October 15: All time superstar

October 15: All time superstar

House position: Libra 21 degrees – 23 degrees

Constellation: Libra three, the standard air element

Whether in family, social circle or group, people born on October 15 always like to take on the role of “top commander”. They can be the protagonists of the drama of life, or they can become important figures such as commentators and authoritative experts in a certain professional field. They are outstanding because of their work and exude infinite personal charisma, which makes many admirers obey them, so they must also be careful not to mislead these admirers, and not to abuse their power for personal gain.

They are accustomed to adopting a distinctive leadership style: they are neither enthusiastic about the fiercer battles or reforms, nor overseeing the details of the implementation process, but achieve their goals by commending them and leading by example. Only a few of those born today make good work mates, and most of the others would rather go it alone or as “nomads” who come and go in a group. Because only they can move, explore and discover things according to their own meaning.

They are often controversial figures, mainly because they are always open and outspoken about their inner thoughts, so they are often motivating or stimulating to others. They must be careful not to easily provoke resistance or negative emotions from those around them, even if they are not important people. The accumulation of these negative states can put them under extreme stress and perhaps in danger of collapse. As group animals, people born today are unbearably lonely. If they are forced to leave the group temporarily, it will be like being exiled to the frontier for them.

People are not sages, and people born today also have an unpleasant side, which leads them to many unfriendly titles, such as: demagogue, love pig or bullfrog. For the well-developed people, being so brilliant and knowledgeable, they can help them escape such “notoriety” accusations; while the more-ordinarily developed people may appear impoverished and superficial.

Even if these people have obtained the “view” of making friends and colleagues, they still can’t help showing off. In fact, if they can cultivate a stable and restrained demeanor, they will be more eye-catching than various show-style performances, and at the same time make them more down-to-earth! Finding out the best way to deal with temptation and to deal with advance and retreat is the key to their success. In any case, those born today should be wary of being too conceited, arrogant, taking good fortune for granted, or even thinking of getting away with it, all of which can lead to fatal wounds of destruction.

Lucky Numbers and Guardians

Those born on October 15 will be influenced by the number 6 (1+5=6) and Venus. The number 6 can attract others’ trust and even worship. In addition, Venus brings a preference for beauty and harmony, making them frustrated and confused when they encounter something they don’t like. Venus also happens to be the ruling planet of Libra, so for those born today, the Venus characteristics of social, aesthetic, comfortable, sensual, etc., will also exert a double influence under the influence of the number 6.


If they’re doing a job that doesn’t require much movement, they’ll have to be extra careful about the risk of back problems, as well as avoid overeating, alcoholism (affecting the kidneys), stress (affecting the adrenal glands), or sugar cravings (affecting the pancreas). ) and refined flours (affects the large intestine and abuses the organs in the body. They are also very likely to be mentally jeopardized by stress, especially when they become a thorn in the side of others and must be constantly on guard, even the toughest Soldiers can also break down due to nervousness. So, those born today must learn to tolerate long periods of solitude and take regular vacations to allow themselves to completely relax and rest. “Balance” is a warning they must keep in mind: This is true for everything from diet, exercise, gender sacrifice, to psychological conditions.


Keep! Your bold actions may provoke negative reactions. Listen to what other people have to say, especially your opponents. After all, things can’t always go your way, and sometimes compromises are needed.


Oscar Wilde Irish playwright, poet, novelist, one of the main figures of the “art for art’s sake” aestheticism movement, author of “The Picture of Dorian Gray” and “The Young Mistress’s Fan”, was convicted of sexual assault jail for crime.

German philosopher and writer Friedrich Nietzsche, with “will to power” and “superman” as the basic thesis, author of “Thus Spoke Zarathustra”, “The Death of God-Antichrist”, Immeso Caused insanity and died.

Edith Galt Wilson, the first lady of the United States, took on the heavy responsibility of executing the presidency during President Wilson’s stroke.

John L. Sullivan, an American boxer, was the first heavyweight champion to win without gloves and was inducted into the Boxing Hall of Fame.

American historian Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., was a special assistant to President Kennedy, author of “The Jackson Year” and “Kennedy’s Thousand Days in the White House”, both of which won the Pulitzer Prize prize.

Italian writer Calvino (Italo Calvino), author of “Invisible Cities”, “Memorandum for the Next Round of Peace and Prosperity”, “Paris Hermit”.


The 15th card of the Great Arcane Tarot is “Demon”. Influenced by strong sexual attraction, irrationality and passion, this card presents intertwined fears and desires. The devil uses people’s need for safety and money to make people his slaves through the contradictions of human nature. The positive side of this card represents sensual fascination and ardent desire, but it also reminds us that even when physically bound, spiritually free to soar.

Inspirational quote

To be a detective, you must first have a first-class criminal mind.


Charisma, understanding, motivation.


Love performance, unbalanced, too conceited.

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