November 30: Planning and acting

November 30: Planning and acting

House: Sagittarius 7°-9°

Constellation: Sagittarius 1, changing fire signs

Those born on November 30 are born with an instinct to know when and how to fight back against the challenge at hand. But this kind of attack is not a quick win, but a cautious, measured, and one-shot engagement step. People born today have a keen intuition and always surprise the opponents in front of them when they make moves; when they return to their senses, the opponents suddenly realize that they have spent a lot of preparation before taking action to overcome the enemy and win.

You can probably get an idea of ​​them just by looking at the jobs of those born today. Whether it’s visiting a guest room, devising a proposal, or courting someone, they’re always rehearsing scripts in their minds until they can handle the unexpected. After the most basic preparation stage, they began to agree on a time and place with the “prey”; of course, the time and place were chosen after careful consideration and the consent of the “prey”. Finally, they can wait for the opportunity to slaughter this “prey”. No matter how you dress, how you speak, or the timing, everything is perfectly choreographed. Generally speaking, they are really hard to refuse; however, it is better to be aware of possible failures and be able to accept and adapt, because no matter how strong their persuasiveness is, not everyone will be affected by it. at their mercy.

People born today are always able to exert their talents to the limit without wasting any more energy. Most of Today’s birthday stars have a good sense of humor, usually with just a smile, can skillfully transform a serious situation into a more pleasant situation. The humor is often cunning, but it can also be of the thigh-slapping, roaring laughter type, varied and thought-provoking. Being good at disguise, their sarcasm is almost invisible to most people, leaving most people unaware of their intentions.

Although they have always been attentive, people born today will show strong defensiveness when they are attacked, so it is best to learn not to overreact to what others say, or to express the insecurities that are hidden in them all at once. come out. People born today can be said to be extremely thin-skinned, and especially do not like to be used as a laughing stock. When attacking others, they usually build a hard wall to defend first, and then they are thoughtful and wait for an opportunity to counterattack aggressively, making their opponents miserable. Because of their wait-and-see nature, those born today must be especially careful not to be too self-pity, too repressed, or to let frustration go straight to the bottom of their hearts. Most of the more mature today’s birthday stars will face all the negative situations that point to them with magnanimity, composure and stability, and an attitude of eliminating malice.

People born today usually have childlike personalities, so only genuine advice and assistance can truly move them. In fact, people born today are always stubbornly rejecting all kinds of cunning logical judgments in the world, but they are always irresistible to straightforwardness and innocence.

Lucky Numbers and Guardians

Those born on November 30 will be influenced by the number 3 (3+0=3) and Jupiter. A person influenced by the number 3 usually wants to dominate the field in which he works. Since Jupiter is also the ruling planet of Sagittarius, traits such as development, optimism, tolerance, and personalities of over-and-under are also brought to their limits for those born on November 30. Since people influenced by the number 3 love independence, starting their own business or being a freelancer can do well.


Those born today must be careful not to feel discouraged when a well-designed plan fails, or when any setback is encountered. Because they are so self-confident, whenever they encounter a failure, the chaotic mood is pervasive. What’s more, once the vitality or stable mood is lost, the panic is almost indescribable. It is very important for mental health to learn the attitude of “whatever comes, let it go” and adjust yourself appropriately. Physiologically, people born today are very active, motivated, and have healthy habits of food, sex, and exercise. Frequent walks in the countryside and suburbs, or living in the city with pets such as cats and dogs, are very helpful for physical or mental health. Avoid overwork and learn to adjust your pace, taking on too much responsibility will place too much stress on the nervous system. If your negative stereotypes about others are getting deeper and deeper, it’s best to avoid these people and don’t waste any time trying to change the situation.


Allow yourself to be creative and take it easy. Your self-control is desirable, but it’s also a good way to live with the flow. Just laugh at your little flaws. Always keep the heart of a child.


Mark Twain is an American humorist and writer whose representative works include The Adventures of Tom and The Adventures of Urchin.

Irish writer Jonathan Swift was a master of satire in the 19th century. His works are often connected with contemporary issues and transcend the limitations of time and space. His representative works include “Gulliver’s Travels”.

Winston Churchill, the British Prime Minister, was one of the leading figures during World War II. The world-respected statesman also won the Nobel Prize for Literature. In his later years, he was often referred to as “the greatest living Englishman “.

American football coach Bill Walsh (Bill Walsh), coach of the San Francisco 49ers, has led the team to three Super Bowl championships, and is also a sports broadcaster.

New York playwright David Mamet, who is also a screenwriter, stage and film director, believes that the focus of the show is on language, not plot or other decoration. Works include “Murderer” and so on.

The 19th-century American transcendental philosopher Amos Bronson Alcott was also the founder of the meditation group “Orchard”.


The third card of the Great Ritual Tarot is “Queen”, a symbol of creative ingenuity. She is the perfect woman to the extreme, the mother who gave birth to the earth, and the embodiment of our dreams and aspirations. When the card is upright, this card represents glamour, elegance and unreserved love. When the card is upside down, it means conceit, hypocrisy, and intolerance of flaws.

Inspirational quote

A person with extensive knowledge may not necessarily have true knowledge.


Thoughtful, fun, and motivated.


Too thin, overreactive, direct.

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