October 11: Free socializer

October 11 Free socializer

House: Libra 17 degrees – 19 degrees

Constellation: Libra three, the standard air element

Those born on October 11 always dream of stepping into the center of decision-making and playing an important social role. Unfortunately, their indolent nature often becomes the biggest stumbling block. For them, it is very important and necessary to define their roles, because their careers are full of many difficulties and challenges. In fact, they may have to keep changing jobs until they find a career that really fits them.

Careers aside, they are people who live for social life; because they cannot stand being alone, their negotiating room needs to be in close contact with the crowd, and because of this, when they play the role of group or personal representatives, they are always Outstanding results.

People born today are in danger of becoming a “nice gentleman” or “nice lady”, and may also become too lazy. One of the reasons why they can’t settle down at work, or just live with reality, is a lack of strong and direct (or self-interested) ambition. They don’t like to face complicated situations, and they may be too lazy to face challenges. They prefer to be comfortable and happy, so they should actively try to find a life style that can easily balance career, relationship, family and leisure.

They like to call friends and lead companions and form a party. Their amiable characters make them always have no barriers when switching between different environments or classes; whether they are getting along with dignitaries or merchants, they can maintain a good balance. A comfortable attitude, even if they are well-off or highly educated people, will not result in a snobby or proud attitude.

People born today must be careful not to be led by powerful people. In fact, even if they find themselves at a loss, they will give each other another (or even a third) chance. In this regard, they may need to examine their motives; whether the reason for doing so is purely based on an attitude of tolerance, and if so, it means the growth and soundness of the inner mind; but if it is because of the subconscious The tendency to be abused can be improved.

When people born on October 11 are satisfied with the status quo, there will be an indescribable joy in their hearts, which most people cannot experience. However, if there is no major problem with tolerance, it does not guarantee that their spiritual life will be fully developed. Therefore, they still have to spend part of their energy to develop and understand themselves, otherwise they will stagnate.

Lucky Numbers and Guardians

Those born on October 11 will be influenced by the number 2 (1+1=2) and the moon. The number 2 makes them good working partners, not leaders. The social talents of those born today are most likely to be manifested in family and group cooperation; while their graceful demeanor and rich imagination are enhanced by the dual influence of the Moon and Venus (the ruler of Libra), be careful not to be flashy , blind obedience and complacency. The number 11 makes them susceptible to appearances, while Venus makes them more likely to be attracted to idealized or sensually beautiful things, and, at the same time, likely to like things in pairs or symmetry.


Because of the static lifestyle, people born today are prone to neurasthenia or suffering from diet-related diseases. Watch out for back and kidney problems if they sit all day without leaving their seats. Please remember three words: drink more water! Also, avoid overeating, or indulging in tobacco, alcohol, or caffeine. It’s fun for them to stay in bed or sit idly, but if you go too far, there’s a price to pay! For the sake of health, it is best to do more intense exercise, which can also strengthen their alertness, willpower and courage, which can be said to kill two birds with one stone.


Please be disciplined and avoid complacency. If you do not advance, you will retreat. Preventing problems does not mean escaping challenges. There are dreams in life, and dreams are practical.


Eleanor Roosevelt was the first lady of the United States, politician, social reformer, and former U.S. representative to the Union.

American choreographer Jerome Robbins is also the founder and stage manager of the dance company. He is good at classical ballet, modern dance and Spanish dance. He is represented as “West Side Story”, and has participated in “The King and I” and “The Roof” “The Fiddler” and many other masterpieces.

British social reformer Sir George Williams (Sir George Williams), is also the “YMCA” (YMCA) founder.

Art Blakey, the American jazz drummer and conductor of the “Jazz Messenger” band, is well-received by the crowd with his energetic drumming funky jazz.

American soul singer and composer Darryl Hall, a member of the famous duet “Hall and Otters”, is particularly good at adding avant-garde colors to traditional pop music.

Francois Mauriac, a French playwright and novelist, is regarded as an advocate of fiction for the Catholic faith. He is the author of “Kissing with a Leper” and “The Pit Viper”, and won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1952. .


The 11th card of the Great Arcane Tarot is “Justice”. On the face of the card sits a serene woman, holding a scale in one hand and a sword in the other. She reminds us to follow the laws of the entire universe and that life can be balanced and harmonious as long as we stay on the right track. When the card is upright, the card represents integrity, fairness, honesty, and discipline; when the card is upside down, it is negativity, alienation, fear of innovation, and dissatisfaction.

Inspirational quote

Desires are part of life.


Charming, accommodating, secure.


Complacency, passive. stagnant.

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