October 13: Hardline

October 13 Hardline

House: Libra 19 degrees – 21 degrees

Constellation: Libra three, the standard air element

People born on October 13 will never be in trouble in the workplace. They work very seriously and are proud of their abilities and achievements. They have tough personalities and can always overcome difficulties with perseverance; in their dictionary, there is no “if” or “but”, let alone “danger”.

Having said that, they are always so stern and serious, it is really difficult to associate with happiness; they are even more critical of things around them, and they are not forgiving. Therefore, they really need to relax, but they often find that they can’t do it at all. Even those extremely intelligent people have difficulty simplifying and relaxing the pace of life. Because of this, this group often has interpersonal problems, and since they’re all in constant tension, it’s more difficult to please others.

Paradoxically, people born today are known for being kind and generous, because truth be told, they are much stricter on themselves than on others, and it’s just that others don’t necessarily see it! While that doesn’t mean they are necessarily perfectionists, as just said, their critical attitude always makes it difficult to work with or live with. Fortunately, judging from the final results, their performance level is so high that there is no dispute at all, so it is difficult for others to blame them.

They also know how to dodge when the situation calls for it. So, don’t expect to be caught out or get gossip from them, if there is, it’s probably just a smokescreen or a blindfold! Although they can reduce the possibility of being deceived by careful dodging, they should be more open and honest with those who can be trusted.

People born today are naturally gifted in technology. In terms of performance, people like them who can master their own talents should be relatively smooth in their careers. However, when they are excluded or ignored, they will appear even more frustrated and embarrassed. It is almost impossible for them to forget or admit failure, but it seems that only through this rebellious, almost frustrating experience (especially when they are successful and not forced to reflect or deny themselves) will they grow. .

It is absolutely necessary for them to get to know themselves first and then gradually build a relationship with them. It’s hard for these people to succeed if they don’t want to, as long as they dedicate their energy, spirit, and extraordinary talent.

Lucky Numbers and Guardians

Those born on October 13 will be influenced by the number 4 (1+3=4) and Uranus, the planet of deviance and explosiveness. Since they like to roam social situations, they must learn to control their “Uranus quality.” The combination of Uranus and Venus (the ruler of Libra) may make their love quite unstable, or strange, unnatural Tendency to traditional relationships. Although many people think 13 is unlucky, it is not so much auspicious as it is a powerful number. If this power is used wisely, the result will be in all directions; otherwise, there may be the danger of self-destruction. The number 4 symbolizes rebellion, idiosyncratic beliefs, and a desire to overthrow the rules, all of which can be seen in those born today.


People born today must learn to relax themselves! Since most of their health problems are caused by stress, they often have to be relieved by drugs, and the result is malignant! These workaholics believe that it is easier to relieve tension by smoking, thirsting for alcohol, or taking drugs than taking the time to get to know yourself or to rest. God knows! Of course, these alternatives are not likely to be effective for a long time, and they also lead to problems of dependence or addiction, but instead deepen the physical and mental distress to the point of being uncontrollable. Most people born today do not know themselves well enough, so if you have troubles in your heart, it is best to seek psychological counseling or therapy. Meditation and yoga are also viable regimens.


You have to learn to relax, time your vacations, or at least set aside some “pure breaks”. Don’t care if others are happy with you, the important thing is to accept your mistakes bravely and avoid blaming others. Having weaknesses can also bring happiness.


Margaret Thatcher, the leader of the British Conservative Party, known as the “Iron Lady”, has been in power for 11 years and is the first female leader of the Conservative Party.

American singer, guitarist, and songwriter Paul Simon, a member of the famous duet “Simon & Griffin”, has performed numerous hits such as “The Graduate”, “Bridge to Bad Water” etc.

American figure skater Nancy Kerrigan, who was injured in an attack, still won the Olympic silver medal after recovering.

Lenny Bruce is an American social satirist and comedian known for his dark humorous rhetoric against hypocrisy and the author of How to Speak Foul and Influence People.

Commander of the French Army, Field Marshal Count Herrnann Maurice de Saxe, participated in the War of the Polish Succession (1733-1738) and the War of the Austrian Succession (1740-1748), and was awarded the marshal for his repeated military exploits.

French singer and movie star Yves Montand, known for his expressive and mellow singing and dancing skills, has recently participated in political activities as a member of the Communist Party.


The most misunderstood card in the Great Arcane Tarot is the 13th card, which is “Death”. We seldom take it literally, because its positive meaning is to let go of the past, transcend limitations and continue to grow. So, this card wants people to avoid depression, pessimism or sadness.

Inspirational quote

Reflection and action can also affect things around them.


Passionate, ambitious and professional.


Too nervous, demanding, critical.

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