October 14: Moderate faction

October 14: Moderate faction

House: Libra 20°-22°

Constellation: Libra III, the standard air element

The Golden Mean is the philosophy of life for those born on October 14. That doesn’t mean they’re uninteresting or conservative, it’s just that navigating dangerous extremes safely can be quite a challenge. Once they accidentally deviate from the right path, nine times out of ten, they will get into trouble! But then again, it is through these mistakes that they grow and learn how to avoid danger. In a way, they themselves are fit to lead a moderate life. However, striving for balance and moderation in everything like theirs can avoid failure and low mood, but it also deprives life of many opportunities for ecstasy and high tide.

People born today, if well developed, will display a very calm, measured and self-controlled character. For them, taking the time to do everything well is the most important thing, so they hate being pushed to get things done in a hurry. They are often clumsy with words and therefore rely on something tangible, words, music, leadership, or hands-on demonstrations to express themselves. Favorite activities for their highly developed minds include the exchange of knowledge, critiquing the work of others, and expressing views on life. Relatively, they don’t like to pursue physical performance, so it is difficult for outsiders to judge their physical fitness or sports cells when they don’t know them well. In fact, it is only when their sexuality is aroused, or when they have a child, have an accident, become ill, or become addicted to a certain sport, that the bodies of these “big-headed” characters will wake up, as if they were suddenly “reborn”. .

People born on October 14 like to be in power, but they don’t take strong or obvious tactics, and they are mostly just behind the scenes. They are not very obsessed with material life, but they will stick to “home” and even use it as a workplace. In terms of private life, they are usually quite satisfied with the monogamous marriage relationship, and will not actively pursue the worldly unacceptable extramarital affairs; but they must be careful to become closed and submissive when facing a dominant spouse, especially women.

They are the mainstay who provide stability for family, friends, peers and groups. They like to be integrated into the theater of life, but they do not want to be stars, but managers.

Paradoxically and intriguingly, although they are quiet and inactive, they have many opportunities to travel and rarely live where they grew up as adults. For those who are better developed, such a life journey is not only a physical movement, but also a symbol of the release of spiritual bondage. Because of their stable, balanced nature, many people become content and set high standards for themselves and goals that they must achieve on a monthly or yearly basis.

Lucky Numbers and Guardians

Those born on October 14 will be influenced by the number 5 (1+4=5) and the planet of speed, Mercury. Because of the influence of Mercury, people born today will display excellent intelligence. The conjunction of Venus (the ruler of Libra) and Mercury gives them infinite charisma and judgement. For those who are lost, the number 5 offers them the resilience to recover quickly from a heavy blow.


People born today must guard against “lazy bones” syndrome, and lack of exercise can be a killer for their health. In addition, you should also avoid the frustration derived from long-term depression, which leads to problems such as overweight and depression. They can be great cooks and even see the kitchen as a stage for creativity, which really suits their introverted, conservative nature. However, they must exercise moderation and avoid eating too many fatty, hearty and spicy foods. It is best to take a walk every day.


Don’t be afraid to fail. Push yourself to discover yourself, a good show doesn’t have to be the finale, you can share your achievements with others.


Dwight David Eisenhower, President of the United States, was the supreme commander of the Allied forces in World War II.

Taiwan idol star and singer Zhang Zhen, became famous for the movie “Guling Street Teenage Murder” and the song “Incompetence”.

La Monte Young, an American avant-garde composer and pianist, founded the Eternal Academy in 1962 and created works with non-note techniques, such as making a fire or releasing butterflies in front of the audience, which has caused widespread discussion.

Lillian Gish is an American actress of the silent film era. She has starred in hundreds of films and performed with Audrey Hepburn and Bilancaster in the film “Grateful Love”.

Irish patriot Eamon de Valera, former chairman of Sinn Fein and leader of the Republican Party, advocated the establishment of a republic with a moderate attitude.

British fashion designer Ralph Lauren, famous for Matthew’s polo shirts, and his much-loved leather bags and clothing.


The 14th card of the Great Arcane Tarot is “Temperance”. On the card is a guardian angel who protects and stabilizes us. When the card is upright, moderation just adjusts our enthusiasm, does not go too far, and helps us gain new knowledge and integrate into our daily life. However, when the card is upside down, it means frivolity and excessive pursuit of fashion.

Inspirational quote

Occasionally let others “fall through the glasses”, isn’t it interesting.


Discreet, reasonable, and calm.


Too careful, restrained, rigid.

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