardians

People born on November 26 have a strong sense of responsibility due to the influence of the number 8 (2+6=8) and Saturn, and are cautious, self-limited, and believe in destiny. Being influenced by both Sagittarius’ ruler planet and the developmental and optimistic character of Jupiter, those born today will inevitably struggle between these two very different personalities, either too hopeful or too pessimistic . People who are usually influenced by the number 8 build their careers and lives in a gradual and careful manner. Although they may be fiery at heart, due to the dual influence of Saturn and the number 8, it is a cold and alienated side that is revealed on the outside.


People born on November 26 are usually energetic physically and sometimes mentally. People who are more mentally active should put a little more effort into their bodies, a point they often forget and overlook. Physically more active individuals, on the other hand, are hyperactive or hyper-indulgent, often engaging in daring and dangerous endeavors; such individuals must pay special attention to lower back and leg injuries. From a psychological point of view, it is best for people born today not to be too alienated from the crowd. After all, holding a different idea will usually make you feel out of tune with this society. People born on this day should make their diets diverse and interesting, because they are easily bored with boring, ordinary diets, and often develop bad eating habits because of this.


Make an effort to get along well with others, and you’ll be more normal than you think. Follow your heart and don’t be afraid to give love.


Charles Schulz (Charles Schulz) American cartoonist, represented as “Snubby”, created cartoon characters such as Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Lucy.

Konosuke Matsushita, a Japanese entrepreneur, the founder of the international brand electrical appliances, has the beauty of “the god of Japanese management”.

American digital master Norbert Wiener, a gifted child, entered Harvard at the age of 10. He is the son of the linguist Leo Wiener and presents his unique findings in Cybernetics or Control and Communication between Man and Machine.

Eugene Ionesco is a Romanian playwright of the absurdity. His plays focus on the absurdity of human experience and hope, the emptiness of polite dialogue, and the inability to communicate between artist and audience.

The main Russian chess master is Samuel Reshevsky, who is also a famous writer.

American football player Jan Stenerud, a free-throw player, was inducted into the Football Hall of Fame and ranked runner-up in the scoring record list.


The 8th card of the Great Arcane Tarot card represents “power”, and the picture shows a grace and a queen taming an angry lion. The queen symbolizes the female magician, who can harness uncontrollable energies and represents the first and physical superiority. When the card is upside down, this card represents personal charisma and the determination to pursue success; when the card is upside down, it is complacency and abuse of power.

Inspirational quote

The rhythm of breathing is always with life.


Fun, playful and unique.


Confused, indecisive, capricious.

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